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Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you planning to launch a website but feeling overwhelmed by the numerous web hosting options out there? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Selecting the right web hosting service is crucial for the success of your website. In this guide, we will walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing a web hosting service, ensuring that your website is fast, secure, and always available.

1. Determine Your Website’s Needs

Before diving into the vast sea of web hosting providers, it’s important to assess your website’s requirements. Consider factors such as the type of website you’re building, the anticipated traffic volume, the need for e-commerce capabilities, and any specific software or programming languages your website will require. By understanding your needs, you can narrow down your options and find a web hosting service that caters to your unique requirements.

2. Reliability and Uptime Guarantee

When it comes to web hosting, reliability and uptime are paramount. A reliable hosting provider ensures that your website is always accessible to visitors. Look for a hosting service that offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9% or higher. This means that your website will be up and running almost all the time, minimizing potential downtime and ensuring a smooth user experience.

3. Speed and Performance

In today’s fast-paced digital world, speed matters. Slow loading times can frustrate visitors and negatively impact your website’s search engine rankings. Look for a web hosting service that utilizes solid-state drives (SSDs) for faster data access and offers content delivery networks (CDNs) to distribute your website’s content across multiple servers worldwide. These features significantly enhance your website’s performance, ensuring quick loading times and a seamless user experience.

4. Scalability and Growth Potential

As your website grows, you need a hosting provider that can accommodate your

Surprising Ways To Save Money On Software

💸💻💰 **How to Save Money on Software:**

1️⃣ **Research and Compare:** 🔎⚖️ – Research different software options and compare prices – Look for open-source or free alternatives – Use online comparison tools to find the best deals

2️⃣ **Look for Discounts and Promotions:** 🎁🎉 – Sign up for newsletters or follow social media pages to get promo codes and discounts – Check for student, academic, or non-profit discounts – Bundle multiple software products or services for a lower price

3️⃣ **Opt for Subscription or Pay-as-you-go Models:** ⚖️💰 – Consider monthly or annual subscription plans to save money in the long run – Only pay for the features or services you need with pay-as-you-go models

4️⃣ **Consider Open-source or Free Software:** 🆓💻 – Look for open-source or free alternatives to paid software – Check online repositories like GitHub or open-source communities for recommended options

5️⃣ **DIY and Learn New Skills:** 🛠️🧠 – Learn to use basic software tools instead of purchasing expensive ones – Leverage online tutorials, courses, or forums to acquire the necessary skills

6️⃣ **Group Purchases or Volume Discounts:** 👥🤝 – Join group purchasing initiatives or co-ops to benefit from volume discounts – Collaborate with friends, colleagues, or family members to purchase software together

7️⃣ **Consider Refurbished or Used Software:** ♻️💻 –

Check reputable sellers or online marketplaces for refurbished or used software – Ensure the software is in good condition and comes with a warranty **Remember:** Saving money on software doesn’t mean compromising on quality.

With a little research and smart shopping, you can find reliable and affordable options that suit your needs.

#SoftwareSavings #TechTips #MoneyManagement #TechDeals #SoftwareChoices

How To Live 101 with Andy Andrist

The Strongest Man I Know Delivers A Holiday Message

Andy Andrist has been through more than it would take to break most people. Every one of us has had some hardships and trials to deal with. Andy has had more than his share and then some and maintains a sense of humor, combined with a sense of purpose to face life”s hardest challenges in a way that should be a lesson to all of us.

Andy’s family back story includes nightmares of pedophilia, rape, a severely disabled father, hard core drug use and alcoholism, career disappointments, economic hardship and enough drama to fill an entire season of Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer combined.

One week prior to Christmas, his daughter was the victim of a smash and grab burglary, resulting in being robbed of presents intended for her students and having Andy’s car window broken with damages not covered by insurance deductibles. Merry Christmas. 3 days later he was diagnosed with having one of the more challenging cancers to treat. He handled it all with grace and his unique brand of dark humor.

On Christmas eve. he joined  me for the morning show to talk about his situation and how he is focusing on being at his daughter’s wedding as motivation and inspiration for beating his current Goliath. I am proud to know this man and call him a friend.

Oh and, he happens to be the single funniest comedian alive today.

Like most independent entertainers and normal workaday folks in the USA, Andy’s healthcare coverage only covers him when he doesn’t need it. The last thing he needs in his battle with cancer is stress about going deep into debt. Please help ease that burden.

Use Venmo or Paypal to send directly to


matt nappo 1:02:56
Where were we ah, there he is. He’s got some very close up thing going on. It will say Oh, whoa wait.

Andy Andrist 1:04:45
Holy fucking yeah the angle 30 pounds to your flannel.

matt nappo 1:04:51
is gonna say you look like you’re playing Santa nail. You swallowed Andy Andrist, Santa.

Andy Andrist 1:04:56
Yeah. I keep this I get the hat out for Do I do sort of like what you do for Christmas Eve, I haven’t done it for a few years. But it started as like a pitch on the man show is like, Let’s deliver a beer to the homeless. Like, it was like, you know, the beginning of one of the wars, and was sort of a, you know, timely pitch. And they know, they, they came up with every reason why we, you know, like, like, for instance, what if one of the host gets picked by a homeless guy? Well, if it’s Rogen, it’ll be fucking great TV.

matt nappo 1:05:31
I don’t know, I saw it on fear factor, and he was trying to break up a fight and he looked like a pussy, to be honest with you.

Andy Andrist 1:05:39
I doubt he would be like, down with get bit by a homeless guy, you know. Now, he just takes some horse medicine and he’d be fine. back then. So I don’t know, it was a few years after the man show. And now the you know, the pitch was going to, we’re going to deliver beer to the homeless, and then the idea grew. And then we’re going to like give them you know, disposable cell phones, they could call family, it turned into it would have been a pretty nice idea. And it never would got past the lawyers. So I was home and I had a bunch of shit beer, you know, leftover from summer, whatever. And I got it all in the freezer. And I went around and handed it in, I got a bunch of like the whiskies and you know, any booze that had been stored for a while that I wasn’t going to use fucking homeless people will, you know, they’re not going to go, oh, I can’t use this cooking brandy. No thing so but it was kind of a It was cool. And I did it, you know, it’s just gonna drive and and, you know, it’s, it’s like every red flag you could put up the, the cool part was she was getting out and hand and beard it you know, they think, oh, it’s gonna be somebody with a toothbrush and some soap or like, Hey, man, you want to get fucked up? I got some beer and some shots. And you know, and then I did it for years. And then I started adding food to it, thinking well, I’m getting camera shots and all the you know, I’m kind of exploiting them for my own entertainment purpose. So I pizza. And, and you know, so there’s like families or you know, there’s kids that are homeless and aren’t ready to start drinking. If your

matt nappo 1:07:20
Carl made the point this morning, and I agree that what do people for if you can’t use them for content, but the point about homeless people will take anything was made. I think last summer when you were handing out tuna fish sandwiches in the middle of the summer with no refrigeration after like 24 hours.

Andy Andrist 1:07:35
Well, those were the ones those were the ones they wanted what they you know, they cuz if you’re homeless, you’re already fucked. So you might as well get food poisoning, and call it good. Or as James James, my friend put together peanut butter sandwiches, which, uh, you know, if you’re homeless, you can put that away and have it, you know, the tunas. And I think this is why they were more popular is the tuna you just eat right away. Like, you know, I was presenting it and James was the one who had the idea and peanut butter sandwiches. And then I was like, fuck that. I’m gonna upgrade and go, Hey, would you rather have a peanut butter sandwich or a tuna? And they’re all almost all of them said, Yeah, tuna.

matt nappo 1:08:13
Wow. Wow. Well, good. You know, and that’s great that most people would think well, that’s just he’s just being kind of making fun of the situation, but you’re helping out and you. Yeah. humanitarian effort.

