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2 Marketing Strategies to Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs!

Thefirst strategy to make money online is building a list.

This strategy is the most important step to continue tomake money long term. If you do not already have some type of autorepondersystem you need to get one. Don’t be cheap here either because your entirebusiness will hinge on this one piece of software.

You can build your list many different ways. You can buyleads from reputable list building companies and get them into yourautoresponder. Most good list building companies will have an option to send anemail to your autoresponder so you don’t have to manually input the lead’sinformation.

Another effective way of building your list is from thetraffic that visits your website. This step, which is probably the most effective,does require you to have a website in order to implement an opt-in list form. Of course if your Affiliate program does offer a list management service thenyou can send traffic to the affiliate URL, but I don’t recommend it as you willusually not be able to email the entire list with special offers.

To make the most of your opt-in form and get the mostsignups, you should place it in your sales page text. It should bestrategically located in the sales text after you present a problem. The titleof your autoresponder email series should address the problem by offering asolution. In the example below we will assume that I am selling a hostingpackage and I want opt-in subscribers to my email course for back-end sales.

Example: You can use the pre-built websites or build yourown. Many people think that building a website is hard, but I can show you howeasy it really is. Take my 10 day email course “Build a Website with Ease”[signup form here].

Thesecond strategy to make money online is driving traffic to your website.

When I say traffic, I don’t just mean any old traffic, Imean targeted traffic, people who are motivated and ready to buy can and willmake you money. You can use programs and techniques such as Google Adwords,bloging, article writing and linking to drive targeted traffic to your website. GoogleAdwords is a resource offered by Google in which you can payfor your site to be show when certain keywords are queried in their searchengine.

The secret to using Adwords is not to bid high on popular keywords. Instead,what you do is find similar keywords that still describe your website, but are usedmuch less frequent. These keywords will cost much less to bid on and will allowyou to spread your money out over many different keywords, getting the most bangfor your buck. You can use this handy little tool to find similar keywords:

Bloging is another greatway to drive targeted traffic to your website. To get the most out of this techniquethe blog should be hosted on the same website as the sales page witch links toyour affiliate program. Once its setup all you have to do is fill your blogwith good quality content.

I recommend writing your own content which specificallyrelates to your affiliate program and or products. Once you have some contentyou will need to submit your RSS feed to the as many blog search engines as youcan. This will put your blog out there for other webmasters to use as content feeds on their websites.

This win-win situation allows webmasters to have qualitycontent on their website, which increases the value of that website whiledriving targeted traffic directly to you.

This is done by the URL link that youconveniently placed under your name after the blog was written. That means that your link is on a blog feed that is onthousands of websites. Not only do people click those links but Google seesthese links pointing back to you and thinks that you’re popular and you arerewarded with a higher page rank.

Articlewriting is basically the same as bloging except theinformation in an article will need to have more useful content and be pepperedwith keywords that the webmasters are looking for. After completing yourarticle you will submit (syndicate) it to content sites as opposed to blogsearch engines.

Content sites are places where webmasters go to findspecific content to offer their readers. If you are a good writer you may atsome point build up a name for yourself and finagle a deal with a webmaster towrite exclusives for his site. His readers get great exclusive content and youget highly motivated targeted traffic.

Linking is perhaps themost widely used form of increasing traffic and page rank. However, if doneincorrectly you could end up hurting your Google page rank and ultimatelyloosing potential buyers. You will need your own website for this technique asyou will need a ‘links’ page to place your reciprocal links on.

Many people go and submit their URL links to link farms inan attempt to trick Google into giving them a better page rank. This does NOTwork; in fact Google has been known to penalize websites for engaging in theseactivities.

The secret to linking is to find websites in your nichemarket which have a Google page rank of 4 or above and enticing the webmasterto list your link on their website. You may think that you would be helpingyour competition, well you would be. But your competition would be helping youas well. It’s better to send leaving traffic to a partner than just having themclose their browser window, and remember that works both ways.

The strategies listed in this article do work and they willincrease you sales and residuals it done correctly. Reciprocal linking, Blogingand Article writing are great ways to bring massive amounts of high qualitytargeted traffic to your website. Those strategies combined with an effectivesales page with an integrated opt-in email list can make your business soar tonew heights. You can and will make money with this system, Guaranteed!

10 ways to make money online

1. Online advertising – On the Internet, a smartly organized small business may get excellent results, often competing side by side with larger corporations. Internet advertising is on an ascending trend, which shows plenty of potential for the near and distant future. As traditional media outlets struggle to keep costs down and become more attractive for potential advertisers, the virtual space offers any business the opportunity to achieve amazing results with a budget that is only a fraction of what an advertiser would pay to get the same ROI through traditional media. Using programs such as Google Adsense, placing affiliate banners on your site and making the most out of pixel advertising are all amazing ways to make some money.

2. Affiliate programs – You can choose affiliate hubs where different advertisers offer their banners and affiliate offers and you can manage them using a centralized system, or you can get a single affiliate website that will display their banners on your site. The potential profits that come from affiliate programs are strictly connected to how high your visitor counts are and how targeted those visitors are. This takes us a bit away from affiliate systems and highlights the importance of SEO in any online business. The web masters who invest money and energy into ethical SEO techniques often notice a very steady increase in traffic, which, in turn, enables them to make more profit from their online business.

3. Freelance jobs – Working as a freelancer on the Internet is one of the most popular ways of making money from home. You can try your luck at graphic design, copywriting, programming and several other dozens of ramifications and project types.

4. Electronic commerce – selling items on eBay is one of the hottest ways of making a lot of cash online. Not everyone is successful at it, of course, but those that are continue to increase their profits constantly. Auctions on eBay have a lot of potential – combine them with dropshipping and you can get a business that’s easy to run and very profitable at the same time.

5. Paid surfing and survey filling – There are a number of companies that pay you to surf the web. They display a small add on your desktop when you are connected to the Internet and give you a percentage of the advertising revenue they receive. The amount per hour is not very big, but there are ways to multiply it by referring other people. This is really the focus of all this programs. Tell everybody you know that they too, can get paid to surf, and get paid yourself for referring them. Paid surveys are also great, since they are easy to fill in and anyone can do that from the comfort of their own home.

6. Networking – while this is not actually a direct way of generating profit, you can use social networking and MLMs to generate leads and drive traffic to your online business.

7. Selling websites and domain names is becoming an extremely popular area, which still has a lot of room for development. If you bought a nice, short and relevant domain name a while ago, you can make a small fortune selling it today. If you don’t believe me, check out these figures, for the top five most expensive domain sales in the last few years: – $7.5 million – $5.1 million – $3.3 million – $2.9 million – $2.2 million

8. Work at home jobs – Depending on how much time you are willing to put into a work at home opportunity, you could either do it in your spare time, or make it your main income source. Work at home jobs are suitable for everyone: from students, to retired people. You do not sign any documents or commit in writing to anything, thus you are not obliged to work if you do not feel like it. In a modern society, with parents spending more time at home raising their children and college students looking for a comfortable part time job, a work at home opportunity is the perfect answer.

9. Outsourcing – this is not a moneymaking opportunity, but a money saving one. Outsourcing is the best way to create a competitive business in countries like the United States, Canada and most of Europe.

10. Free stuff online – you will not get rich while taking advantage of all the free stuff you can get online, but it is fun and rewarding. If you are a webmaster and you wish to create a very popular website, do your best to offer lots of things for free – downloads, software, ebooks, wallpapers and so on.

Joe Rogan Learns How “Mr. Jones” Backlash Made Adam Duritz Self Conscious

Counting Crows is an American rock band from Berkeley, California. Formed in 1991, the band consists of Jim Bogios, David Bryson, Adam Duritz, Charlie Gillingham, David Immerglück, Millard Powers, and Dan Vickrey. Counting Crows gained popularity following the release of its debut album, August and Everything After.

Adam Fredric Duritz is a United States musician, songwriter, record producer, and film producer. He is known as the frontman for the rock band Counting Crows, of which he is a founding member and principal composer.


Meet The Author – Kayla Perrin – Romance, Mystery/Suspense and Mainstream fiction

Kayla Perrin is a multi-published and USA Today and Essence ® bestselling author with over forty books, for major publishing houses including St. Martin’s Press, HarperCollins Publishers, Kensington Books, Harlequin, Ballantine and Simon & Schuster. Kayla is published in a variety of genres, including romance, mystery/suspense and mainstream fiction. She has been featured on television shows such as Entertainment Tonight Canada, Who’s Afraid of Happy Endings (Bravo documentary about the romance genre), A.M. Buffalo, and the CTV News (among others). She has also been featured in Ebony magazine, Romantic Times magazine, The South Florida Business Journal, The Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator and many other Canadian and U.S. publications. She has been a guest on many radio shows (including CBC). In October 2007, she was featured in the Italian version of Vanity Fair after speaking at a women’s conference in Matera. Her works have been translated into Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Please visit her website at


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Automated transcript:

Unknown Speaker 0:02
. Kayla, welcome.

Unknown Speaker 5:08
Thank you for having me. It’s my pleasure to have you now how have we figured out that eastern standard time and Eastern day? They don’t know. They don’t. They don’t coexist. I, you know, I’ve done that for years trying to not confuse people, because if I put Eastern Standard Time, they’re gonna think it’s an hour up because Eastern State with we’re actually at our different standard from day like diamonds an hour difference. So I tried to unconfuse people, but sometimes it confuses people. I understand that. I don’t know how many people understand the difference between standard time and Daylight Time. We just don’t. It’s Eastern time. And when it changes from Eastern Daylight Time to savings, I’m still calling it just Eastern time. And that’s probably what I should do. Just Eastern. Right. So

Unknown Speaker 5:57
okay. Is it called Eastern Daylight Time for everybody? Once it’s daylight savings time? Is that what you’re saying?

Unknown Speaker 6:03
Yeah, except, you know what, I don’t know if it’s the same in Canada, that might be the issue. But yes, it’s Eastern Daylight Time from from now for everybody who set who does that book. There are parts of the United States who don’t do that. So like parts of Arizona and New Mexico don’t Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 6:19
I thought last week that I missed an interview, because when I looked at said Eastern Daylight Time, and then I looked it up and it said it was an hour earlier and I was like, Oh my god, I missed the interview. But then I hadn’t. So I couldn’t figure it out, you know?

Unknown Speaker 6:38
But no, it’s always it’s Eastern Daylight Time here. Now, eastern standard time doesn’t exist until we get to November.

Unknown Speaker 6:45
I didn’t know that. So see something new every day? Well, I’m in Eastern Daylight Time. Okay, good. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 6:50
I’m gonna learn something new today. So I guess I probably gonna learn a lot. I’m not you know, they say shoot you when you first wake up is the best time to learn something new. So I guess I’m ready. I’m ready.

Unknown Speaker 7:01
Do you have your coffee as it seems you do?

Unknown Speaker 7:04
I do. I’m sorry. I did not bring any for you. I’m sorry. Oh, yeah. So you just did a television interview? What was that for?

Unknown Speaker 7:14
It was for I believe, one of the the news networks here CTV, which is a really big news network. It’s the one I watch. And it was an affiliate out in Alberta. But it’s going to air tonight. And as these things happen, it might get picked up across other affiliates across the country. Let’s hope.

Unknown Speaker 7:30
Right? What is the via event? Do you have a book coming out now? Cuz I haven’t found anything. That’s a new release. Do you have something coming up? Very soon tonight. Tomorrow? Well,

Unknown Speaker 7:41
it came out last week, actually. And it’s for Mother’s Day. Sorry about this, like, okay,

Unknown Speaker 7:45
direct? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 7:47
yeah, a second chance for love. So it was released, you know, just last week in time for Mother’s Day. So people could have ordered it for Mother’s days. Still, of course can order it. But the theme is for different stories that feature mother’s in some way or capacity. And there are four different connecting stories in that the characters make an appearance in each novella, even though like I had my own story featuring my hero and heroine, but her friends are the other heroines in the book. So each character makes an appearance and the other one stories, we’ve created a sense of community in the fictional seaglass Bay. That’s super interesting. Sounds

Unknown Speaker 8:28
like it would be a challenge with from the logistic side of how you make that work with the other authors Am I am I over complicating it? Because it’s No,

Unknown Speaker 8:40
you’re right. It is a challenge. And I think probably the biggest challenge came to the editor. Because as she read each story and then if she saw the inconsistency is when she said a weight and story one, this happened. And in story for this or like this characters describe this way. Or in my story in particular.

Unknown Speaker 9:01

Unknown Speaker 9:02
created a an element where I used there was a nosy ants from another story and I brought her into my story to kind of metal with my characters, but then the timing, didn’t work for the neck character story. So there was a little bit of finessing and making things work in that sense. Yeah, definitely. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 9:20
think Carla Lynn Webb is the only one who has not been on my show so far. Do you know the other lady, other authors?

