Month: October 2023

Tom Segura: Lost Soul Punching Down

Bullies bring out the worst in me.Tom Segura is a classic bully who is more than likely the product of bad upbringing. Shame on his parents and family for producing such a pitiful excuse for a man.

I realize that most of the world has no idea who Tom Segura is (a few million more than who know whom I am though). Onless you’re very much into stand up comedy, you wouldn’t. Oh, maybe if you were a convicted pedophile child-rapist, you might remember your old buddy Tom, but that’s another story altogether.

Segura is faly out a shitty person. He takes joy in punching down on people who arew less fortunate than he is. The more tragic your life is, the more he wants to pile on. His greatest joy is telling homeless people that they don’t deserve to live.He seems to believe that if you lose your home that you should lose any and all property you have. There is a undeniable disdain and lack of empathy for feelow human beings.

Note the clip from Rogan

When this episode was first published, in 2022, many fans defended both Rogan and Segura as “only joking”. In the year since, Segura has made it abundantly clear that he was not joking. The “poors” as he calls them. are “worthless pieces of shit” and they don’t deserve to live.

See My Video Rant About This:

People have asked why I’m doing this and have suggested that I’m trying jump on the anti-Segura bandwagon to gain visibility. No doubt, there is an element of truth in that but it’s not mostly true. To be sure I would love more attention on my show and my youtube channel, but I don’t care about the bandwagon. I believe a bully needs to be called out and that’s all I’m doing. I’m not trying to cancel him and have no illusions that his fans will hold him to a higher standard.

I’m almost 100% certain Segura will never be made aware of this and 100% certain he wouldn’t respond to it if it was shown to him. A decent human being would react because the charges I have made go way beyong calling him a narcissist. I’m alleging that he is a full blown psychopath and void of any empathy at all.