Andy Andrist 1:08:28
In fact, on that one, we really didn’t get many, you know, pictures. I went to this I got all these cans. You know, I haven’t been to the you get 10 cents a can and sign up, throw him away. I just bagged him up. And I had like six big garbage bags full of them. And thinking, well, maybe I’ll use some of this to finances pizza, homeless? Nah, fuck no, there’s these twin brothers. They’re like 6263 Even they’re just lanky fucking guys. And they work a grid, picking up cans. Like you’ll see one up here and the next street over the other one and they kick ass as far as you know, if you’re gathering cans you don’t like these guys, because they’re fucking the Trumps of can gathering and Trump’s the bad. You know, the Trump’s aren’t good at anything. So that’s not even the apt, but why would

matt nappo 1:09:21
they be Out Stealing cans from homeless people just need them just to make sure you don’t get anything

Andy Andrist 1:09:27
technical, or they run the machines where they cash them in and take the money and, you know, send the dog out. But so I’ve done that I’ve given this guy like a few bags of cans before I don’t know their twin brothers, so it could have given them to his brother, but a few years ago, and the guy just made me feel great for the fucking gesture. You know, it’s like, here’s, here’s 60 You know, dollar 60 And he’s like, but I gave him you know, probably 50 $60 worth of cans yesterday. And in the fucking guy, you know, he fucking squeal. You know? is just so happy and you know about it. And then you gave me a hug, I took a picture of, you know, the two of us, and I can’t, I’m not going to post it because I don’t want to say, Hey, I, you know, but it just, it just that gesture, you know, I had those cans, I didn’t really want to take them in, but I also knew, you know, there’s, these fucking guys will appreciate it. And some say they smoke crack, or crystal meth. And the teeth on this gentleman would suggest that, you know, they definitely some hard times or whatever. But if I’m out, you know, living on the streets with my brother, picking up cans, that’s just like winning the lottery. So when his brother shows up, they’re like, you know, they gotta go, I think you can only get $35 at a time. So they probably take them and you know, shifts and work, or kuntang or whatever. But at the end of it if they smoke, some crystal meth and that gives them a little, you know, rip and a happy buzz on the holiday, then fucking mission accomplished. Those guys aren’t gonna be here forever. And neither Meyer, any of us and it’s like this fucking disconnect between people like that train picture. It’s just some people. It’s like a humanity test. Some people see Oh, my God, these people are fucked. And you know, I don’t think I could live around a big homeless population like that, because I got fucking walking empathy.

matt nappo 1:11:22
But in LA, for the mantle, you had to live in LA, right?

Andy Andrist 1:11:26
Yeah, yeah. And it’s just like it was. Yeah, I brought one guy. I forget how. Anyway, I brought one guy into the man show a lot. Like, oh, yeah, we’re pitching it. You know, like, this is my actor I’m bringing in and I just let him use the facilities. You know, like, you know, and I think I call down wardrobe and got, you know, so they come in shave him wash him. I didn’t, you know, he did all that on his own. And then I just called wardrobe. And let’s say, you know, hey, we’re working on a thing. We need a pair 32 under underpants and some pants. And I do those kinds of things. You know, I usually like help somebody at someone else’s expense.

matt nappo 1:12:05
Yeah, my wife had a thing where she would and she still wants to do this a lot. bringing it home with people. Oh, they’re only going to stay, you know, till they get on their feet. Well, that ends up being a year, two year three years. And then they rob us. And, and we call the cops on him and the cops are mad at us for taking them in. Like basically, what Yeah, homeless people, what do you expect, you can’t be bringing these people in your house.

Andy Andrist 1:12:31
They weren’t born. They weren’t. I mean, most, for the most part, most of our born homeless, right? And regular people, and they just got fucked up along the way are like these brothers. You know, it’s like, I’ve been intrigued with these guys for years, like, you know, like me and my brother gathered cams back in the day, and he’d fucking rip me off and we’d fight. And eventually, both of us gravitated towards other aims in life. But like, these are twin brothers, they probably they look like they could have been athletes back in the day. I’m sure their parents didn’t see him going into fucking gathering up cans. And but if I was their parent, at least I would be like, god dammit, you guys are the best. You know, if they smoke math, it does not interfere with their fucking in fact, that might enhance their ability to get cans. You know, somewhere along the line avoid stop coming home for Christmas. And they, you know, they do what they do. And hell I you know, I I’m not going to judge anybody. I mean, if I was out on the streets, I would be looking for fucking quick. Hi.

matt nappo 1:13:39
Oh, yeah, I would I don’t know. Especially here. I mean, if I was on the streets, I would be in Key West. That’s the immediately go down, man. Yeah, you

Andy Andrist 1:13:51
want to Well, you want to go to the warm miss most liberal place you can find and that’s why a lot of them are in LA. or San Francisco or whatever. It’s, you know? Yeah, you know, I’m intrigued by you know, Midwest homeless. It’s like goddamn when health you know, yeah, I would have a sign that says need a bus ticket. There you start building incrementally but just me walking Cago Milwaukee being homeless in Milwaukee is like Fuck yeah. You know,

matt nappo 1:14:23
and scary thought holy.

Andy Andrist 1:14:27
Yeah. Yeah, he wants you know, you walk around with fucking brown feet. You know, fucking your hair gets all dreaded out. And you might just be a completely mentally unstable low life but Keywest you might get also be accepted as a fucking guru. You know, there’s so many fucking Ritchie’s there, you know, takes us one or two of them to to finance a sidewalk Jesus.

matt nappo 1:14:56
Well, I was just thinking I could probably walk into Westbeth but Oh, Baptist what is Westboro Baptists? And tell them I’m the second coming and they might even believe me. Yeah, I’m here.

Andy Andrist 1:15:09
Yeah, I went by that church. And there was a, like, I think there’s a Dairy Queen, something I saw excited to, like a woman with one leg, a big moo, moo. And she ordered food up there and ate, what she couldn’t, you know, like the she had an ice cream cone and bags of food. So she jammed the ice cream cone, and then did a wide swing around with her leg, the wheelchair and the bags, and you know, kind of, I didn’t order anything to eat, see, and hurry filled me up. And then across the street, there was a group of kids protesting tobacco. I was like, it must have been an off day or whatever. But it’s like, you know, they just like it’s, it’s part of their whole fucking thing. What are we protesting today? I don’t give a shit. Just hand me my sign. I’m against it.

matt nappo 1:16:01
You got to be pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel when you get to tobacco these days?