Unknown Speaker 9:29
I I’ve met them all virtually. I had not known them before this, but those three are actually good friends and they’ve known each other about 20 years. Oh, yeah, I was brought into this with them like they they’re used to working with each other. And they’ve now adopted me so that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 9:48
You know what I’m finding and and correct me if I’m wrong about this, because people in the creative arts and we’re from people on the audio side, we’re showing the book cover and from the website Right now because the extra that I grabbed wasn’t was not loading in for some reason. So I went to the website. So we’re showing the cover of the book. But people in the Creative Arts General can be pretty catty. But I think some reason, authors seem to be more supportive of each other. Maybe it’s just my illusion. I’m just wondering how real my perception is of that. Authors seem to be far less catty, far less jealous and envious and backbiting and all that kind of stuff than say, comedians, musicians, filmmakers, and that kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 10:34
To some degree, you know, there’s definitely, I think, probably because we work alone for the most part, you would say there’s less of that cattiness. But you know, there are times when, you know, if you hear that one author got a really great deal. I mean, we are supportive, but of course, there’s going to be some envy, you know. But then there’s also that sense of pride, like and saying, Oh, I know, that person. For example, right now bridgerton, that the number one Netflix series, is, has been is created by an author friend that I’ve known for years, we were pregnant together. At one point, we were writing for the same publisher. And now she has the number one series on Netflix in the history of Netflix. So yeah, what I love that success. Sure, but you know what, I’m thrilled for Julia? It’s like, absolutely amazing. And you know, you can’t help but be happy for her. You know, it’s got to happen to someone. You want it to happen to some point but I doesn’t detract from the the pride I feel and Well, yeah, if

Unknown Speaker 11:36
you definitely seem like you have enough to be proud of I mean, your your resume or your your short, but short version of your bio, is one of the more impressive ones that I’ve read from any of the officers and I’ve interviewed probably more than 250 officers now. Wow. Yep. So congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 11:56
Thank you. And I think that’s a good point, it’s to remember what you’ve accomplished, because it’s, it’s always easy to look at someone else and say, Oh, look, they did that. But then you go back and say, you know, I’ve done this and be proud of what you’ve done, and just keep keep working, we all of our stories are going to be different. And none of us knows what’s around the corner. So you know, you just keep, keep doing what you’re doing. And as long as I’m in the game, you know, when I’m adding if I’m if I’m no longer getting contracts, that’s what I’m going to feel bad. But as long as they’re still publishing my books, I’m good.

Unknown Speaker 12:24
Right? Well, before we move on to exactly, cuz there’s a bunch of questions I had, including what mainstream fiction? Yes, yeah. You know, I want to talk about your writing and the genres and where you get your characters and all that stuff from, but we have a lot of aspiring writers, people who are writing their first book, or have published a couple of books, my audience is full of these people who really are interested in becoming authors, this just or they’re just starting out or been in the game for a little while, and are extremely frustrated by the self publishing process. And all it be illusions of, I’m gonna just publish a book and become a sell, best seller and open, it’s gonna be calling me and whatever. What can you say to those people to give them either encouragement, or a taste of what the reality of life is? You know what, I

Unknown Speaker 13:23
think that everybody has to realize that behind the book is hard work. You know, so I’ve heard and I have a friend who said this, this very specifically to me, she asked me to help edit one of her books, and I did. And then she’s like, I’m going to put this out, I’m going to make $100,000, you know, just like, she mentioned a certain author, and it’s not fiction. She’s doing nonfiction in the self help arena. And I thought, Well, wait a minute, you don’t even you have no following. You have nothing. You’ve mentioned someone who’s fairly, you know, as well known enough? How do you think you’re just gonna come up with a self published book and make $100,000 you know, like this. And so people can have unrealistic expectations. It’s not just putting a book out there. And especially now with self publishing, pretty much everybody’s putting a book out there, you know, everybody and their dog. So you have to a put out a good book, you got to make sure you put in the work to write a good book, you need to make sure that you’re figuring out your craft, because you know, it to me, it’s a little irritating, that everybody thinks they can write a story, just because you can write like, because you’re just because you’re literate. You know, there is a craft to it. And that’s why, you know, people, that’s why a lot of people got rejected before they were self publishing, because you put something out, and it wasn’t well put together, maybe your characters were lacking, or the plot was lacking. So you have to invest the time in either taking some courses to help you in those areas, if you’re lacking to bring other people in to help critique it. You know, find editors don’t just put something out in unexpected to sell that you haven’t put much effort into. And then when you have when you put the book out, you’re gonna need to figure out how to promote it. So you’re going to either have to be doing a lot on social media, maybe hire someone to help you get out there. But, you know, it’s it’s a tough game. And there’s more, there are more people in it now. So, you know, it requires some hard work as well as the talent,

Unknown Speaker 15:14
right to do the major publishing houses depend on you working as hard to promote it as if you were self published?

Unknown Speaker 15:22
Well, you know, they do, yes or no, yes, it they love that you promote your stuff. And when I first came out of the gate, I was promoting everywhere, and I was going to every event and the publishers loved that, you know, in some way to take their job away from them a little bit. But they still also do the big things, which is to get, you know, your books into bookstores. And it is really hard for a self published author to do that. So just by being published with St. Martin’s Press, I’m guaranteed I can go into a bookstore and find my book, which, you know, if you’re self published, and the book buyers don’t know about you and bookstores don’t know about you, you can’t get that foot in the door. But terms of in terms of promotion, like getting you on shows and so forth. It’s often the publisher who’s best at that or you hire an independent publicist to help you do that.

Unknown Speaker 16:12
Or when you were describing the B sea of people who are self publishing today. Yeah, it reminds me a lot of podcasting since the since the lockdown started and all that stuff. We’ve had two new podcasts every minute. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:30
Yes, exactly. And just because you have a microphone, like you said, just because you can write doesn’t mean you’re a writer, or an author. Just because you have a microphone and speak doesn’t mean you’re naturally a broadcaster and know the broadcasting game. And so I resonate with that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:49
Yeah, yeah. So now, tell me a little bit about where you learned your craft from Why were you always a? Was it your dream as a little girl to grow up to be an author?

Unknown Speaker 17:02
It was I always loved stories. And I was writing from the moment I could hold a pencil. And in fact, my aunt tells me a story that I guess they had recorded. They were recording me on like a tape recorder. And I was like, let me tell you a story. And I was five years old. And of course, no one, the tape, I guess was lost or destroyed. But I would love to hear what five year old Kayla had to say in terms of a story back then that would be nice, but I don’t know. But yeah, I was writing from the time I could hold a pencil. So with any spare time I had in my life and my classrooms, I was jotting down stories. And then I was 13 when I found out that there was a contest, a novel writing contest. And the prize was $3,000. And that’s when it clicked. People get paid to write books. Oh, my God. I’ve been writing all these little stories I you know, you’re a kid, you’re enjoying reading, you’re not and you’re enjoying writing, but I wasn’t thinking I wasn’t even thinking about the books that I was holding like that, that this was a business, you know, I was just a kid. Right? And that’s, that’s when it clued in that people get paid to write books. So I started immediately writing a story to try to send off for this contest. And of course, I was I was handwriting it on paper from my school notebooks. And it was never would never have ever been good enough to send in, I’m sure. But it was called the agony of divorce. And I didn’t get to finish it. So I didn’t get to send it in. And it was about four friends and the drama in school. I don’t know why I call it the agony of divorce because my parents were happily married. But

Unknown Speaker 18:33
every fifth my kids,

Unknown Speaker 18:36
I don’t even know where that came in. I honestly don’t. But look that that was my first foray into trying to write family drama, because I think I like to do that a lot in my books. You know, no matter what’s going on, there’s some level of family drama and usually some marriage that we’re relationship that’s got some issues. So I started Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:56
Did you come from a big family?

Unknown Speaker 18:59
My family’s five people, you know, so my nuclear family just like my sister, my brother, my parents, and like a lot of extended family. There’s like a lot because on my mother’s side, she has like nine siblings. And you know, there’s lots of cousins and on my dad’s side, there were six of them. My dad’s family stayed in Jamaica, though. So my mom’s family had a lot of them come here. So that’s where I got most of the cousins.

Unknown Speaker 19:22
Wow, from Jamaica to Canada. I

Unknown Speaker 19:26
yeah, from Beauty and warps to you know, depressing winters where writers can only you know, that’s why you write if you didn’t know that yet. That’s why we that’s what I do writers in Canada. Wow. By the winters,

Unknown Speaker 19:40
I saw I’m corrected my first time I’ve been writing about any daylight savings time in my life. Thank you for verifying that. So you write in a lot of well, not a lot, but more than one genre and I think the trend is for people to really niche down as well. I’m a romance writer, I’m just gonna write romance. I’m a mystery writer, I’m just gonna write mystery. Does it hurt you to branch out? Because in the music business, I know they like to put you in a box? They want the same thing from you every time. Yeah. And I think most businesses are going to try to do the same thing, whether it’s publishing or So does it hurt you at all to be tab of right variety of genres and things that you like to write about?

Unknown Speaker 20:25
You know, I go back and forth on that in my mind with that very question. Because sometimes I look at other writers who do romance who have just stuck to romance just done romance. And, you know, in some ways, I feel their readerships are growing within the romance, because the readers like that, and they go back to that time and time again. But I always like to have more elements to my story, like I would like one of my editors said, Caleb, you always have to put some element of suspense, like there’s there have to be a dead body, there has to be someone getting stocked. But I also like that. So I always felt, I guess, to some degree, I was bursting at the seams to do more. So in one hand, what happened was when I sold my romance, and then the editor at St. Martin’s Press had kind of learned about the book and liked my writing, I had to do something different for them. So to not compete with the other publisher. So I couldn’t do romance for St. Martin’s and romance for Kensington books, because it would become a competition. So that’s where the mainstream fiction, which is kind of just general fiction, but still, I’d say more geared to women. That’s where that came in. So I did, and I was able to sort of pepper my books with some intrigue, and, you know, with some elements of romance, but the romance was not the focal part of the story. But it also allows me like, you know, if I do a romance now that I can do something a little bit different next time. But yeah, I don’t know, I don’t know if it works fully, because I’ve had, I’ve had some people who will read my more generalized mainstream fiction, and they really liked that. But then they might not necessarily like the romance so much, but I still think I have a lot of crossover readers. So it’s a balancing act,

Unknown Speaker 22:07
my my thought is that it might be a help. And I hope it’s a help because it would, it would encourage the industry to try not to tend not to put people in a box and make them try to, you know, stick to producing the same McDonald’s hamburger over and over and over again, if it helps bring people because I’m, I’m not a romance reader. I mean, if you look at me, I’m not the typical. But if I was interested in some of your other books that weren’t so much romance, I might tend to be more open minded to start reading some of your romance books. So it might help you attract a wider audience in some way. And I hope it does just for what the effect it might have on the business and realizing that, you know, not everybody is so narrow minded. And just yeah. And even people I would imagine, they don’t do enough analytics on this stuff. I imagine that people who read romance novels, people who are big fans of romance novels, they’re very open to reading other stuff. They just happen to like romance doesn’t mean you have to feed them the same Donald Samberg every night. Right,

Unknown Speaker 23:16
exactly. That’s how I was as a reader. And as a reader. I like some variety. So, you know, I’ll read across the board and, and I so I that’s why I hope that the readers, like you said can be like you more open, if you read something else of me that’s not romance and you’d like that, then you might read my romance and say, oh, cuz I like this author’s voice. And I like the story together,

Unknown Speaker 23:38
I bought and everything, whether it’s film, music, comedy, I or books, I buy the author, the creator more than I never look at the genre. So I kind of assume that it’s going to be somewhat near the same ground. So sometimes I’m shocked when somebody is in a film or something that just is a stretch for them. You never saw them. And like the first time I saw Bill Murray and it was a non comedy movie, it was Yeah. Coming of Age or something. And I was like, wow, I was a big fan of Bill Murray’s. And then, but I still love the movie. And it opened me up to that. So I by the Creator, the author more than I by the gentleman, I never think of john or when I’m when I’m shopping for something or you know, when I’m in the mood for something. So that’s Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:25
good point.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
Um, tell me about how a story comes together for you. Because every author is completely different again, 250 or so authors never never got the same response for how a story comes together for you. Do you have the whole story in your mind before you start writing? Do you just have the characters in your mind? Tell me a little bit about how it comes together.

