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Dr Rev. Jelly Rolle will be taking your prayer requests and offering healing through the cosmic comic connection.

    Dr. Rev Jelly Rolle

    rev Rolle

    The Dr Rev Jelly Rolle, PhD., DDS., ADHD, MCMLIX lives in Westminster, MD with his wife Imonna Rolle, his two kids Cinnamon and Jelly Jr., their cat Tootsie and their dog Stopdroppen. The Reverend has studied Comparative Religions, Metsphysics and Spiritual Science in the tradition of the Theosophical Society. He is a published author (articles/poetry/limericks) and is adept in the healing arts. His traveling Faith Healing Extravaganja has left people feeling things.

    The Church Of The Last Resort

    Airs live Sundays 9:00am EST with live interactive chat on most platforms.
    Call on with your prayer requests, testimonials, confessionals and offerings.

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