Andy Andrist 1:16:06
I know. Yeah. But it was like a group of kids. Like, they don’t give a fuck, you know, kids bought, you know, it’s like, you got to go back about 10 years to have kids who are genuinely genuinely upset or concerned about their parents smoking maybe 2030 years ago. You

matt nappo 1:16:25
know, I don’t want to make light of your situation. But you mentioned a homeless guy hugging you any concern that you’re already dealing with some health issues, and that might be not the best

Andy Andrist 1:16:39
for you? I haven’t, you know, I don’t know how I feel about the homeless and their backs, you know, but I did not ask for a VAX card. I should have said, Hey, man, you’ve been boosted. And I’m not talking about that shit. You inject yourself? The real shit? No, I didn’t. I thought about that early on. Like I have this a case called hobo Danny around. He calls himself hobo Danny, and I’m not sure what happened to hobo Danny, I think he may or may not have disappeared. And somebody went into his account, but early on in this thing. He saw me down there. And he’s like, oh, you know, I had a mask on. He goes, You’re not buying this bullshit. Are you? And I don’t know, man. And he. And then he wanted to smoke weed with me. And I was like, usually that would be fine. And maybe not. No, but yeah.

matt nappo 1:17:31
If it’s that kind of situation, I will roll you one and roll me one now.

Andy Andrist 1:17:39
Right now, for a while I had like that, you know, alcohol wipes by my pipes. Like

matt nappo 1:17:50
Did the doctor give you any kind of you can’t smoke weed shit or no?

Andy Andrist 1:17:55
Well, if you don’t ask, I don’t you know, like, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

matt nappo 1:18:00
Ask them Oh, quit. Yeah. Merry Christmas.

Andy Andrist 1:18:04
Christmas. Yeah, I feel like no one I did a lung scan. That was the last thing I did a couple like, early this week. And, boy, I’ve never been more nervous about test results in my life than okay, they’re, they’re taken. So far I got this cancer or what they’re calling a cancer and it’s in one tiny spot in my bio duck. But they’re taking a look at my lungs. And the lungs are the ones

matt nappo 1:18:33
I get it, man this

Andy Andrist 1:18:36
ship. And so, you know, she called up and I you know, I just kind of took it as Oh, she’s saying I’m fucked. I go, oh, god damn it. No, really? And she goes, No, no, this is good news. And I don’t even you know, she’s like, we did your lungs. And there’s, you know, there’s no I think she said there’s no malignant, you know, there’s no, whatever, but I just heard, you know, I was expecting the worst. So I just really, you know, because if my lungs or if there’s cancer anywhere else, you know, I’m gonna I’ve got a I haven’t started it yet. But I have a wish list for hospice. And if I find out I got cancer anywhere else, it’d be better to just get them the list early. Because some of that wouldn’t be hard to find. You know, horse tranquilizer sure ketamine and, you know, all the usuals but I might want to explore down the list a little.

matt nappo 1:19:33
Yeah. And call Rogen quickly and say, you know, what do I need? What do I do doc?

Andy Andrist 1:19:38
human growth hormones. You got anything to sprout hair up?

matt nappo 1:19:43
Well, that’s great. If you get a lung scan and the worst news they deliver is Oh, you got to switch to Indigo from sativa right.

Andy Andrist 1:19:53
And I have I have done a little that just so for, for sleeping. And I sleep all right. I or whatever but it’s like you know I haven’t really embraced that difference between I’m a sativa guy and I don’t get why you know but now that I want to just shut some shit down yeah indica is great I got an indica edibles and even a couple of green green indica buds

matt nappo 1:20:19
I’ll be honest with you, I’m thinking that I’m wired backwards with the sativa indica stuff because I get the opposite of what I’m supposed to get. So I’m I get with tea because I want to get creative and write music and stuff and all it does is put me to sleep I get the Indigo stuff and then all of a sudden I’m getting green Yeah, I’m like hybrid is the best bet for me.

Andy Andrist 1:20:43
I don’t run into it as much anymore but it used to just fucking infuriate me to go to a pot store. I know what I want. I know what today is the deals and all that shit and then somebody who’s like you know need to marijuana 101 class you know, what am I gonna feel? Is this one gonna, I’m looking for you know, and then they’ll go this little give your body like you know, just this one will take the edge off of my suicidal thoughts. So could you please get the fuck out of my way? You know, body high shear. This one. This one will really aid you know, if you’re writing a screenplay. This one will really punch it up in a green jar, you Fox Well,

matt nappo 1:21:29
this is kind of a one of the reasons I’ve obviously so most insignificant reasons, but you got to stick around because I am working on a screenplay that kind of you gave me idea for it. I was going to make you a executive co producer when I get a deal for

Andy Andrist 1:21:45
well, it’s easier like Rocky Sylvester Stallone stole a lot of this other this book club boxers story. Right and it probably would have been better for him if the real rocky had died. All right. Yeah. I come up with all of this. I forget the guy’s name but yeah, yeah, check. chaotic. You know, Chuck should assume Sylvester Yeah, it’s good. That’s pretty amazing. Like he took he took this guy’s you know the the beats of this guy’s story and turned it into a fucking movie franchise and never gave fucking Chuck anything.

matt nappo 1:22:26
Yeah, he was doing church tours. Chuck at camp. What’s nurse something like that? Yeah. But he was doing church towards giving inspirational talks about his how we and they were building him as the real rocky.

Andy Andrist 1:22:40
Right. Yeah, like there’s that real Kramer know what a fuckin sad thing that is. Touring in support of being a fucking footnote.

matt nappo 1:22:55
The sign I never saw the sign before the signing of the issues with Andy it looks like it says Dr. Seuss with Andy. Is that new? I never saw that before

Andy Andrist 1:23:06
it’s been up there. I don’t know how to frame my shit and Shaylee goes it looks at when I first read moved over about four feet. Shaylee said it looked a little busy because it worked for you. Like it’s you know

matt nappo 1:23:21
you look perfect today like I’m sure Charlie’s gonna be saying well the lighting was perfect. I know what the hell

Andy Andrist 1:23:27
yeah, I know I haven’t I have a heat dish and then the lights askew but it’s yeah that morning. I don’t know they they timed it so that I have either fucking direct sunlight in my face. Or you know darkness so yeah, if they we I say we do it in the morning.

matt nappo 1:23:45
Your call is coming back in for considering everything you look fucking healthy man.

Andy Andrist 1:23:51
Well that’s what uh that’s the fucking Stan you know cuz my liver was getting fucked with all this whatever and so I was kind of in liver failure and there are no liver failures. Their liver to do a lot more than others and then they fucking burn out.

matt nappo 1:24:12
It’s all a learning curve for you. It’s all a journey and a learning experience for your liver I find that there are two liver failures they all do like all of us they just learned

Andy Andrist 1:24:23
at first your liver fails I don’t know your thoughts

matt nappo 1:24:28
so that that show you did way way you got hammered. That tended to be a kind of a blessing

Andy Andrist 1:24:36
was kind of a hidden suicide attempt. Because my liver was severely fucked people around me were noticing that my skin was yellowing and and and then the guy says you want to do a shot and yeah and then not only did I want to do that when I wanted to revisit my fucking alcoholic roots and and go all in. So yeah, I got fucking completely blackout drunk fell that you know, it’s like, okay, yeah, you know, it’s like, you gotta You gotta listen to, to least the fucking basics. Yeah, okay my skin, like I could Google yellowing skin and find out I was having liver problems, you know, but and I don’t I’m not even sure I want to count that show cuz if I don’t do another show is that my last Oh god,

matt nappo 1:25:23
that was my same thought like no, this is the reason you have to beat this just to do another show to get more

Andy Andrist 1:25:29
or just jump on an open mic on this week’s but yeah, I did it open for Billy Wayne Davis and I’ll go ahead and count that as my last thing, if that’s what you know if I don’t get better or whatever, but I you know, it sounds sounds like I’ve got a pretty good odds of, of, you know, continuing this drama

matt nappo 1:25:51
on I have a good feeling about the outcome of this thing. But my point is, if you hadn’t done that and hadn’t crashed really hard at that last gig, you probably wouldn’t have gotten to the doctor and probably would not have discovered this until later. And that makes my chances worse.