Unknown Speaker 24:48
Okay, so for me, I tend to think about an idea first, like a big idea that can open a story and then I think about, well who’s involved in the story. What When, where, why? So I kind of think of the initial idea. And then I think about the characters and the situation around them. So, for example, I have a book that came out some years ago was my, one of my books for St. Martin’s Press called the Delta sisters, where I have, it’s three generations of mothers and daughters, and a secret comes back to haunt Grandma, after 50 years. So it starts with a murder. No, it’s kind of like 1950s, something’s going on. And I don’t and so then I, I really wanted it to kind of open with that bang. And that’s when I’m like, well, who is this? who’s involved in this? And why would this matter to this family? And oh, okay, so this is a, this is an upper crust family in New Orleans, where this kind of dirty secret has to be kept secret, you know, and then you kind of start figuring out the story from it. That’s at least how I do it.

Unknown Speaker 25:52
Hmm, interesting. And you mentioned earlier was kind of, I didn’t know how to react to what you said, you, you were writing with pencil. Yeah. But today, I’m imagining its word processor, or do you did you transcribe it, I mean, how have had the physical part of writing the book,

Unknown Speaker 26:15
it’s all way it’s all kinds of ways. But one thing that I like to do now is I like to dictate and, and for me dictating is, is probably the closest thing to pen and paper. So when I’m on the computer, you can start typing. And then like, by the time you’ve done page one, you’re going back over, you’re already revising, and you’re not letting the ideas and the words just flow. So pen and paper I find I’m just kind of writing and the ideas are coming down. So now when I dictate, I can just get the words out, and then go back and fix it. It’s just, it’s for me. And for every writer, I think we can get caught up in making it sound perfect. And that will slow you down. So it’s really so important to get the ideas out, get the story down. And then at least for me, revision, that’s where I shine. So I you know, I will go and sit down at the computer. But you know, it’s hard with a pandemic, cuz I’m going to tell you, I did my best work at like a coffee shop, you know, Starbucks at my coffee, I had all this noise around me. And I could work when I’m at home. The dishes are calling the bathrooms like, hey, clean me. So it’s been tough in the pandemic. So I find it a little bit better now with with me, even if I’m in the car and I start dictating, it will help the free flow of ideas. Alright, when you said did you work at like Starbucks? I’m thinking you sitting there talking to a dictation machine? No, no, no, no. Yeah. No, not there. At a point like that, I’ve got my Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Crazy writer, crazy, crazy person over here.

Unknown Speaker 27:50

Unknown Speaker 27:52
are you do you show up in your books in some characters?

Unknown Speaker 27:57
Definitely, you know, certain books certain character. I think I’ve always been in there in some ways.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
That No, you recognize that?

Unknown Speaker 28:07
You know what, I think the people that know me are always looking for themselves. Oh, like, you know, my first book admittedly had, I think it was a sister in the story who talked a lot. And yeah, I have a sister who talks a lot. You’d have her on your show, and you wouldn’t be able to get her off probably for a few hours. And she’s like, is that character me? And I’m like, you know, maybe, maybe I do I sorry, I got a watering. I don’t know why you’re making me emotional.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
I feel good about that. That’s my job.

Unknown Speaker 28:40
Yeah, like some stories, like I have a book called obsession, and a lot of that kind of key and it’s, I’m in that one a lot. I’m in that way dealing with like, kind of a relationship I was in where the guy was crazy. But you know, there was a lot of passion. And you know, sometimes I kind of realize the crazier ones are, you know, can be more intense, let’s just put it that way. But you know, also crazy, right? So I there I kind of put myself into that with some of the stuff that I went through in that book. And

Unknown Speaker 29:13
inside there that now I have to ask you because it’s I have experienced this not you know, to a major degree have that because people know you do this now people your friends and people in relationships, know that in some way they might end up in one of your books as it makes them more guarded about how they react to you because for a while that people knew that not everything in my life ended up in a song that was published and, and and or performed and people didn’t want to be on the wrong end of song that went bad and be the main character of it, that you find that with people in your life.

Unknown Speaker 29:52
Okay, you know, what I find is interesting. It’s it’s like, it’s like watching reality TV because I think in the beginning, they’re aware that there’s a camera on them. But then they tend to forget. So people often say, Oh, I shouldn’t tell you this because you’re gonna write about it in a book. And then as time passes, suddenly they’re telling me about it. And I’m like, Yeah, I might, I might write about. So they think about it, and then they lose the guard as they kind of just want to, you know, share whatever it is, but I feel other people are kind of like, No, no, I’m not gonna tell you this cuz you’re gonna write about it, and they hold they, you know, they’re, they stick their, their feet in the sand and keep whatever I’m like, you know, I’m not gonna just I’m not just writing about everybody’s stories. But you know, if there’s something kind of interesting, that’s unique. I might, I might have to borrow it, you know, they should feel happy.

Unknown Speaker 30:39
Gotcha. Yeah, I know. I know that experience. Well, so we’re about halfway through here. It’s good time to again promote the book and the the website the website for the people on the listening side, which is lion’s share of the audiences. Author Caleb Perrin, that calm it’s all one word author, Kayla parent, parent, P e. r. i And the latest book, the latest offering is called a second chance of love. It’s a cooperative work between four authors. Now I have to ask about this. Is, is this as rewarding doing a novella? Do you feel like, wow, I was just getting started, I bet on that story could be so much bigger. It’s a full grown novel that hit you, you’re doing these Co Op, you know, cooperation, I don’t know how to quote collaboration.

Unknown Speaker 31:32
Yeah. Oh, it definitely, you know, there are times when I’m I write, I tend to write long and my short, shorter stories tend to have the ability to go on. So yes, that is a challenge. And so for this one, I really tried to keep the conflict, you know, minimal and, and even, you know, this is a couple extra characters in there, like the the surrounding cast, but I have kept it minimal, because once I start going with, you know, giving them a little bit more life and so forth, my stories can go on. So yeah, no, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
That was satisfying for you. Because I would think, you know, you feel like a little bit handcuffed in some ways. No,

Unknown Speaker 32:13
well, you know, what I think what it’s good at is, is kind of teaching, you know, keeping you learning and, and honing your craft, okay, I’ve got to create create a conflict that’s sustainable for a shorter story, and still make it believable and get it to the end, that the readers feel that it was a satisfying story. So it’s another way to, you know, sort of hone your craft. And, you know, because then it’s not my strength to necessarily write short, I can do it effectively. But yeah, for the reasons I mentioned, I’m happier to kind of have a bigger story that goes on longer. But you know, this is, this is a fun change of pace. And it’s quicker to write as well, as long as you don’t overload yourself with too many elements you’ve got to cut out. But you know, it’s a different change of pace.

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Well, I’m on your website right now. And I should just kind of just bring this up and show people because they appear we have see a sea glass bay, bay romance book giveaway order by April 26. What is it? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:17
well, unfortunately, I have, that’s the one that I wanted to update my site. So that was if you ordered the book, before, by April 26, you were automatically entered into a drawing to win some seaglass. So the editor sister actually has a store. I think it’s seaglass, timeless creation, so she makes beautiful seaglass. But if you scroll back up to the Thanksgiving book, all of your anybody who’s listening or goes to my site, now you can click on the link and get that story for free. So it’s this, it’s the same authors in a second chance for love. So the Thanksgiving one, if you go up a bit, is called thankfully in love, or go down a bit, because

Unknown Speaker 33:59
I’m all the way up, go down.

Unknown Speaker 34:01
That there it is. So if you click on that link, it will take you directly where you can get the story for free. The whole thing, the novella version of it. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:11
now I’m seeing a lot of these collaboration, I guess. I

Unknown Speaker 34:15
don’t know the first two. But these ones are mine.

Unknown Speaker 34:18
Yeah, undeniable. Oh, this one is this one is a collaboration as well, though, it’s

Unknown Speaker 34:22
not a collaboration. What happened with that is the the publisher decided to fold this line called commodity romance. So they ended up putting my book and this other book together. So became a two in one. Those are two full length novels that they put into one book.

Unknown Speaker 34:40
Gotcha. So that’s your most recent release. Now, you’ve published 40 books. That’s a lot. That’s a real life. Problem, perfect guy, I guess, man, you have

Unknown Speaker 34:52
to read them all. Now you have to read them all. That’s the requirement.

Unknown Speaker 34:56
I gotta get a picture of my back over there. I have at books I need to read from authors from four months ago that I haven’t gotten to read their books yet. The good thing about it interviewing so many authors is I get a lot of books. The bad thing about it is I just don’t have enough time.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
I know the feeling TBR pile the to be read pile is never ending.

Unknown Speaker 35:19
And every time I pick one up two more come in the mail.

Unknown Speaker 35:23

Unknown Speaker 35:26
So but that’s an incredibly prolific, you must be writing all the time and ideas come to you all the time. It’s not you. Yeah. So where do I get my ID? Yeah, where they come from,

Unknown Speaker 35:40
you know, they come from anywhere and everywhere, really. So some a lot, you know, when I’m sleeping, right? Sometimes it’s in a dream, or when I try to sleep and what keeps the keeps me up at night. I’ll think, Oh, this would be a good idea. Or sometimes I’ll hear something on the news. Or one time I was on a plane flying to Vegas, and there was a couple behind me. And they were talking about renewing their vows and how they were so happy. But then we were flying over Denver, and suddenly the wife says, I bet you’re thinking about her right now, aren’t you? And then as I was allegedly sleeping, I was trying to sleep and in all honesty, but when I heard that my ears perked up. And then they started to argue because the husband had had an affair. And you know, yeah, and then so then I’m like, Oh, you know, so again, being seemed happy. I’m hearing this couple happily going to renew their vows, then I hear the conflict. You know, someone had cheated, obviously, have you cheated, and the wife wasn’t so happy anymore. And you know, so sparks of ideas can come from anywhere. I keep my ears open all the time.

Unknown Speaker 36:42
Wow. Man, I want to know more about that story. But I want to I want to get that guy some advice. If you’re out there listening Mr. Derek Jeter. You shouldn’t be renewing your vows if you’re a cheater, go. Go be single.

Unknown Speaker 36:57
Yeah, you know what? And that’s I you know, and I wonder so many times why those guys are? were women just don’t want to just be single be single live that life. Just do it. No one’s stopping you. I mean, there’s no, just do it.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Well, interesting enough. And maybe there’s a novel in this for you or an idea. somewhere down the road. I discussed the idea of monogamy with a lot of people because we have relationships I have, I interviewed tons of different kinds of people, relationship coaches, and psychologists and people like that, about the idea of monogamy and instead outdated. And because it sure seems to be with divorce rates so high and you know, infidelity so rampant. I just think in some ways. The human race is not necessarily cut out for long term monogamy at least for as we look towards the future, I think that’s a sad thing. Because I do, I just think there was a lot of value in, you know, nuclear families in mom and dad, and you know, Mom and Dad, we’re, you know,

Unknown Speaker 37:59
we’re committed to each other. Yeah. So it’s like, it’s like I said, I would always, you know, I would see my parents argue not all the time. But when they argued, I always knew that they would stay together. Whereas, you know, I’ve got married to a guy whose mom had cheated. And so when we argued for him, it was, it was like a devastating event. And ultimately, we got divorced. But I don’t think he ever could get over the fact that his mom had cheated. And she’d lied to him about it and moved him away saying, oh, Daddy’s coming. And he had three siblings. And as the youngest, he expected his dad to show up, he didn’t expect his mom to suddenly be moving in with someone else. So there’s a story there too. And that really messed with him, you know, and people react to things differently. And I think because he was young, and had she been open and honest, he might have been able to accept that more easily. But I think he always had a reservation in his mind about trusting women, because the big key figure in his life proved to be untrustworthy. Now, while I wasn’t untrustworthy, it caused so many problems on a relationship and it couldn’t survive. And ironically, he ended up being the one who was not trustworthy, and maybe because of all this psychology, if I had, you know, get her before she can get me I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 39:13
Great. Well, does that play into your writing? Do you have Are you a somewhat a psychologist or you’re analyzing your characters and kind of getting into their heads or basically doing that with people in real life and then transferring that to characters in your in your work? You’re somewhat of a psychologist and

Unknown Speaker 39:33
i think that you know, what, I I think I am I want to wear that hat. And the one thing that I always did or people tend to do is come to me for romantic advice or relationship advice. So, in my books, I create characters like the one I just told you about my ex husband characters who are often you know, dealing with the stress and the reality of having been in a dysfunctional relationship for example. So in the My latest standalone release, the one that is they put the two books together, I have the heroine in the story is going back home, because her mother is now going to marry her biological father and the biological father and had a secret life with her mom. And now after his first wife has passed, he’s gonna marry this. This other woman is the one he had the secret child with. So of course, the daughter who is the product of the secret relationship is like, Have you lost your mind to her mother? Like, why would you do this, he denied you all these years, he was a cheater, and now you’re going to marry him. But there’s a complicated story that kind of shows that life isn’t always black and white, at least in his case, but she goes back to town to be there for her mother expecting the relationship to fail. And she’s so she’s not keen on love kind of girl. So for her even meeting this guy that now he was interested in her, it’s a tougher battle. And you know, sometimes I wonder if the readers like that, and I have some readers who just who love the reality of that, because, you know, maybe in the pages of romance novels, the security for some people is knowing that the guy is gonna meet the girl and things are gonna go okay, but I want to create this a little bit more realistically, where you meet a girl who maybe he’s got some issues or the guy has some issues, and you still know what’s going to be okay. But you see, the struggle that I deal with in my life, or my friends deal with, or people have dealt with, in reality to get to that happy ending. So just kind of make it a little more mad on dynamic, if that’s the word for it a little more complex,

Unknown Speaker 41:33
right? Well, it as I was listening to you speak there, or even before you got to be that that last part, I was thinking this probably probably determines who your audience is. Because I know a lot of romance fans when my travels are 1314 year old girls, but it doesn’t sound like doesn’t sound like those are the people who are you accordion accordion sounds like they would be more adult more in tune with the reality of Latin and the complications and how well do you know your audience?