Andy Andrist 1:26:07
Well, I think I was in the process to I don’t I don’t remember where I was, but I think I was at the very least had the MRIs scheduled and stuff. But, you know, yeah, bad, bad, you know. So it’s kind of fitting to that I would do a show for about six people and then fall down blackout drunk in front of, it’s like, that’s kind of a bookend with my career. That’s how it started. I forget there was a town and maybe billings or so town in Montana, where they really just didn’t care about the opening act or really anything but they just wanted to see the opening act should hammered. So they kept sending shots, and I did them all. And I remember closing with a gun, I’m gonna fucking puke and I ran to the bathroom. So I guess it would be a nice book and

matt nappo 1:26:57
yeah, we can’t think of that. But I do have some good news for you because and I know a lot of people gonna be like trying to be played doctor who never went to medical school and all this stuff. But I actually know some doctors who are very prominent and have worked in with the Whipple procedure. Yeah.

Andy Andrist 1:27:17
And I don’t like something that would happen in like a like some roller derby. Shit. Mr. Whipple, the whip. You know, the big fucking hogs. Grab the skinny girl and flinger into somebody else. That’s what it sounds like the whipple surgery in a maneuver. But yeah, and I talked to Coach, he’s an opera head coach of Auburn track is a friend of a friend. And he, he had the surgery done. He had every symptom, everything, every procedure and every symptom that I’ve had, and he sounds a lot like JB Smoove and buddies, I’ve heard he’s a religious guy, and you know that, but I had a good conversation with him. And he’s like, and I kept expecting a motherfucker. He was like, we are that we lucky ones. We are the lucky ones. Let me tell you that we the motherfucking lucky ones. It helped. And I think I said she at some point. And then I was like, oh, yeah, that’s just cuz he sounds like JB smooth. He wants to hear me, me go on, like motherfuckers really, you know, they’re gonna remove that motherfucker out of my fucking bio. Part of my fucking this. But he had all that done about two or three years ago. And, and, you know, he made it sound like, you know, no big deal, you know, go in there and he he’s a bit of an Exaggerator so he was like up in a couple of weeks. I’m like, okay, maybe a month, a month and a half. But it was comforting to hear somebody that had just gone, you know, gone through it and, you know, is on either side of it and doesn’t have diabetes and any of these other things that you know, came up in the discussion,

matt nappo 1:29:03
right? Well, it used to be a tough thing but now they say it’s so precise that the the only the biggest concern is going to be you afterwards making sure you behave yourself and don’t rip because that becomes a really you know, a tender area and you can’t do anything physical and you got to you know, not go out and piss in your yard in the middle and or even

Andy Andrist 1:29:25
know coke. I’m not going to ask him that. But uh, yeah,

matt nappo 1:29:31
somebody there to make sure you behave yourself.

Andy Andrist 1:29:34
Well, that’ll just I think my kids gonna bounce in for a bit but I mean, it’s gonna it sounds like a long recovery and at least you know like laying around and shit so you know, try not to binge watch every thing that’s available right now. Because I figure you know, yeah, I am just going to be kind of like fuck on a shelf for a bit and and, you know, I envision like a fucking you know, cabin overlooking the mountains and snow dropping and stuff and artists on my fucking couch couple of cats trying to squeeze me out of my spot

matt nappo 1:30:09
you have Stephen King right your recovery that’s right

Andy Andrist 1:30:15
I definitely could use a fucking hobbling I gotta find that cable from my phone in a minute here, but uh, well, that’s I was trying to get on the computer and shit. But then I, you know, I’m a podcast so sometimes you got to jump on other shit. Right? But I know how it goes. And I got a few minutes of like charge here but uh, if I hop up and run in there, grab a cable and you can fill the air with Christmas thoughts.

matt nappo 1:30:46
You can do that I can actually sing a song. Alright,

Andy Andrist 1:30:49
yeah. Which I just heard a couple heard again this morning and last night and I’m honored sir.

matt nappo 1:30:56
You wrote it I just put the words in order every every word and that song came out he

Andy Andrist 1:31:01
Yeah, well. Yeah. And I was fucking Oh, they’re dead. I dropped out I dropped this but that fell into there but uh, I I was like that was when I first got the stand and I could eat again. And and then I like fucking for some reason I was just I needed macaroni salad. I went to a Hawaiian place a couple of times. And then I would go to the deli and you know nothing that makes you feel dirtier than ordering macaroni a tub of macaroni salad and I tried to go just a spoonful and then I got maybe a little more yeah don’t stuff at all. Okay, that’s good. And then I go home. And one time I woke up at like three in the morning and and I went to this the little fridge and I didn’t even have a spoon. I just started fingering macaroni salad and my face like and I don’t even really care for that shit. So that’s why I thought there must be some sort of white trash fuckin cancer that needs to have macaroni salad fed to it to lose it.

matt nappo 1:31:56
I was thinking you could because you’re a mushrooms in the mac and cheese type of guy. Substitute right now so

Andy Andrist 1:32:03
I guess yeah, I’ll probably do more starting on hallucinogenics a little bit next week or two just again well I mean it’s I don’t have any real thing anything to take the edge off and and here’s the thing about this is I had a few times where I got a motion you know crying or whatever. And then i i Go what you know thinking what am I fuckin Who am I crying for? You know my crying because I didn’t dying my it’s a surprise. Like I’ve known you know, in fact, I’ve had suicidal thoughts. Oh, shit. All right. I’ll be right back. All right,

matt nappo 1:32:42
be right back. We’ll see if we get him ties. I want to play this song. I’m going to hate to get fucking serious with Andy but it’s okay to cry for yourself is what I’m going to tell him when he gets back if he gets back. It’s definitely okay for that. I think we shortchange ourselves on it should a lot. Is this the one yeah, this is the one I’m gonna play the song. This is a song that Andy wrote. I put the music to it and didn’t know he was writing it. Linda Allen had said Andy wrote about the maca macaroni salad thing that he had some kind of low a white trash low rank cancer window read that into somebody’s got to make a song about write a song about this white crash low rank cancer blues and I took that as an assignment this is it.

Got the blue yellow, red and blue Job flow red cancer blue it ain’t no

Yay I had to do that everything gonna be alright, cuz I know everything’s gonna be alright. Yeah. Well, before I don’t want to keep you serious because I don’t want to get emotional here, just for your sake, but I want to let you know that it’s perfectly okay to cry for yourself, man. Um, you need to just fucking let it out. It’s the healthiest thing you can do. And I

Andy Andrist 1:36:48
you know, I yeah, I just I analyze everything so when I cry I’m like who am I? Is this for me? Why am I doing this to me? You know, I’ve had you know there I don’t have a big bucket list of things I’m hoping you know, like, I wish things had gone a little easier. But there’s no reason to fucking carry on but I think it’s you know, I mean, the first thing that popped in my head was Oh man, I’m not going to be here for my daughter’s wedding. And, and all that but we went and saw Ghostbusters and and now I can see that even if I can’t be at her wedding. We can just get the guy who was the warden and Shawshank to play my body and then animate my head. And it’ll seem like I’m right there.

matt nappo 1:37:33
Well, Chad’s got a no good taxidermist. No,

Andy Andrist 1:37:37
y’all Yeah, Chad

matt nappo 1:37:38
could stuff yeah, we can. We can have you stuffed and like oh, you my

Andy Andrist 1:37:43
boy. This is a dude. Nobody Oh,

matt nappo 1:37:47
it’s got a voice. Yeah, he’s

Unknown Speaker 1:37:49
a crooner. And yeah, that’s how I knew I was in sang was getting to me as I called him. I said nobody wants to hear your whining you can’t and I shoved him out of my room. Spent the last week make it up to him like

matt nappo 1:38:07
oh yeah, I know all about that kind of stuff. Those Oh, I feel regret now for for the way I treated you

Andy Andrist 1:38:16
see nigh on everything, it’s like 17 years old but yeah, I mean, you know, I’ve very rarely ever been to him. And I felt that’s all for a cat man. Yeah, and he he kind of all he does is shift it’s sort of annoying but I you know, he’s like my old man he I let him out in whatever time it wants to go out there and then I just go look for him a few minutes later with us spotlight you know Oh, he’s got he’s fucking you know he he goes out and he just stands there and he doesn’t you know it’s like I thought you needed to piss you or you know nothing

matt nappo 1:38:52
Wow, no, my cats my wife is the cat lady. And we we have half cat but if we let them out they’re gone for like two months. So we don’t let them out ever they don’t run

Andy Andrist 1:39:03
Yeah, always we’ve always had you know even my my well my family growing up we’ve always had cats and they’ve always been in and out. Yeah, they like my cat cats will go out and well not Mr. squishes anymore but the other one you know murder shit. And it’s a bummer but it’s you know, see a cat a little cat, carrion and big rat and then and then about 20 minutes later it’s on your lap rubbing up against your face and and I couldn’t do the rat thing even close to me, but it seems better once removed. I just

matt nappo 1:39:40
off the guy. Let me give you a hug.

Andy Andrist 1:39:43
Yeah, yeah, I know. I know all about the Black Plague.

matt nappo 1:39:50
Wow. You mentioned before you’re a podcaster This is a surprise to me. I didn’t know you have a podcast.

Andy Andrist 1:39:57
Well, I must think so. I’m on One.

matt nappo 1:40:00
Right. But the question and I know this is a small concern to you, but people we count on that podcast, honestly, to keep their mental health in check. Are they expecting one today?

Andy Andrist 1:40:14
Yeah, we got one today. And I, I think we, we, Erickson mentioned that we’re going back up on YouTube for a while. I mean, we’re just because we kind of pulled it and without any notice. And, and and then we kind of, we thought we’d do more clips and shed or whatever we did, we just kind of lost our audience on YouTube to kind of grow our Patreon. And right now, we’re going to just ask that Patreon subscribers, if that, you know if they can, they want you to continue on, but we’re also going to make it free for YouTube for the foreseeable future. And, and hopefully, we’ll carry on and it won’t turn into you know, Andy’s health crisis updates, because I don’t, you know, I don’t want to get in, you know, I know how that would be as a listener. So I don’t want to you know, but it is, you know, I talk about what’s going on in my world. And that’s kind of overwhelmed my, my thinking for a while, but, uh, yeah, hopefully, we’ll get back to some fucking, you know, some fun ribbing, and move away from this, you know, the scare I had, which, you know, like I said, I think I’ll be fine after the surgery. So,

matt nappo 1:41:26
gonna get tired, you’re gonna get tired of talking about it, because everybody’s so concerned about you, they’re gonna ask you about it every time they see you.

Andy Andrist 1:41:33
That’s why I kind of wanted to, you know, like, I call Doug. You know, I called Doug, one to lighten the mood in the car with me and my daughter, you know, and we weren’t, it was just, you know, I had Erickson was one of them. And on and you know, Texas, Erickson, he’s a lot more, you know, you know, into his feelings, or whatever. And, and she goes, was that Doug? And I go, No, no, and let me call Doug. And I called Doug and I go, haha, I got cancer. Aha. He goes, Oh, you want a podcast? And, you know, I thought I could either, you know, not say anything to, you know, to a bigger audience, and have people you know, hear about it through the grapevine. And then they’ll call you know, like I talked to in men a couple, you know, people will hear about it. So I’d rather be in front of it, and just say, I got cancer. And here’s what’s going on, then to get you know, to feel those phone calls where I, I don’t mind the phone calls. I just don’t want to inform you know, like, here it is, here’s what’s going on on it. You know what, just listen to Doug’s podcast, I cover the beats on it, and then call me back. But, uh, yeah, so it’s like, you know, it’s like anything, like if you get it Dewey, or whatever, and people hear about that, and then that’s all your conversations or whatever. So hopefully, you know, people can want to talk to me about stuff can move past those, you know, that shit and just, you know, whatever they need to tell me you know, however, however this like I heard from Travis Lipski, I haven’t heard from him for ever and and I didn’t know who it was for quite a while and you know, so it’s like, you know, when when you hear this kind of thing about a friend or somebody that you you like or remember, or whatever, you know, you do want to kind of check in with them and I don’t mind that because I really don’t have a whole lot you know, going on right now.

matt nappo 1:43:27
Yeah, you Doug sounds like he reminded the his reaction reminded me of a friend I had and he just passed away but my friend Jeff when I got caught my another friend had a mail order bride from Russia, and I would do an acoustic show and this mail order bride from Russia did not know protocol, and she was she took off her panties and was rubbing her vagina all over my bald head on stage and my wife got the pictures of it. And I was furious and I got caught you know what there’s a girl rubbing it on your head and I went over to my friend’s house I said Laurie found found out about the girl rubbing the twine on my head the first thing he did was he went and got a bottle of bourbon and in April and put it right in front of me so you know we don’t need to talk about this. Okay

Andy Andrist 1:44:15
yeah yeah, no no need to keep this drum all bottled up. It’s talking about a high rate of speed. Yeah.

matt nappo 1:44:29
So are you planning on like putting getting a lot of shows in the can before you think totally you don’t let your fans feel like letting them down but people need to hear from you.

Andy Andrist 1:44:41
Yeah, I think until January 20th. I’ll be feeling normal. Right I can you know, weed for a while I wasn’t getting high so I you know, I I still smoked weed but I just wasn’t getting high. Yeah. Change when I go This stent and all this other poison leaked out of my system. So I can definitely, you know, smoke weed and, and, and, you know, talk about shit that pops in my head and hopefully I won’t be like, you know, what was me you know, here’s another thing, you know, I think I think I’ve, you know, they’ve established I don’t have or at least to be a surprise if I have it in other parts, you know, they’ve done enough scan. So really, you know, it feels like, I get the surgery, it’ll save my existence. And, and and then that’s it, you know that, like, they’ll eradicate what was in there and then I’ll be like, you know, back to semi healthy human being. And also know that my lungs are clear. My livers clear. So no, on the other side of this if I want to really, you know, drink heavy,

matt nappo 1:45:56
no, no, stop right there. This is an excuse like to go 90 miles an hour everywhere you go through life now and just think,

Andy Andrist 1:46:06
what if my reputation like my reputation is I’m a fall down drunk? And I’m more of a lightweight, but what if, what if I get on the other side of this and I can really change people’s perceptions like, not only am I a drunk, but I can also drink a huge amount of alcohol

matt nappo 1:46:25
you got a bad attitude with the with the long term vision of how this is gonna go, you should come out expecting to be another world champion drug user, you should just do what you need to, to enjoy the experience without getting to the point of where you’re going to get yourself in this position.