Unknown Speaker 42:07
You know, you? You said that? And I thought, Gosh, am I like missing out on a 1314 year old audience?

Unknown Speaker 42:13
You don’t want? I don’t think you want them not? Because as you would say, Well, see, I’m not your target audience. But to me, what you were describing was realism, reality, and a sense of truthfulness, that Yeah, which is why I shy away from because I don’t like the idea of Oh, happiness and happy endings, and you get married. And that’s the end of the story. And they lived happily ever after. And that’s what romance represents to me. So when you were talking, you’re talking about all these complications in deep, you know, scars that people carry around. And people are complicated. And that appeals to me reality, you know, the reality of that, I think sometimes gets sugar coated, and are my perception of what romance is all about. So that’s why I’m not a fan of the agenda. But you describing it made me wonder why that’s a book I could read. That was the stories I could read. Of course, they would not be for teenagers.

Unknown Speaker 43:11
Yeah, that’s a good point. Because I think and that’s the difference between being like a teenager or a young person kind of going into falling in love with this blind, and I evety you know, like, Oh, it’s all gonna be wonderful. He’s just gonna whisk me off to Paris, and we’re gonna have, you know, this fantastic life. And then, you know, boom, comes the first heartbreak. And so I write about the people after they’ve had that heartbreak, you know, you’ll often find, in my book, you got a few women are sitting around bitching about their bad relationships, and they don’t necessarily want love, but into their lives, then come somebody who is great. And so you’re skeptical? Because in reality, I’d be skeptical. But then, you know, you go the distance, and you see, it’s the real thing. And, and then you really know, what’s the real thing as well, based on the scars, the battles and kind of how it gets there. It’s not just Oh, easy, wonderful, sweet. No, there’s been some struggle to get to the end, you know, they’re gonna make it.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
Well, what you’re saying, Now, this is a theory I just came up with, recently, and it could be wrong. But, again, meeting with some authors that I’ve read, I’ve met recently and read some of their work. It strikes me that in order and maybe I’m wrong about this, but in order to be a really, really, really good author, you have to be kind of a deep well and attracts me that you are an experienced person, a deep well, somebody who’s who’s lived and experienced life and know and been around the block a few times where we see people who just come at it from don’t don’t live a, you know, fair, indoor people, like you say they don’t get out much. And then because because introversion leads itself to writing that’s where a lot of writers come from from an introverted world and don’t have a whole world of experience to write for So they just sometimes a little too soft to about

Unknown Speaker 45:05
maybe that maybe that’s it because I you know, I’ve got too many experiences sometimes I’m like, you know what, I don’t need any more thank you I can do I got enough, but there’s always and then sometimes I wonder, am I attracting this like in the universe because it was you or to write about cuz I’m like I gotta I have to write about this now like Yeah, yeah I’ve got a new thing in my life that if this has to be written about but you know it’s there’s always something I kind of want that moment of just pause, relax and you know not have any drama but

Unknown Speaker 45:35
I mind me questioning the fact that your question that may made me kind of wait a minute of course you are. I know I know. And not to get too deep here. But isn’t this your purposes? Because it seems to me that you will, especially when when somebody like you, who comes and says they’ve been doing it their whole life is a calling me they felt their whole life? It seems to me that this is this is the reason you will put on honor to be a writer.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
Absolutely. No, I agree. And you know, you just you just said something. And I don’t know if you meant it that way. But it’s, it’s it’s my purpose. And now it makes me see like, I do know that when I have these experiences, it is for me to share or write about. But to see maybe that the the negative that I’ve gone through is actually a purpose to help my writing maybe. But I’ll tell you, the book that I wrote the Delta sisters, the three generations of mothers and daughters, I had a letter from a woman who said that my book gave her the courage to go home and face her mother, after 15 years of not talking to her, wow blew me away. Because the power of that because mother and daughter relationships can be complicated. So of course, it’s a Kayla parent book. It’s complicated. And to know that, that help someone like that. I mean, it was just, it made the writing of the book worth it just for that one response.

Unknown Speaker 46:57
I’m not one for getting goose bumps. But I and I think this is an important lesson for you aspiring authors out there. Because we do talk about purpose. A lot on this program. But until yesterday was was was the first time somebody brought it up in this context of purposes not I was meant to write purpose. Yeah, I was meant to write. And people were meant to read and use what I write a for, in some positive way. So attaching your purpose to something outside of yourself. Yes, I was born to be a creative person. This is my purpose, I’m on the right path. But the bigger part of my purpose is outward. It’s It’s It’s how I affect other people. And I think a lot of people are missing that part of the message of being on purpose. And so thank you for that. That was a really. And so now I really guess the answer to the most rewarding part of what you do is just that, right?

Unknown Speaker 47:56
Absolutely. Yeah. When I know that my stories have touched someone in their their lives. So it goes beyond the story or it goes, it goes to the power of a story to really affect a person’s life and reflect what people are going through. And that’s why for me, I write about the people with the scars or with the heartache, and, and how they get through it. Because I believe we still have to be optimistic and positive and we can get through it. But life deals, a lot of challenges. So, you know, it is rewarding when people can read one of my books, and it helps them get through some of the challenges in their lives. Amazing Good,

Unknown Speaker 48:33
good positive vibes here. I’m loving. I’m loving it. I’m really glad that we we got you on the program because I needed this conversation. It’s it’s uplifting, in a lot of ways gives me hope for, for the writing crap, because, you know, when you I don’t want to put anybody down, I don’t talk bad about anybody. But when you Oh interview as many people as I do, a comic told me this, he used to work in a comedy club when he wasn’t on stage. He said, I can’t stand I can’t stomach another bad act. And when you when you interview enough authors who are just struggling to try to make it and they just aren’t getting it the whole part of I need to do something bigger than myself and for more than myself, and yes, it’s about fulfilling my inner desire and need, but also fulfilling something for a higher purpose other than myself, I think so many people don’t get that. So I’m really, really inspired and, and grateful to have met you and had this conversation. So I just want you to know that. So thank you. Are you working on anything now for you must be as prolific as you are something for the future.

Unknown Speaker 49:48
I am and I have a few different things going through my mind, but I did just recently. Right and this is another as a shorter book that I plan to publish myself as an E book, but it’s going to be continuing story, and it’s called the Reverend. So it’s about a Reverend who, of course, is living this outwardly pious, wonderful life. But he’s got some secrets. So a lot of stuff is going to come to life and some drama. And it’s funny because I grew up in the church, and I wanted to I grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and I have a friend who jokes that it’s their bad Ventus. And when I talked about naming the book that or dealing with adventism, the book, my mother said, Oh, no, no, no, like, you can’t do that everyone’s gonna be so upset. But some of the stories I’ve been told, you know, about these people who are a church every week living this, Oh, I’m so wonderful life and like, you pull back the doors and the layers, you’ve got, like, some serious, you know, stuff going on that would shock people. So I it’s not, I haven’t written it about the adventures per se, but just about a bit of the hypocrisy. But still, it’s going to have some, you know, redeeming hope at the end of it, but it’s going to be a little more of a continuing saga. And I’m going to see how that plays out with the readers. Like that, you know, but it’s true. There’s a lot of that in the church. Come on.

Unknown Speaker 51:05
I’m almost speechless right now. And you probably have no idea why. So I’ll explain. Since I started a podcast couple years ago, I have been saying, I don’t believe in coincidences anymore, because things happen, especially on on the show. Wow, that’s just too much to be a coincidence for me. Now, this morning, I woke up an hour ago, I had this idea in my head, and I still can’t connect what it was. But I said, Wow, that’s really profound. And it was about the word reverence. And, yeah, and and about how there was a connection to reference and reverence. And I was like, this, and I can’t recall what it was. It’s like one of those things you’re supposed to write. When you first get out. You have a dream like that. But it was about this idea of reverence. And, and so but I had a Seventh Day Adventist preacher on who’s now an author who has written a book against the Adventist. And to be be somebody commented on it just yesterday that I need to get the other side the pro event Adventist side on it. Yeah. And I was like, I don’t know any pro Adventist. But after talking to the guy who laid out the hypocrisy of the founder of the advantage and all that stuff. I can’t imagine what the positive side must be. And then here it is. The next day, I’m getting a little bit of bad back at me. So there’s a lesson that the universe is speaking Exactly. Through this podcast. Yeah. Wow. God is trying to teach me something. I just have to open my ears a little bit or be a little smarter to understand what it is. But when you say, reverence, I was like, Damn, I was I was when I first got out of bed. Like, what is what is it with that? Now? What was what was they thinking about that?

Unknown Speaker 52:59
Wow, really heavy stuff. Oh, my goodness. That is? Wow, that Yeah, no coincidences. Right.

Unknown Speaker 53:05
Right. Right. I don’t think there are. Because, you know, as you know, I put out a calendar and I just tell people pick the dates you pick the day? Yeah. And often, I will get them lined up where we’re talking about the same kind of subject every day in a row. You know, last week, I had something about artificial intelligence and the threat it poses to humanity and, and, and robots and all that stuff. And that for those authors all in a row that they picked those days, but wow, you know, it’s so that can’t be a coincidence. You know, that’s crazy. Yeah. So. So when did you start? Have you started writing on on the side?

Unknown Speaker 53:49
I have that. So the first book is done. My only my question for myself, I could have put that out already. But it’s like, I want to have this maybe I should have the second one done closer to one, the first one comes out, because when people read that they might want the next one. But I might put that out probably in the next couple of weeks. And then hopefully the next one could be maybe within a month. But yeah, that’s I think, you know, it’s gonna be a continuing saga. We’ll see how it goes. We’ll see how it goes.

Unknown Speaker 54:14
All right. Now, most authors when they ask this question, they’re kind of hesitant to say because it’s a dreamy type of questions. But I think when, if I were to write a fiction novel, I would always be thinking, this is gonna be made into a movie someday. Do you have aspirations of something your books turned into movies?

Unknown Speaker 54:36
Oh, absolutely. We all have. I don’t think anyone says no.

Unknown Speaker 54:40
Oh, yeah, I’ve gotten quit. Oh, no, no. That’s too hard. Oh, I know. They’re lying to me. I mean, yeah. But with that in mind, have you have you tried making it easy for filmmakers by adapting your own screenplay?

Unknown Speaker 54:59
Okay. I Haven’t adapted my own screenplay. But you know, I did tell you I work in the film business, right I’ve so I’ve, and I have access to people who are who know what they’re doing. So if it’s it’s a matter of me getting some funding, I can do that. But I have an idea for a script that I could that could be shot in one, one or two locations to make it easy for budget. And,

Unknown Speaker 55:22
you know, my lady already.

Unknown Speaker 55:24
Yeah. Because I realized the constraints of having like, several locations, you know, a ton of characters, which is something that a lot of even script writers, because I’ve in that world to people who don’t want to have their first movie producer like, Oh, it’s got like, 40 locations, and it’s got a helicopter, and it’s got like a, an explosion. What are you talking about, you’ve got to come up with something that’s gonna be more character driven, you know, it’s got to have an interesting plot, but the character is going to push that story where you can shoot it in like one location if you have to, and go from there. So I’m working on that as well. So like, there’s always something percolating, but that is something I’m hoping to see if I can pursue or by the end of the year, I’m trying to line that up. Yeah. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 56:05
hope I hope you get that done. I wish you a lot of success. I think you’re a bright star in a very kind of dark landscape right now where we need more authors like you more deep wells, more people who come at it from a really realistic sense, and not not sugarcoating the whole world and making everything all bunch of fluff and just I really appreciate where you come from. It’s been great to get to know you, I hope. I hope things work out for you with this movie, or movie idea. I should thank you.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 56:38
So if you have we left anything on the table that I need to ask you that I’m forgetting because I just woke up?