Andy Andrist 1:46:45
Right? Well, I mean, you know, in one, two, though, I mean, like the weed that we have been smoking weed since I was, you know, a teenager. And pretty much, you know, escalated through the years I haven’t curbed it. It’s gotten more and more. So I was definitely surprised to hear that my lungs were okay. And that’s, you know, fucking big tobacco. I don’t

matt nappo 1:47:07
mind on I don’t I can hear the wheezing at night, right?

Andy Andrist 1:47:11
Yeah, and I was like, I don’t feel like I’m, I’m in shape. Like you know, I you were talking about the runs that five K’s and I used to do 10 K’s all the time. Or not all the time, but a couple three for a year. And then I did completed marathons and stuff and now I can hear myself breathing heavy to walk up to the mailbox. And fortunately, I fought the war on the mail. So that I don’t have to go down the hill and then climb back up. But um, it’s you know, I felt like, you know, there was a part of my body that I ruined besides my penis. I would say my lungs. Yeah. And I haven’t I haven’t ruined my penis. I’ve just made it stronger. For wind resistant.

matt nappo 1:47:56
I don’t know how you how you do that. But hypochondria is contagious, you know and so everybody hears you saying well my skin was changing color and I had Batman I had liver problems are the big one now is I don’t want people thinking because I got a bet because she said I wasn’t getting high and this has happened to me and I don’t want people just assuming that if you smoke a ball and don’t get a buzz from it oh my god.

Andy Andrist 1:48:22
Well, you might want to check the THC content you might have got CBD you know there’s like a troubleshooting thing you know, how are you plugged in? Okay, so Okay, well alright then my next thing is you probably have cancer

matt nappo 1:48:40
hypochondria definitely is the most contagious disease going I mean I hear things and I’m always I’m looking at my skin color now. Do I need to change the lighting or am I getting sick?

Andy Andrist 1:48:51
Yeah, yeah and I really didn’t even notice it you know and my daughter come home and you know said I look like one of the Simpsons which is the go to for any white man and he’s turned jumped this Yes, yes. We do look like Simpsons and no we don’t like to be made fun of please stop yellow hate directed at White people who have liver failure. Need a subset? You know? Yeah, we’re not Simpsons. We’re alcoholics. And

matt nappo 1:49:21
so what if there is any benefit to you being having to be concerned with your own personal situation right now? Is it distracting you from any all the bullshit in the news? And yeah,

Andy Andrist 1:49:33
I stopped I don’t give a shit. Good. I like Rachel Maddow is tidbits and you know her storytelling and I don’t give a shit. I’d still like to see the Trump’s fucking tortured or something. But, you know, it’s like, you know, it’s kind of I guess it’s like every man for himself. When you find out you’re, you know, potentially got something that’s going to kill you in, you know, a reasonable amount of time. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It’s like that and I’m in, I’m less likely to put up with shit from people. Like there’s a fucking hippie at this place me and my daughter, we’re waiting in line. It’s a real narrow, you know, and only probably two people should be in there waiting. And there was me and my daughter, we’re in there. And then this dude comes in, he’s like, joins the line. He’s talking to this young hippie girl, and he’s an old hippie dude. And he’s like, has a scarf and he’s like, just it’s not even about to go Hey, man. mask up, bro. You know, I mean, you know, it’s just, you know, I’m in a fucking bucket now. I can’t get fucking sick from this shit. And this guy was like, he kept talking up this girl and he just and I go, I go, I see your fucking nose Wavy Gravy. And then I go, you know, mask up, bro. That’s like, Here I am, like fucking confronting somebody on the ship. But I was like, you know, I gotta wear a mask. Everybody in here is wearing a mask. The people behind there. They got mask on. And this fucking guy thinks what he has to say to this. He said, It was like, I just moved to Eugene. But it just felt like destiny. Well, I live in Eugene and I didn’t want you to fucking change your destiny to get the fuck out of it. So I he stepped over to look at something and then both me and my kid wedged him out. So now he went from being second in line to fourth. And he just looked around and then he laughed, and he wasn’t gonna let it go.

matt nappo 1:51:27
But I’m gonna channel Erickson for a moment here. What he would say to you, I think and this is you definitely don’t need COVID But one thing you need even less than COVID is an ass beating from some white trash white dude. Yeah, you know?

Andy Andrist 1:51:45
Yeah. Walk away. And liver failure. Cancel my belly but I can still need an agent if he’s asked me you know you just grabbed a Husker that fucking hair that’s you know attached to a ball. How’s it even hanging in there anyway? Got a fucking bullet hanging from a bond spot I yard that down there it’s in and then kick. No,

matt nappo 1:52:13
no fighting because it’s not whether you can put a hurting on him. That’s not what I’m

Andy Andrist 1:52:20
what people fight cancer in different ways. And maybe fully fuckin hippie refuses to look out for my safety and other people’s safety. That’s fighting cancer,

matt nappo 1:52:30
right? I’m not gonna compare this to cancer at all. But I think you’re onto something there because I’ve had severe sciatica, where I couldn’t walk, and somebody pissed me off. And all of a sudden I was ready to fight them and get that adrenaline rush. And when it was done, the sciatica was gone.

Andy Andrist 1:52:45
Yeah. And this is off subject. But one time my, my daughter came back, she’s went to Colorado University, and she was at a football game and we were in I was wearing Colorado gear. She was and it was an Oregon Duck Game. Colorado, lose a close game. But this guy in front, my daughter two rows down, kept heckling back to her, you know, like I’m and then and he just won’t let it go. And then at some point, my daughter goes, What do you want to fucking fight me, you piece of shit. I’m a girl. And I was like, oh, so proud of her. And but then you have a you know, it’s like, when you say that you should have a plan. And you know, not that he would have needed it. But you know, because I was there. And I will fight anybody. If I have uphill position. You know, bleachers that you know, because I was already planning to throw a shoulder into this guy and knock him about six rows down. That’s how I like you know, I visualized fights like, you know, I don’t get in. I haven’t been in a fight and a long time. I can’t even remember, but I plan it. You know, like, they’ll grab that guy’s hair, shocking him down, kick him in the balls and then drag it. It’s like I was like four steps ahead. And this guy’s still deciding between vegan options. Wow. Uh, you know, don’t put that fuck I’m serious here.

matt nappo 1:54:08
I never had the luxury to plan it and I used to get into a lot of fights in the day and I thought about the number of ass kickings I got in my life. Add them all up. It would be I should be dead from the amount of ass kicking I can I yeah,

Andy Andrist 1:54:25
I didn’t. Well, I was a shitty or inattentive, defensive back. That’s the word for it. I was inattentive. And I didn’t always cover my guy perfectly or whatever. But you know, I had other shit going on, or whatever. But I played special teams. I love playing kicking team work and even kick receiving team. Because you could just that’s that and that’s how like if I was at a group of friends and there was going to be trouble. I always look for somebody not necessarily involved in the play. You know, somebody who’s like mouthing off but has a say had you know it’s like a sucker punches you know what I do like in in the kicking team, I would always deliver a big hit. And like the one the kind where the coach or watching film going that’s the way you hit. I was hitting a guy who was 30 yards away from the play and not watching it’s like that scene in waterboy

matt nappo 1:55:24
Oh, froze up. Oh, why,

Andy Andrist 1:55:30
and had no chance of getting hit and I would fucking level that guy not top or fucking the part of the play, but that’s how I would fight in a situation it’s like, you know, or anything is like I scan it look for the fucking the one that I could take down. And that’s who I’m going to fucking hit if it gets into it.

matt nappo 1:55:52
Well, I guess that’s the safe approach, but it never worked out that way for me. Before he talked I forgot I wanted to mention this today on the program, but you brought up psychedelics before, and the guy who called them before was with me 51 years ago today. I know this you know where you were the first time you took a psychedelic 51 years ago today we yeah, my did lie.