Unknown Speaker 56:45
I’m not sure we covered a lot. And you know, I guess you mentioned my website author Kayla parent, calm and you can find me, you know, go to my website, you can find my social links. But if you put in Kayla parent, you should find me. However, there are imposters out there but you know, either. Yeah, you know what the I looked up Kayla parent on Facebook. And I’m like, Who are these other six people? Like what? I was the only Kayla parent that I know for a long time. So I still feel like I’m the original and the you know, I am Caitlyn parent. I reject all others. Of course,

Unknown Speaker 57:20
of course you are the original. Now on that note, I feel terrible for people named Matt nappo. Because if you google them all you’re gonna get is Me, me me for about 150 pages. And some of the stuff I’m sure they are not, you know, your friends might be saying You did what? What happened to you What? So yeah, sometimes if you don’t, if there is a downside to being the the were the only one. And I I do appreciate that I will put all the links not just a website, the social links will be in the description. The audio version will be out tomorrow, but the video version should be out this evening. And so all the links will be in the description there. I do appreciate your time. wish you great success. And please, when your next book comes out, please do consider coming back and then let’s help you get the word out there to the to the masses.

Unknown Speaker 58:11
Thank you so much. I’ve had such a great time chatting with you today.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
I’ve had a great time too. I really am happy I got to know you and happy you’ve been on the program. And hopefully some people out there not just me Will I’ve learned something from you today. So I appreciate you very much. And I wish you great success. And bye for now. Okay, bye. Thank you. Bye, Kayla parent, folks. Wow, what a great What a great inspirational author today. Great way to end the week. Yeah, I’m on a high now. And the coffee hasn’t even kicked in yet, folks. So really, really I just thought my big takeaway from there is, you know, again, and this is something I’ve come up on will come up with just recently but it really does take more than just being able to write a pretty sentence, one or even a bunch of pretty sentences right after another. It takes a world of experience deep characters. Deep character development only comes from knowing people and experiencing the world. And so that’s you know, you want to be a great author. You want to be a great author do what this lady does, and that’s it. That’s just live your life. Live your life. be interested in life be interesting people keep your ears open your eyes open, always, always interested in stories. That’s my takeaway. I’d love to hear what you think about it. And follow up mind dog info at mind dog No shows this week and we’ll be back Monday we got Monday. It’s too far away for me to think about right now. Another oh actually. Mother’s Day is Sunday night and I’m going to be in trouble with this with my wife. I have an Australian also Liz put her on at 8pm. Eastern time. I’m not sure what time is in Australia all the time. Always time. So it’s going to be 10 o’clock Monday morning for her. It’ll be 8pm Sunday for me. Right here at my dog I hope you’ll join me then 8pm Eastern Sunday night. Thanks for coming. I hope you have a great rest of your day and bye for now.



How To Begin To Get Healthy

On this episode of minddogTV, Udo Erasmus shares his insights about where to begin our journey to well being.

Udo Erasmus is a pioneer of the health and wellness industry having created FLAX OIL and the Healthy Fats Movement. He is also the co-founder of the UDO’S CHOICE supplement brand, a global leader in cutting edge health products having sold tens of millions of bottles of healthy oils, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Udo is an accomplished author including Fats that Heal Fats that Kill that has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. Udo has extensive education in Biochemistry and Biology, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Adler University and has impacted over 5,000,000+ lives by passionately conducting 5,000+ live presentations, 3,000+ media interviews, 1,500 staff trainings and traveled to 40+ countries with his message on how to achieve perfect health.

Sold over 250,000 copies of books, including Fats That Heal Fats That Kill
Passionately conducted 5,000+ live presentations
Given 3,000+ media interviews
Traveled to 40+ countries with his message on how to achieve perfect health
Sold and distributed 25,000,000 bottles from his Udo’s Choice product line in 50+ countries


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Entice Me Home


Minddog 0:25
Can you start by sharing some of your backstory and how you how you got into what it is? Exactly? You do?

Udo 3:35
Yeah. What exactly it is. It’s like trying to do everything. Right. I was born during the Second World War 1942 in Poland, that was part of Germany, and we were refugees. When I was before I was three years old, coming chasing us and tanks and trucks. And we were fleeing on dirt roads in horsedrawn. Hay wagons are women, like mothers and young children. And why we have no military presence and the allies. You know, these are the good guys, right? They were using this us refugees as target practice, from planes shooting at us from planes, it was a mess. It rubbed my nose very early, in what can go wrong, when we don’t cultivate better, whatever you mean by better. If we don’t cultivate more quality in our life, we will drift towards less quality. And so when I was six years old, I started thinking about this kind of stuff from seriously and said, You know, there must be a way that people can live in harmony. And then like a six year old who doesn’t know how complicated everything is, you know, I said I’m gonna figure it out. And so that’s that’s been my driver all my life. Wow, all those different topics.

Minddog 4:48
Holy smokes at some backstory. I wasn’t quite prepared for that. You know, I think a lot of people who were born post, baby boomer generation that’s a that’s a shocker of a reality check, because most of us can imagine that that kind of situation. So a little bit of a spoiler alert here now all these years later, do you think the world has progressed since then? It’s gotten worse.

Udo 5:15
I you know what, it’s individual, I would say the world’s getting worse, collectively. But in the midst of that, people make choices that make their lives better, right? People make personal choices to bring more quality into their life, they will then also be an influence in that direction for other people. And enough people do that we could be living in heaven on earth and five years serious. Well, I applaud your optimism, my friend I, and I pray that you, you’re right about that. But the pessimist in me says, I can’t I can’t believe you know, but this is not optimism. We are wired for it. We are wired for peace. We are wired for unconditional love. We are wired for inspiration. We are wired for cooperation. But what we do is we have a lot of outside influences instead of going inside into that wiring. We’re going outside and listening to bullshit. Yeah, but bullshit long enough, then then you’re gonna start repeating it.

Minddog 6:25
I completely agree with that. And, and in an effort to Cut the bullshit out of my own life, I got rid of television. And I’m not even sure of any more. But it’s about 10 or 11 years ago, maybe 12 to 13 years ago. I’m not sure of that. But it’s been over a decade now. I haven’t had television in my life, but it still permeates so. Or the the information in the bullshit still gets me whether it’s through the internet through through the airwaves. Here, it still gets here. So you still listen to other people?

Udo 6:58
Yeah, yeah. Well, and I would say as a as a as a general thing, not just you, but me and everybody else, we need to make a little more deliberate effort to go a little deeper, to get a little closer to the magnificence that lives within our bodies.

Unknown Speaker 7:17
Wow. That’s a that’s a great idea. Now how where do we get started, you got to sit still.

Unknown Speaker 7:24
Instead of doing you know, instead of doing doing doing till you turn into due to uni, you basically need to sit down and do nothing. And sit with the ache that you might feel in your heart. And sit through that because stefarr behind it, like not a hair’s breadth behind that is what I’m talking about, huh? It’s already within us. It’s not like we’re not creating this, we’re not inventing this, we’re not jacking it up. This is how we’re made. This is how the universe after 14 billion years, created human beings but other plants and animals as well. So we were created with all that in us. But we go out automatically through our senses. Because when things change, we have to assess is this good for survival? Or do I run?Or is it irrelevant? And do I just ignore it?

Minddog 8:17
Are you talking about simple meditation? Is that what you’re talking about? When you say go in or introspection? What? What exactly?

Udo 8:25
Whatever gets you out of your head, and a little deeper than your emotions, into the energy and awareness that are the source of life? How do you know when you’re there? You spent nine months in your mother’s body in that place. It’ll be it’ll feel completely familiar.

Minddog 8:43
Okay, but so I guess I haven’t ever read that because I have done a lot of meditational a lot of introspection. I mean, I spend hours and hours on, you know, on a routine basis of introspection looking inside. But I guess I’ve never reached that place because I if you say I would recognize it, I haven’t. But what do you mean by introspection? Thinking about myself thinking about how I can improve think about what what

Udo 9:11
can I stop you? You’re thinking?

Minddog 9:13

Udo 9:13
exactly. And, and, and you don’t get there by thinking you get there by unthinking you get that by not thinking about begins where the thinking stops.

Minddog 9:24

Udo 9:25
part of you, but you all you’re thinking is just in your cortex. Right? rest of your body is not thinking there. Yeah. Your body occupies because you will find that in the space you’re occupies. But it takes time. Very good at going in. We’re really good at going out and going out is automatic and going in has to be delivered.

And the thinking is counter counter intuitive. I guess it’s not the way we’re built.

It’s not the way we’re trained. Right? Yeah. And the way we start is by sitting with the uneasy Feeling in our chest? You know what I’m talking about?

Minddog 10:03
Oh, yeah, I just did it.

Udo 10:05
Yes, you call it blues, you call it loneliness or you call it, restlessness, emptiness. It’s your driving force, sit with that it’s uncomfortable. And we like don’t like to distract ourselves from it because we don’t like to feel it. And I’m saying no, sit with it. That’s your starting point for your journey out of your head. That’s your journey. journey. That’s your starting point for the journey to your heart. That is your starting point for discovering the amazingness awesomeness and magnificence that lives and can be experienced in the space that your body occupies. Always there. But your your focus of awareness is hardly ever there. And I’m not picking on you, this is true for the why we’re screwing everything up on the planet is because we never go to the place where we feel fulfilled, when you feel fulfilled, and you feel peace, because you’re because that peace is there. And you feel unconditionally loved by the life that that runs your body that that you are when you feel that you live a different life, and you create different stuff. Because that will come to expression. But you got to go there first. But okay, but now there are there’s, and I hear what you’re saying. And, you know, believe me, I’m not taking any of this la like it’s personal, I recognize the personal stuff in it and stuff that I need to work on in. And as far as turning off that thought process inside. You know, meditation is supposed to do that and calm me down and stuff.

Minddog 11:43
And I used to be a lot better atgetting into like, an alpha state in meditation 30 years, 30 years ago than I am now. I don’t know because my brain is going constantly, and we talk about what that thing is in your chest. For me, I think it’s more anxiety than anything else. There’s so much I want to achieve. And so much I want to do and so little time to do it in. And yeah.

Udo 12:10
And why do you want to achieve all that?

Minddog 12:13
So having some kind of legacy that said, to say, when I’m gone, there was something somebody will remember me for something positive. You won’t care? What when you’re gone, you won’t care? No, I won’t. But I want to be able to make sure that that that’s still that something after I’m gone.

Udo 12:32
Shut up. So you know, I’m going to contradict you this I’m really having fun I okay, like you Okay, so that all of that stuff that you want to do because you think legacy if you have a good legacy, somehow you’ll be content or you’ll be one or you feel okay. Yeah, well, yeah. feeling okay. doesn’t come from legacy feeling. Okay? already exists feeling okay. It comes from going to or feeling okay already lives inside of you. And then your legacy will become bigger.

Minddog 13:03
Part of it is feeling like I almost owe the world to leave in a better place than I arrived. That’s part of what you have less peace now than you did 30 years ago. You’re actually leaving the world of worse place. Yeah, then you could have 30 years ago. So maybe what you’re how you’re trying to make it better? Isn’t isn’t? Isn’t that isn’t right.

Udo 13:27
Maybe you really just need to stop. Maybe, you know, sometimes it’s kind of it’s kind of like, we want to fix the environment. So what can we do to fix the environment? You know, what COVID has shown us? We all got blocked down. We couldn’t drive. We couldn’t do all that stuff. sudden, the air is cleaner. The dolphins are back in the in the canals in Venice, right? If we want to fix the environment, we need to do less. Not more. Yeah, I agree. And we’ve thought I had it. Right when COVID COVID. For lockdowns first started, I had an author on who was an energy expert and talked about how we’re even within a month and a half of the lockdown while the environment started to clean up and you know, and animals were coming back to back to visibility and stuff like that. So yeah, I’m talking to you want to leave live a better legacy. You want to leave a less dirty legacy. That’s the same idea. do less, huh? Less, but be more. And we think that everything that we do, it’s about doing we’re such doers. We’re supposed to be human beings, not human doings. And if you think about it being is actually more important than doing how do we know that? Because you can be without doing but you can’t do without being. So being is your foundation. If you don’t if you if you can’t get if you don’t get to be and you live without foundation. Right? Then what the hell are you going to do? Who pays the bills for you? Just being

Unknown Speaker 15:00
No, but I’m not saying just spend your 24 hours a day being okay. But I but you’re willing to dedicate life to the toilet, and to the end to the bacon and eggs or whatever it is you eat, and to doing your job. And what I’m saying is, in order to live a human life, you have to dedicate some time, will you simply sit down, shut up all your distractions.