Andy Andrist 1:56:17
with some friends and cool a couple mushrooms didn’t really know what it was we went to like a Fred Meyers and, you know, I’ve learned that you don’t want for being high. Remember, like dogs that I could understand that dogs were communicate, you know, like I was really in tune with. Okay, that dog saying this and then the dog down the hills responded with that. And then he’s telling the dog down the hill that that was? And then I really do them again for years. I don’t know why they just said you know, we gave them to me. Yeah, and then I and then kind of as an

matt nappo 1:56:58
end up grabbing some Wi Fi troubles. Yeah. Anyway, 51 years ago today and

Andy Andrist 1:57:05
stuff in your head, just kind of, you know, demanding answers all at once or whatever. So you know, I now I can talk myself out of a bad trip and move. noodley

matt nappo 1:57:19
you know what, Andy, I’m going to try putting you out of the room and bringing you back in. Hopefully this works. We’re having some Wi Fi trouble here. Let me see if this works. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s better. Yeah, we were having Wi Fi trouble. I fixed okay.

Andy Andrist 1:57:32
Yeah. But, yeah, like I you know, so I like you as a kid. I, you know, that amazes me, like, you know, if I would have gone that route, I don’t, you know, because I like the exploration in the learning curve of how to do it, you know, and maybe if I had done it as a youngster, I wouldn’t have appreciated it, you know, but I used to think if I do any hallucinogenics it’s going to be I’m going to find a ledge and I’m going to jump off it. I’m going to freak out. I’m gonna cry and I’ve done all that. But now I kind of go get a hold of yourself, man. rein it in. And then I can have a good time on the other end of it, but it’s like kind of, it’s like kind of challenging your brain it’s not like getting it to me it’s like challenging your brain to to follow the fucking the light path and not get distracted.

matt nappo 1:58:20
Yeah, well, I haven’t done it since 1987, anything like that. But well,

Andy Andrist 1:58:25
this year this year, and I’m saying this year at Panamint in you know, maybe you’re in an RV, or whatever, but we’re going to do it up big this year to Panama and it’s a perfect place to do hallucinogenic for anybody but uh you know, for

matt nappo 1:58:43
me No, I wanted I offered to pick up Craig in Albuquerque this year. I was going to go this year I had every plan on going and I asked Craig if you want me to pick you up and he said I can’t I’ll be back with those guys. Don’t tempt me and I’ll be back on the horse I’m doing mushrooms with him

Andy Andrist 1:58:59
Yeah, well maybe you’re in a better spot now Craig

matt nappo 1:59:04
but if you got if you guys do it again this year I’m definitely gonna go I got talked out of it by people. My cuz my Yeah, I was gonna drive cross country and they like your age. You’re gonna drive I don’t want to fly. A mask on was not my thing.

Andy Andrist 1:59:20
Your age you can stop at any place and get discounts let me throw out my AARP card here and get a 15% off our breakfast. Yeah, you eat early. You go to bed early. You know? Yeah, I’d say traveling old is the way to go.

matt nappo 1:59:44
Yeah, that

Andy Andrist 1:59:47
nobody wants to wake you and arrest hurry to rape you.

matt nappo 1:59:52
That’s not true. I had a 96 year old lady told me the other night and I’m sure if she could do what I wanted to

Andy Andrist 1:59:59
do. You won’t find yourself Rest here in Topeka.

matt nappo 2:00:05
Yeah, so but the thing about Panama, I think you got a book now if you really want to get a cabin or something, because

Andy Andrist 2:00:10
No, when, whenever we decide is, that’s what creates the demand. You know, I mean, if we we say it’ll be this week that you know, because I think it would be a great sitcom to just to see the inner workings of the crew and what goes on there on a day to day because it’s fucking fascinating. I don’t think anything goes on there until you know, there’s a group like ours, and then, you know, then they fire it up. But I feel like it’s almost like a doormat, you know, like that. It’s like, when you go well, I went, I went into the Mustang or ranch or whatever, and how they, you know, it’s like, you walk in, and then they all show up and present themselves or whatever. But you know, I would like to be in Not that I’d watched that stupid show, the cat house or whatever. But it’s more interesting to me what goes on when they’re not out? You know, here we are. You know, I’d love to hear the interview. I know that show was they showed you what they wanted to show you. One time I was driving through back from probably Panamint party or Vegas and and there was a horror horror house. I you know, that’s a crude term for it, or whatever. That’s what it is. Yeah, it was a hoarder house. And they advertised showers for truckers and, and breakfast. So and it was like 430 in the morning, open 24 hours. So I went in and hung out and I had a great time just having coffee and watching the You know, the four o’clock shift complain about the morning crew, you know, they don’t even wipe to come off of the walls, or whatever. And then when the tired old hag, there was she was served the coffee and behind the counter. And then I go I think I’m gonna go the shower. And then she asked, like, threw us like a fucking raspy cigarette voice company. And I wasn’t sure if she was on, you know, like she’s bringing up well, maybe, or it was PR. Either way I declined because I you know, it wasn’t there for making love. Or killing time. You know, and then having a nice breakfast, but that’s, you know, that’s what I like to hang out for, you know? Oh, that one time I went to Florida strip club with Doug’s mother and the dollar store and we were hanging outside waiting for the pussycat lounge to open. And when it did, there is a chick with a mullet. A lot of bruising. not blaming, you know, I’m not saying her old man beat her ass, but she did. And she had the old school aerobics Reebok shoes on and she got up and had her fucking floppy tits out. While she was cleaning the like she removed her top to wipe the pole down and stuff. Damn it, you know and excellent. Imagine being in a more a better strip. You know, like, I’m not a gentleman. And I don’t buy into the Oh, the gentleman’s in in the VIP lounge. I want to see a chick who’d been slugged around a little bit wiping off the pole with sitting also had a cigarette. Dang. I was like, I don’t need to see the rest of the crew here. I’ve gotten everything I need out of this.

matt nappo 2:03:25
I’m pretty sure that’s a sublime song. Yeah.

Andy Andrist 2:03:30
Yeah. And parts of that weekend were told in one at Doug’s books. Mother was holding the cocaine and

matt nappo 2:03:38
just a line just hearing the line. I remember going to a strip club in Florida with Doug’s mother. It’s just sent me like into Oh, yeah.