Unknown Speaker 15:26
Get really still see how still you can become. See how deep you can go into that stillness. See how long you can stay there?

Unknown Speaker 15:35
and discover what you find in that stillness. What will you see there? What will you hear there? What will you feel there?

Unknown Speaker 15:43
And that’s called, and that’s called self discovery. I’m gonna give this a shot after the show.

Unknown Speaker 15:50
And then how likely Can you breathe?

Unknown Speaker 15:53
And can you slow down your breathing? I fall asleep though. I will fall asleep if I feel burned out. You fall asleep? Because you need rest? Yeah, so go to bed earlier at night. I don’t I don’t. That’s that’s a big part of my problem. And so I know what you talk about it, you know, a whole holistic, you know, approach to, you know, health in general. But sleeping is a major part of it. And as a man, because this is anxiety, this thing he talks about it. I lay down at night, the voices just don’t stop. I mean, I’m talking to myself all night long. Yeah, tomorrow about yesterday about today. Yeah, yeah, it’s always about tomorrow, or yesterday is the present moment. It’s never about the present moment, right now. I know anxiety Really? Well, I became afraid of flying at one point girlfriend dumped me. I got a fear of flying, right. And I realized, you know why? why that was happening. You know, there’s always a what if in anxiety, what if? What if? What if, what if, so I was doing that and I was imagining crashes, instead of safe landings. Even though most planes most of the time land safely. There are practice once in a while, but there’s a whole lot more safe landings and crashes. I was always imagining the crashes and not imagining the safe landing. And I would call that that lack of discipline. Wow. reading my mind, run wild.

Unknown Speaker 17:27
And you and the way you tame your mouth, your mind is you bait you basically step out of it. And you step into a feeling the feeling of yourself the feeling of life. And from there, you can direct your thinking, you can you know, because I can say oh my god, everything’s gonna go wrong. And with the same amount of energy, say, Oh my god, everything’s gonna go right. Same amount of effort, but a different focus and a different deliberate direction. You know, I recognize everything, the truth and everything you just said, I know you do. And but also, I recognize the fact that it’s easier for me to see that and counsel my wife when she does it, like You’re overthinking this, you’re always thinking of the worst possible outcome. You know what, why, but when it comes to myself, I don’t practice that same. Because anxiety is always about imagining the worst possible outcome, and assuming that’s going to happen. And then when, when everything goes to hell and just crashes. It’s never as bad as you imagined. Even even if you get the worst possible outcome. It never matches the fear that you had. And not only that, how old are you? 6264 62 years, most of the things you worried about never happened? Yeah, right. Absolutely. Yes. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I’m

Unknown Speaker 18:46
making all this crap up. I just say, Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 18:52
Who owns this? Yeah, I guess, tell you, if I say to you, hey, whose body is that? It’s my body. My body. You know, you’re just busted yourself. You’re not the body?

Unknown Speaker 19:06
Is my body you are you own the body? Just like you own a watch or whatever. Whatever you own. You own the shop. Right? Right. You’re not to show. That’s right. You own the show. The show is your property.

Unknown Speaker 19:19
Is your property. So who are you? That is the owner of the body? Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
I don’t know about that. That’s a tough one I have to see. And my inclination is to think about that. And you tell me tell me about the things you know, okay, so I’ll make it easier. So you don’t

Unknown Speaker 19:38
know who who owns your body is life. Our life you’re not the body.

Unknown Speaker 19:45
And that life is solar energy. That solar energy came from the sun on the planet got trapped by green leaves.

Unknown Speaker 19:56
Excited electrons they reacted with electrons from other ad

Unknown Speaker 20:00
For molecules, the sun, the solar energy is stored in those molecules in the in sorry, in the bonds in those molecules, those become your food, you eat the food, they get broken down in your body. And there’s the sun, solar energy that you live on, that’s who you are. And your solar energy in human form, just like the trees outside your house, your solar energy in tree form. And just like the animals, your dog is solar energy and dog form, wow, solar energy comes through food. And the food provides both the energy, the solar energy that runs us,

Unknown Speaker 20:42
and the building blocks for, for building the machinery. So the focus needs to go from the body and ideas that you picked up out there that aren’t even your own ideas, needs to go to the energy that you are. And more you get to know that energy more you are in your power, more you get done. Because you actually spend less time doing, but you’re a lot more organized and you don’t redo things because you’re you’re spaced up.

Unknown Speaker 21:16
And I’m paying you all the time, just so you understand.

Unknown Speaker 21:20
Just as much this is my experience just as much. And and I’m just picking on you because

Unknown Speaker 21:29
I actually pay your generosity. I actually like it. I mean, I always make the show about myself all about myself anyway. So

Unknown Speaker 21:39
is this more science or more Moore’s spirituality? Or is it a mix of both? What the what I just told you about the solar energy is a science part? You know, we figured all that out by studying science. When you bring your awareness, your focus of awareness, because right now your focus is on me. Right? Right. It’s not really on yourself, it could be that your focus was on yourself and me. But you haven’t practiced that. So you’re probably you’re not as good at it as you could be. Right? And I’m focused on you quite quite a lot. Right? when I, when I bring that focus back to the energy, the solar energy, that is life, that’s when I get into the so called spiritual realm, right? All of the Masters talked about that energy, all of the Masters mastered

Unknown Speaker 22:38
presence in life. That’s why they could heal. And that’s why they came up with wisdom. And that’s why people love them, because life is unbelievably loving and attractive. And the people who didn’t know how to go there, would then follow these guys, because they were doing the homework. And the followers were not

Unknown Speaker 22:57
what they and what the Masters I said, do your homework, what is your homework, come home to yourself, become good as good at coming home to yourself as you are going out there. And when you do that, then you will experience what I am experiencing, out of which comes the wisdom and the insight

Unknown Speaker 23:17
that you like so much. When you listen to me.

Unknown Speaker 23:21
And your 8 billion people have that same Master, whether you call them Buddha, or Christ or life or solar energy doesn’t matter what you call it, but that same, that same energy is in every human being no matter what race, they are gender, they are age, they are culture that come from religion, they have

Unknown Speaker 23:40
all independent because this is biological. Okay, and, and going into subjective. And the science part is more like looking at it from the outside objective.

Unknown Speaker 23:51
It sounds simple, but it’s not easy. Is it?

Unknown Speaker 23:56
A You know what? The fact that you say it’s not easy, is what makes it hard for you. And when I began to sit still, I would say that to myself, man, this is hard. And it’s hard. But you know, I thought it was hard because I wasn’t used to it. But one day, it occurred to me Geez, am I just talking myself into making it hard? So I said, You know what, I’m gonna say every time I before I sit down, I’m gonna say this as a snap. This is really easy. And the moment that I changed how I thought about it, it became easy.

Unknown Speaker 24:25
I was actually making it hard by judging it to be hard by assuming it was hard before even did it.

Unknown Speaker 24:35
Do you get very far that way? Right. Do you cut off yourself from all these outside stimuluses? Like television, internet and all that kind of stuff? I mean, how do you how do you because if you try to sit still in a quiet space for a couple of minutes and your cell phone is is is in within 10 feet of you, that’s just a distraction right there. It’s gonna ring something’s gonna happen or, you know

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Television, always all these devices we have in our lives of bring us back to the clutter and the noise. Well, maybe they do. And maybe they don’t. First of all, you can turn them off. And I don’t spend all my life not listening to television,

Unknown Speaker 25:17
what I do is I take a time, deliberately take a time of my day, to sit still and not answer my phone and not turn on my television and not get into the 1000 distraction. But you don’t even need 1000 distractions, you only need one. So even in the old days, when they didn’t have all of that they got distracted too.

Unknown Speaker 25:38
It’s a deliberate thing you have to do.

Unknown Speaker 25:41
If you want to master what the Masters Master, if you want to master being your presence in life, then there will be no greater legacy you can leave than actually living in mastery of your, of your own existence. Well, I have a chicken and egg question for you. Yeah, because you’re talking about getting your mind right. But I know a lot of what you what you teach, and it’s about nutrition and fats that are good for you and all that stuff. So what comes first? Is the mind come first or the nutrition stuff to get your body and mind in a place where it’s with chicken and egg? Which was great, what a great question. No, what a great question. Because here’s, here’s how it is and this is from experience, your body could be completely wrecked, your thinking could be completely disorganized, your

Unknown Speaker 26:39

Unknown Speaker 26:41
social group could be completely dysfunctional, and your environment could be a disaster area. And the energy that his life would not be affected by any of it. And the awareness behind it would not be affected by any of it. And the in the inspired creativity, that is the shine of the energy out of you would not be affected by any of that. But your mind will be your body might be your your environment might be and your social group might be and your emotions might be. But suddenly the core of your being is not affected by any of that, you know, like your the awareness and your life energy will never get COVID.

Unknown Speaker 27:26
In fact, we will never get sick of anything and it will never die. You cannot break down something that has no form. Energy has no form. Right? But it’s a presence. And you experienced that form was present in that formless present. presence is your foundation, because that’s where you come from. That’s who you are, on your deepest level one with God, if you want to be religious about it, okay, there has to be an experience not just a, you know, a head trip something you repeat something you’ve eaten something we tell people. Interesting. So I think I heard my essence the core of who I am is not going to die. That’s correct. So what do I got to worry about being unhealthy for I’m gonna live forever.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
Your body won’t live forever? Because what has no I don’t want it to.

Unknown Speaker 28:18
And you Well, good luck and Alan,

Unknown Speaker 28:22
you know, in and yet what has formed will lose its form and illness effect that affects the body. And of course, it affects the mind because the mind is all made up to like, thoughts are also forms.

Unknown Speaker 28:36

Unknown Speaker 28:39

Unknown Speaker 28:40
again, I think about a lot of stuff to think about, because I am going to be processing this conversation deep, deep into the night because I generally work till 3am anyway, so I’m going to be thinking about this. So if you start thinking about this, you should go and take a cold shower.

Unknown Speaker 28:59
In your head. Well, I live in my head so much. It’s just I’m conditioned to, you know, first thing in the morning, I’m filled with anxiety, thinking about a million different things. What I got to do today what what I got to do, it’s always about doing it definitely is about of course, but here’s the thing, you have your anxiety and you’re obviously giving that some attention. But next, you know right next door to your anxiety inside of you. Lives your peace. No anxiety at all. Not possible. Why don’t you give that at least given equal time with you? You know, I do have peace in my life. And it oddly enough, it’s when there’s a lot of chaos.

Unknown Speaker 29:41
It’s when I’m on stage and when I’m playing music and I’m not the I’m not the center of attention. Somebody else is the front person and spotlights almost always on them. And so I’m kind of just doing my thing. That’s my that’s my greatest piece of my life and

Unknown Speaker 29:58
I play guitar but

Unknown Speaker 30:00
In the band, but I play a lot of different instruments. But yeah, it’s not even so much about connecting with the instrument. It’s just, it’s being part of something that is working together to produce music. Like, doesn’t matter what instrument to play. But that’s, that’s also for you a way, a way of meditating. That’s your meditation. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. But But if your guitar breaks, then it’s harder to meditate. So it would be really nice if you could go there anytime you want it

Unknown Speaker 30:30
at will, and not need a crutch for doing it. But it’s not. But does it work? Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 30:38
Yeah, and you know what it’s not it’s definitely not having the instrument it because again, I play instruments at home. And in playing by myself. And in a room by myself, it doesn’t do the same thing. It’s being on stage. And there’s, yeah, and this is part of it, too, is I, several years ago, I had debilitating sciatica, I could not walk, I could not all day long, I could not get out of a chair. But somehow, I made it to some gigs crawled up to the stage, late on the stage, in agony show started, I would start in the chair one song into the show, I’d get out of the chair, be up and then moving around the whole show pain free. As soon as the music stops in the show is over, back into agony and just and totally debilitated again. And so the music is also healing for you. Right? It’s It’s everything. For me. It’s like I’m in a different different dimension, a different life, a different, different place, spiritually and physically and mentally, completely. When I’m doing that, and it’s, it’s not the music. It’s the, the position of being onstage and being in a room full of people that are enjoying it. And it all kind of denticles saying to the same thing. It’s like almost like serving people. Yeah, yes. Okay. I know, people who use smoking as a meditation. Wow. And I figured that out Monday’s like I had a I had a friend who we were working in health, and she smoked. And I said, Why do you smoke? She says it calms me down. So I told my son, and he’s a fitness trainer. And he said, Well, that’s a lot of BS. Because when you when you smoke you your heart rate goes faster, your breathing gets faster, you know. So then I started you know, I love I love those contradictions can then it’s like, Okay, well, why, why is she feel it’s, it’s making them more peaceful, when in fact, her body’s going faster. And I and the reason why is because they take this, the cigarette, you light the cigarette, and then you go like this.

Unknown Speaker 32:48
So what they’re doing is the number one form of yoga, following your breathing. And they think they need a cigarette to do that, when they could just forget about the cigarette. And they could every time they get a little anxious, it could just go.

Unknown Speaker 33:05
Because you when you when you do that, you go out of your head and you go into your breathing, and there are no thoughts in your breathing. And the moment your thoughts start, you the moment you step out of your thoughts, you become calmer, because nothing goes as fast on this planet in the universe, as your thoughts do.

Unknown Speaker 33:25
Hmm. Yeah, that’s something that is common, I think, with every kind of addiction is that we’re just substituting that addiction or whatever it is to get us to that place. In my case, it’s, you know, the music thing.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
Yeah, the addiction. Like with addicts, they’re famous for having an ache in their heart, and they don’t know what to do with it. They don’t like it. And they’re told not to dwell on it, they, you know, distract yourself.

Unknown Speaker 33:56
And they medicated with drugs. And what I say to them is no sit with that ache. Don’t do anything with it, just feel it. Don’t judge it. Just feel it. Be with it. Because that’s your starting point for your home journey. And if you don’t want if you want, if you want except, you know, if you won’t put your feet in the blocks, you’re not going to get the gold medal for running the 800 meter race.

Unknown Speaker 34:25
You get in the blocks, because at any point, if you don’t have the starting point, you can’t do the journey. Because you know where you want to go. But you don’t know where you are. Then what direction do you take? Right? Like I want to come to where you live. Where do you live from Long Island, New York, New York. Okay, so I want to come and see you but I don’t know where I am. Right? I’m gonna find you. You would never find me.

Unknown Speaker 34:49
You make sure of it.

Unknown Speaker 34:53
I I’m deep in the woods, my friend.

Unknown Speaker 34:57
point is the point is I wouldn’t find you anyway, that’s one of the

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Wherever you are, I can’t find either, right, buddy. And if I don’t know where I am, and where I’m going, then I’m basically going to go around in circles. Right? If you want to do a journey, you got to be clear about your starting point. And you got to be clear about your goal. The starting point is the ache in the heart, when you feel that you’re already out of your head.

Unknown Speaker 35:20
See, because now you’re focused here, there’s no thoughts here, you can go and think about your heartache. But that’s what I’m recommending against, right. You just feel it, you feel what it feels like. And what it is, if you strip it down from all of the stuff, we talked about it, when your heart aches, it’s your heart, calling your focus, to come back home. Inside to its source in life, which is where you were when you were in your mother’s body.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
him out in the world and our senses took us out into the world. And we forgot that we ever had a place to come home to and then we try to fix on the outside. What can only be fixed on the inside? Because they could disconnect is on the inside. So your legacy on the outside will not fix that. No, definitely won’t. Your butt your butt you bringing your awareness back home inside to its source. We’ll fix that. And then you’re there’s no anxiety in that place. You cannot have anxiety in that place. Anxiety cannot live there.

Unknown Speaker 36:28
I’m not sure about this, my friend.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
I know you I know. Yeah. But as you as you’re talking, I’m thinking about you, you’re back in the womb, right. And I know, I know for a fact that when I was in the womb in utero, life was a very stressful place. I know this for a fact. Because I know my my parents, and they’re both batshit crazy. My father was a madman, I mean, a true madman in every sense of the word. And that and that I’m not blaming him. I know. I know, he had good point. But he was also when, and my mother smoked and drank and was in fear of him a lot. While she was pregnant with me, I’m sure that was an incredibly stressful time for me.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
But But let me tell you what wasn’t stressful, there was nothing to do. There was nothing for you to do. There was no place to go.

Unknown Speaker 37:21
All your feed feeds and your needs were taken care of, to the extent that, you know, right. I was getting hired smoking cigarettes, my mom was drinking and smoking.

Unknown Speaker 37:33
And you might have gotten a little bit of a little bit more stress on some of those habits that that’s true. But so nothing to do nowhere to go. Everything taken care of and relatively safe. Not like being in a hay horse drawn hay wagon with people. No,

Unknown Speaker 37:52
no, you win.

Unknown Speaker 37:55
But, but outside life is more stressful than inside life. Right? Even if your parents were batshit. Crazy. Right. But so getting back to a place where there was absolutely no stress. I don’t know if I could do that. I but it certainly can minimize it. Absolutely. There is a place in you that is 100%. Free of stress, you promise

Unknown Speaker 38:19
part of your makeup. But it’s a little deeper than you’ve gone. And you pretty much admitted that at the beginning. Yeah. Oh, I totally admit that. And but is this a good conversation? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:34
I know, we have people in many of the chat rooms that some of them know me. And I you know, I wonder if they would agree with you that I have this place of inner peace. Right. And people who know me know it, because I know human nature. I spent my life studying this, both scientifically and experientially. Oh, well,

Unknown Speaker 38:59
I there are a couple of things I wanted to talk about. And it all has to do with this. But I wanted to ask you about this thing called the god molecule quiz.

Unknown Speaker 39:10
You know, the God Particle of the Higgs boson I was so excited for that to be discovered. Once it got discovered. I was like,

Unknown Speaker 39:18
Well, what

Unknown Speaker 39:21
I want to know about the God Particle because it’s it sounds exciting, but I don’t know about it. So please, educate me on God and God is not a particle.

Unknown Speaker 39:30
Let’s get that one straight. Now, even though I call it a god molecule, omega three, I’ll tell you why I said that.

Unknown Speaker 39:38
God is life. We talked about that. Right? Right.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
In molecules stored in the bonds, solar energy, but when you experience it subjectively, inside then that’s the that energy is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient in you. And that’s a definite

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Have God all power in you all presence in you, and, and all knowledge in you. Because you’re because life knows how to make a body, all you do is you stuff, crane. And then once you swallow, your job’s done, something takes over it digested, it breaks it down. It takes it to where it’s needed in the body. How does it do that? How does it know that? You know, we don’t even have a clue, right? And takes all of that. And then it replaces parts and the whole thing happens 98% of the atoms in your body are removed and replaced every year. So that means if I talk to you next year, you will only be 2% of the person I talked to today, right? That’s why healing is possible. That’s why a lot that’s why healing is possible, because your body’s always turning over.

Unknown Speaker 40:48
So the god molecule is, what is the molecule that is natural to your health? That has the most energy and oxygen? No, no, no, because the energy is created when oxygen reacts with other molecules.

Unknown Speaker 41:06
And in that process, the molecule is broken down. And the the solar energy is released. But I’m talking about how the the most sunlight, the most solar energy stored in a molecule is in omega threes. I did not know that. Yeah, fats have more energy than carbs. I think if you do high school chemistry, you know, carbs at four

Unknown Speaker 41:31
calories per gram fats of nine calories per gram. But the ones that have double bonds in them, the fats that have double bonds in them, which the omega threes have the most double bonds, they are the highest energy molecules of all of our nutrition molecules, that does two things, they give you more energy if you optimize their intake. And the second is they spoil quicker than, than anything if you don’t give them the care. They’re damaged by light by oxygen by heat, you know, oils can you can put oil on a cloth and leave the oil lying in a you know, confined space. And that that that rag with the oil in it can burst into flame as the as the oil is being oxidized.

Unknown Speaker 42:17
No, I did not know that. This is very it’s a very cool thing. So as you have to be careful when you put rags in garbage buckets, because sometimes you end up with the garbage burning, right?

Unknown Speaker 42:31
So does it matter where you get omega three from I mean, if you get up because I know they sell it in stores and capsule form.

Unknown Speaker 42:39
I have a problem with with pills, supplements and stuff like that never sat well with me. And I had a health guy health expert on several months ago and sent me a lovely gift of this kit of pills and stuff that were going to make me well probiotics and all that kind of stuff. And it was like 13 pills three times a day was insane. But it got me sick. After a week I was just feeling like I had all consistently sick for a week. And then I psychic who was on the show wrote to me and wrote me a letter out of the blue and said whatever was going on with your house, I think you’ll be fine as long as you don’t try any kind of crazy fads with you know, dietary supplements and stuff like that. Well, that’s enough reason for me to stop.

Unknown Speaker 43:27
You stopped because he agreed with you because you thought

Unknown Speaker 43:30
exactly I wanted to stop anyway, I just

Unknown Speaker 43:34
matter where you get them. But what is important is that they’re not damaged by light by auction and by heat. So when you make like when we make oils, we have very tight processing that protects the oil from light oxygen and heat, which damage damage the very rapidly from the time they’re closed in the seed where they’re protected because nature’s packaging is pretty good. To the time they’re in a brown glass bottle in a box in the fridge. Nitrogen flushed. So while they’re being pressed while they’re being filled, while they’re being filtered while they’re being settled.

Unknown Speaker 44:10
During all of that time, you want to have a really tight system so light oxygen and heat can damage the oil or you go to the source of sources. flax is the richest source of omega threes that is easily available if you put that in a blender drink or shake or something like that. I don’t know if you’d go that far even but, but then you you break up the seed because you have to break it up otherwise, if you eat the seed hole, it’ll go through you and you can plant it in and still grow. So you infection from it. Well sound like very

Unknown Speaker 44:43
well yeah, I didn’t have to chew it or you have to let something else to it for you got to Yeah. And as long as they are in their natural state and haven’t been damaged. It doesn’t matter where you go to get them. But there’s not that many you know, but if you if you’re eating

Unknown Speaker 45:00
There’s very little omega three in a potato. Right? So there are only certain foods have omega threes.

Unknown Speaker 45:07
And so if I, if I start taking Is there like a recommended dosage at how much you should get, I mean, it’s hard to know what I should just like, pick out on omega three, anything can get us all day long. Yeah, if you Well, if you, if you get, if you get two grams, which is not very much, you are already going to get some benefits we use, we use quite a bit more, we use maybe seven to 14 grams, we use it in oils, you know, I, I’ve created a method for making oils with health in mind. And omega threes need that method more than any other oil because they’re more sensitive than any other oil. So flaxseed oil, it should be in glass. If you put it in plastic, the plastic leeches into the oil, then you end up with plastic in your body. probably not a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 46:01
And or you eat the seeds that they come in. So you get the flax seeds. And you and literally you chew them up, and they stick between your teeth because they’re quite

Unknown Speaker 46:12
slimy fiber on them. For you too, by the way, but you know, but maybe he might not like that, then if you don’t, then you put it in a in a blender. And with vegetables or whatever it is you can put in, you know, whatever you do Eat, eat it and put it in your favorite food and just lose it in the food. You know, you just reminded me, I guess I’m really suggestible to these fads and stuff. But

Unknown Speaker 46:39
my cousin was having an operation, done a colon operation. And he said, The problem was, he wasn’t getting enough fiber in his diet. So I went crazy, because I got afraid that I don’t want that happen to me. Yeah, I started doing this heavy duty fiber diet. And that that was the best time I had felt. I don’t know why I stopped it. But I was feeling great on this extremely high fiber diet for about a month or so. And then for some reason, I just stopped. But that was the best I had felt in years. When I was on that thing, I guess. We in North America, we get about 11 grams of fiber a day, we’re supposed to get about 30. And the people in Africa who live on very simple Whole Foods, mostly plant based diets, they get like 100 grams of fiber, and no colon cancer. Wow, there’s a very, very strong relation with the fiber and colon cancer.

Unknown Speaker 47:37
And so we could be eating a lot more. And one of the best sources of fiber is flax. That slippery stuff is all fiber. Yeah, that’s what I was eating in wood. That’s what you were talking about flaxseed oil. I was like, yeah, that’s when I was on it. And I don’t know why I stopped. I was feeling great at that point. Nothing. Maybe you maybe you don’t deserve to feel good. Yet that.

Unknown Speaker 48:00
I think there’s some truth in that whether whether it’s a real deserve or just a belief deserve. Yeah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 48:09
obviously, the life didn’t say you don’t deserve it, because life would recycle us. If it didn’t think you were worth living, right. You were chosen by life to be alive. Yeah, I think that’s the best the best chooser and listen to life instead of listening to the people or your own ideas about not being worthy, while I’m trying to learn from everybody I have on this program, including yourself. And so a to what you just said, Yeah, but, but I had to talk to somebody who believes in rebirth or reincarnation a couple of nights ago and said, basically said that I chose, I choose life. And I chose this life before I was born. So you know,

Unknown Speaker 48:54
that you were life choosing to be born? Right? I was a body. Right?

Unknown Speaker 49:01
Is that true? Well, you know, it’s a it’s a, it’s a theory. It’s a theory. I don’t want to close my mind to any anything. But I am a skeptic about everything. And so I questioned everything. And so you know, it’s hard to know, when you talk to so many people who are experts in this and experts in that and it’s hard to know which path to really take sometimes. Of course, yeah. Yeah, it’s that’s the biggest issue. Yeah. Experts have a lot of agendas. I know that right. And then you and then, but you know what life has only one agenda, which is to take the best possible care of your body for as long as possible. With very little help from your from your brain.

Unknown Speaker 49:48
Right? Yeah, well, life, life and nature don’t have agendas like people do. So I always go that direction. If I want to know how something works or what I should

Unknown Speaker 50:00
do ask life.

Unknown Speaker 50:02
Look at how it was a nature before we got civilized.

Unknown Speaker 50:07
Because life created health in nature. And when we live out of line with our own nature, and with nature, we cannot stay healthy. Because the whole system we have for health, the genetic system was made in nature to adapt us to live in nature. And then you look at how far have we gone away from living in line with nature? That’s where all our problems come? Well, can we go back? And the reason I say Can we go back to living in nature’s I think we’ve poisoned the planet. Last night I had a guy on Who was he was educating me on the Pacific garbage dump all the plastic that’s in the

Unknown Speaker 50:49
Yeah. And so and I live in an area where

Unknown Speaker 50:54
there’s a nuclear power plant right outside my back door, there is a Plum Island where they did all this experimentation on different biological weapons and bio hazards and all that stuff. And the water here is contaminated. And so I’m like, yeah, back to nature. Sounds great. But is it even possible at this point? Or as time? Totally the planet? If you’re a deer, if you were a deer or ferret, you would move? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
Absolutely. And, and so the idea of not moving away from places that are not not livable is another human, funny human social idea. Right? Animals don’t have that idea. That’s a bit.

Unknown Speaker 51:44
That was a Sam Kinison bit, the comedian who said about hunger move to where the food is

Unknown Speaker 51:52
exactly what hunger is trying to tell you.

Unknown Speaker 51:56
And so and so it’s, it makes sense, we, we’ve done a lot of damage to the planet.

Unknown Speaker 52:02
None of it came from loving life.

Unknown Speaker 52:07
A lot of it came from fear, some of it came from anger, you know, finding enemies, defining enemies, trying to be you know, any, in the end, it all comes back to us. You know, I sprayed pesticides for three years before I got poison. I was bringing them out. But then I was walking around on what I had sprayed, right, and then I got poisoned in a way, you know, I, the, the, there’s a sentence, a crude sentence that sums up every environmental issue.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
If you shit in your nest, you will nest in your shit, right? And that’s a fact. And then we do, the cleaner the environment will become so every when when people come and say, Oh, do this and do that. And somebody wants to put calcium carbonate in the atmosphere and block, you know, if you’re going to do anything plant trees,

Unknown Speaker 52:58
because they make summers cooler and winters warmer, right? They, they they are like a, like a filter for extremes of weather and temperature. But generally, most things you want, you want

Unknown Speaker 53:15
to help the environment do less, you know, if 8 billion people sat and did nothing, sat on their Fanny and did nothing for all day, meditating, or at least not acting on their thoughts. If they just sat there and did nothing, nobody would get killed.

Unknown Speaker 53:35
You know what I mean? Yeah, I wish there would be no car accidents, you know, the less we do.

Unknown Speaker 53:44
And we do way more than we need to do, the less we do, the better the environment is going to be great. Well, water is cleaner than I’ve ever seen it in, in my lifetime, right in some places.

Unknown Speaker 53:59
The the the

Unknown Speaker 54:02
the porpoises are back in the canals in Venice, the dirty air over over China is clean. You know, the the colors are brighter. The water is cleaner, the water out here is so clean, I have I have never seen it that clean.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
We’re getting locked down and we have limitations on our movement. And we’re burning less gas and we’re doing less things. And frankly, you know, and when we I say when we can’t when you can’t go outside go inside. So we have more time to sit with ourselves and discover how incredibly rich we are by nature without any money without just by sitting there. Now do we still need to do things of course. You know if you’re going to really deep meditation I just about there. Oh boy. I’ve never done I gotta go pee right. So so so we are in a situation where we have the divine and the physical both living to

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Gather in one space.

Unknown Speaker 55:02
And we give the physical a lot of attention.

Unknown Speaker 55:06
And we give the divine very little. Yeah. And our lives are poor for that. I’m just thinking of the, I would love to add, I don’t know, if it’s 8 billion, I thought it was more like 7 billion. But well, however, you know what I said? 7.25 or so as a random number. You don’t know how many people fall through the cracks because crack of people is, you know, there are people in in the US that are not on the census. Absolutely. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:37
It’s worse, the idea of getting the whole world to stop, stop what you’re doing take a half hour or even just everybody do nothing at the same time. That would be a wonderful thing. But I think almost impossible, not almost impossible to get everybody to agree to because everybody’s got some agenda that they’re just not gonna. Sure. But COVID come closer than anything that I’ve ever not heard about in the past 5000 years, right? Right. But Homeworld lockdowns, not everybody following it. Not everybody is following it. But it really put people on notice. And a lot of people have taken more direction inward and are better for it. And that’s a good thing for the planet, it will be just an amazing thing to witness if we could even get a quarter of the world to kind of just sit in peace for half an hour. But, but the only one that you can get there is yourself. Right? So be before you save anybody else. Forget

Unknown Speaker 56:44
it for myself. But if I do that effort, then I will become a, I will become an influence in that direction. I can’t make anybody do it. But I will be an influence in that direction. And I will say things different than if I don’t do the practice. And I will act different than if I don’t do the practice. So at least in my life, I can live in peace in the midst of all the craziness,

Unknown Speaker 57:13
where peace lives within me.

Unknown Speaker 57:15
And I think that’s like that’s a very hopeful thing. We literally in the midst of all this can live

Unknown Speaker 57:24
lives that are fulfilled, that are rich, that are lit up from within.

Unknown Speaker 57:29
Because there’s nothing that can keep us from going to the heart of our being. I know early you told me you’re not an optimist. But that’s your sounds like optimism to me, but a realistic, I’m talking about how human nature is made. Okay, where we are short on time. And it’s something that you talked about, that I really, I think is an important thing for people to learn about. Because in these trying times, especially, I think loneliness has become a real major epidemic. And I know you talk about reframing loneliness to bed. And I think that that’s a powerful thing to end on tonight, if you can help us understand reframing. Loneliness is another word for the ache of the heart, from being self disconnected, which happens to everybody after they enter the world didn’t happen before when they were in mother’s body. But that’s part of the human process. Doesn’t happen to plants doesn’t happen to animals, but to human beings, we get disconnected. And loneliness is just one of those. So when you’re lonely, what’s the deal?

Unknown Speaker 58:38
You think somebody out there

Unknown Speaker 58:41
can maybe fulfill you, you know, when people say that you make me whole, no, if you’re not, if you don’t feel whole, within yourself, then you were going to go and get find somebody who maybe also doesn’t feel whole, she thinks is going to come from you. You think it’s going to come from her. I’m talking about my relationship.

Unknown Speaker 59:03
I have three kids and an ex wife. So when I saw the beauty in her, I said, Oh my god, there’s the goddess goddess. She saw me the same way. And, and so she thought her love was going to come from me. And I thought my love was going to come from her. But she couldn’t get in touch with the love to give it to me within her because she wasn’t connected to it. And I couldn’t get to the love in me, because I wasn’t connected to it. So if she can’t get to the love in her, and I can’t get into the love in me to bring it into the relationship, Where the hell is the love supposed to come from? Right? And that’s how that and that’s how that that’s what happens in those things. The loneliness is, I’m looking for someone to do my homework for you for me,

Unknown Speaker 59:47
and she can’t do my homework for me. So when people are lonely, it’s because they’re disconnected from themselves. They need to come home and when you come home, the loneliness disappears.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Because you are whole in your nature, but you got to, you got to sit with yourself to discover. And then when you feel whole, then relationship becomes a whole other thing because now you can dance No, you’re not putting a burden on her she can’t carry. And she’s not putting a burden on you that you can’t carry, then you can dance and you can do whatever it is that you decide to do when you hang out together, but it’s not going to be, well, I’m going to hang out with you. Because you fulfill me. Or until I realized that you don’t fulfill me, and then I’m going to dump you. Right? That’s what we do. That’s, that’s why it’s really difficult for a lot of people, especially people in the creative arts. Because sitting with yourself, we don’t want a lot of us don’t like ourselves. I don’t like I don’t want to sit with myself, because I don’t like the company.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
I get I get

Unknown Speaker 1:00:54
it, but you’re wrong about that. That’s a delusional thought that you’re having. Because life never said that. No, I know. If life didn’t think you were worthy life would recycle you.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
Like, so. So life, you’re here because life wanted you here. If you’re good enough for life, what what is the highest? What is a higher authority than life? When it comes to being here? Right? It’s not your mother’s not your father, you come through them. You don’t belong to them, you belong to life.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
And when life when life is done with you, they can’t save you.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:30
Right, great message. I wish I guess the website is who do you know, what is? What is the first step for people that engage with you? Is there like a consultation? What I mean that people get started working with you. Okay, I have two websites. One is budos That’s where the products are I work with, with oils, enzymes, probiotics, probiotics are very useful for health.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:55
I know you

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
were on the list of

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
very, very. So that’s one and then the other one is Udo Erasmus calm, and we do some courses, and we do some educational stuff. And I’m on Facebook, and I have a YouTube channel and I’m on Instagram. I’m not hard to find. Okay, well put on. And I can go just about anywhere on anything that has to do with health, which is like, everything affects health. Yeah, I know. We don’t have enough time to cover everything that you talked about. Health, nature and human nature. Yeah, I appreciate your time. And we will put all the links in the description to make it easy for people. And so it’ll be nice. Let us know. And we’ll, we’ll promote you and like you’re promoting us straight love about podcasts. Yeah, we too. Well, I appreciate your your time here. And I gave me a lot to think about, get out of my head

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
is what I have to do to process it. But I am going to give given practice, and then see if I can accomplish what what you suggested, which is kind of going inside. Yeah, if you want to see the thing about the practices, you have to want to do it. See I can give you different practices. But the issue you have to have to want to do it. And if you recognize that that your heart ache, is your heart calling you home, and and meditation is a tool to bring your awareness home, then the meditation makes sense. If you don’t understand that, then you do a meditation. That’s boring.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
Why Why should I do this? Yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
Like, it’s like hunger makes food have meaning. heartache makes meditation of meaning. Beautiful stuff. Well, thank you. I wish you great success. And please come back sometime.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:45
I’ll continue this conversation a little deeper. I’d be happy to have it here. You’re a great guy.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
Thank thanks for coming and have a great night. Bye for now

Unknown Speaker 1:03:56
with our estimates, folks, and the links will be in the description. I’m sure you found this an interesting conversation. Hopefully you learned something here tonight. And hopefully you’ll give this a try to this idea of sitting with this thing that’s in your chest, whatever that thing is, whether it’s loneliness, anxiety,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
anything, you name it,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
and just trying to be quiet with it and sit with yourself. It’s a difficult thing to it’s an easy concept, difficult thing to undertake. For a lot of us and for me, essentially again, because as he mentioned, it’s something I tell myself the life isn’t telling me this but I don’t like the company.

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I know myself too well, I guess. Anyway, I’m gonna give it a shot and I hope you do too. I’d love to hear what you think about this program tonight. Write to me info at mind dog info at mind dog tomorrow afternoon when we have tomorrow afternoon at 1pm speaking of doing

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I can’t even pronounce a name that Natalie plum plamondon Thomas will be with us and she’s a business success coach,

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host and owner of Think for yourself that can think yourself calm. Anyway, that that’s our show tomorrow at 1pm. Eastern and then tomorrow night, we’re starting something new, which is going to be calling to open that open line. So you can call in and talk about tonight’s program, if you will, or talk about anything that happened to be on your mind, or any of the programs that we’ve had in the last week. We’re going to be doing this every Thursday night. So tomorrow night right here calling from 8pm to whenever probably we’ll probably have an extended program tomorrow night. So until then, I’m Matt nappo for the mind dog TV podcast. Thanks for coming. Have a great rest of your night and bye for now.