Andy Andrist 2:03:46
Well. We had I think it was like Keywest. And when there was three shows, one I did real well. And then the middle one was a people were threatening to get me. And like Doug jumped up there on stage that offend me. It was like, I was being heckled by Haitians, Cubans and fucking Irish cops. And that and that was only like, that was it. They’re like, 12 people. There’s three groups of four that were all hated me. And But Doug got up there yelled at the audience. And then he goes, Do you want to do any more time and I go fuck, no. And then he leans in and he goes, we’ve got coke and mothers holding

matt nappo 2:04:26
another line that has never been said,

Andy Andrist 2:04:29
I know. So yeah, like, you know, my mother was sober as far as I knew. And then Doug said she had cocaine so like, a mother. Let’s do some coke and went into the bathroom while Doug was trying to tame down the the uprising and did some big bump. She, she was like, you know, either rookie added or hadn’t held a bag in a long time. It was like really? Another one. All right, sure.

matt nappo 2:04:55
Oh my god. Imagine this stuff. Yeah flat Florida strip club alone I mean Florida strip club is all you got to say. I mean those two elements bring you to a very good picture but

Andy Andrist 2:05:11
yeah and 11am to you know before they even pretend to have left

matt nappo 2:05:18
well only thing that can make it a little bit more busy tell me it was a Sunday morning

Andy Andrist 2:05:23
I know Sunday was yeah Sunday I remember the regret regret and be enormous. Fucking yeah guilt that Sunday morning was and that was probably Thursday morning.

matt nappo 2:05:39
Well, you know, that’s what they that’s why they go to church on Sundays. You know, they build up all the sin and all week long and then they got to go and tell somebody that sorry.

Andy Andrist 2:05:49
Yeah. I just remember dropping off a friend made that night that wrestled with on the floor of the club, like old school style, you know, on fours and all that and and then I dropped this person off at a trailer she wanted to be dropped like up the road. Oh, did I say she was probably could have been a she I don’t know gender. I don’t like to label people. But the person often I didn’t like skywriting, but it was in a circular and it’s and then it said God loves you and it had a happy face. It was like that was like kind of like above that trailer. Wow Yeah. Wow. So

matt nappo 2:06:33
that’s what made it made you the believer in faithful

Andy Andrist 2:06:37
religion. That’s how I knew it was Sunday Sunday in Florida full of cocaine and this is the perfect time to drop some fucking cryptic bullshit above a trailer

matt nappo 2:06:51
well, they knew they wouldn’t know which shell it to go to to which is really telling in itself like super cheap. Hey Shay. And again I don’t want to label people but I’m guessing he or she whichever it was or in between must have a this situation going on every Sunday that the guy with the plane the god guy with the plane knew exactly what

Andy Andrist 2:07:11
to do with Dr. Martinez team has trailer the messages that she was at a show and had this dude who was like a friend and the message is this guy blew up her phone what that I heard were fucking fabulous. They went you know I’m a nice guys is worried about you and to you. You call me back ground you fucking cut you off. It’s always the way it is with us self identifying nice guys. Nice guy. They’re just waiting to cut the head off of the check. You know until she she admits that she likes him a little cutter fuck. That’s really the nice guy.

matt nappo 2:07:56
The era of social media has made that happen faster because people used to say, well, you don’t call me back within a couple of hours. I get pissed off. Now. If you don’t answer that text message within two minutes. They think you’re totally avoiding them. I love you. Where are you mad at me? You?

Andy Andrist 2:08:13
Yeah, yeah. Good Times in Florida. I did write a follow up on Doug’s book and just say now this is part Doug didn’t remember. That way weirder.

matt nappo 2:08:26
Funny, he doesn’t remember the podcast, because you were on with the drinking bros. Oh, by the way, fucking Fiat Spider. shit about that car. I love that car. I had a fucking perfect car, by the way, right? Like that. That’s not the car that you would pick. What are you gonna pick a Testarossa? And the guy’s gonna be able to avoid that. No, that

Andy Andrist 2:08:47
was there in Texas. So they probably I ball and Range Rovers or something. And they came out with a new version of that, like a few years ago. Yeah, so I was like originally thinking I’d asked my petty file who he does to set it up. I was promised by the guy who was molested me, you know, to try to keep the fucking spark going that he was going to buy me a car when I graduated. When I saw him 30 years later in Florida, I brought along my diploma. And was you know, in my mind, I kinda envisioned this car shopping. But I don’t want I no longer want that. 1984 ragtop I want the 2000 was it 2016 That they came? They want that’s what I want. But those plans kind of went up in flames and lawsuits and such. I don’t think we’ll be car shopping anymore.

matt nappo 2:09:40
That’s a damn shame because what is the deal? Right? And you got an associate’s degree on top of it, so I only think it’s gonna get serious.

Andy Andrist 2:09:49
Yeah, yeah. When the car salesman comes back in for me, Mr. Spleen sitting in there. That would be the undercoating talk. I would like the sports package upgrade and alter Yeah. I would I actually have my name on the I guess the glove box like he had his name on the glove box. That’s what I you know, I’d want to add to and then in a fucking coupons for sizzler Nice. Yeah,

matt nappo 2:10:25
I get it you branded? Yeah. You kept you kept up your end of the bargain.

Andy Andrist 2:10:30
Yeah, that’s the thing. I mean, and I’m still that way like this one a few years ago this guy bet me the outcome of Michigan State vers Oregon and I said, and he wanted to do money, and I’d like how about this football, my dog will fetch your football Michigan State verzorgen. And then the guy just didn’t pay, like my team one covered or whatever, and he wouldn’t pay. And I was like, Kevin every time you like, I’d see a Facebook post on it. And I’d write welcher. And I really didn’t give a shit about the thing. But it’s kind of like some sort of attention deficit or whatever it is. I remained focus until that guy gave me the football. And then I was like, moved on. And that’s kind of I got burned on, you know, underwear modeling gig and it 19 7980. And, you know, promises were made, and I fulfilled my end of the bargain. By graduating and then this fucking cunt won’t give me my you know, it’s like, it’s not extortion. It’s like, let’s just buy me the fucking car. And then we can have the conversation about all the other shit. When you were two

matt nappo 2:11:35
years of interest. 35 years of interest on top of that, yeah,

Andy Andrist 2:11:39
yeah. And all that. And then like, you know, hey, you know, probably cost you a lot to get, you know, therapy or whatever. No, I didn’t do therapy. But let’s lump in a cup, let’s say 100 grand from the time I was 14 to the time, you know, I got over it or whatever. So yeah, he owes me more than a car. And I felt like it was more than fair, that we just settle on the car, because that’s the that’s the fucking Michigan State football to me. But he kind of, He scoffed at it. I felt like that was a moment where he’s kind of like, like, you know, okay, sorry, motherfucker. Kochi. Oh, high school, didn’t have great academics. But I graduated I was, you know, I was in the top 100.

matt nappo 2:12:26
That guy doesn’t appreciate the good deal that you because that is you don’t get that’s a very easy out and easy payment for the for the crime he committed. And then that is the cheapest best bargain. he’s ever going to get a car and a credit card. What $30,000 A time? Yeah, that’s a great deal. He’s,

Andy Andrist 2:12:46
he’s gonna take that. Yeah, he’s a you know, he likes to roll out like he had money and shit. He lives in a community. That’s like, you know, okay, you know, I mean, it’s he walked away. It’s like, you know, okay, man, the lawyers are gonna make that fucking car and then some. And as it turned out, he had to pay for several lawyers, and he had to pay my lawyers eventually. And he had to pay his lawyers any any kind of lost. And what he lost is, is, you know, that he, he lost control of that fucking narrative. And I filmed him. And I told him, I filmed him. And I can do what I want with that, you know, and what I did was I put it on a real slow burn, Paul, for Vince is making a movie, but it’s, it’s been 10 years or so. And it’s like, you know, that guy’s probably still alive, wondering if Paul’s ever going to finish the project and so my, or whatever, but I you know, that that’s got to be a bummer to have that hanging over him, or, you know,

matt nappo 2:13:45
definitely was to have the fear of where, where you might release it and all that kind of stuff is gonna be worse than when it really actually happens to him. So in a way, that’s the worst torture you can have. Have that hanging over his shoulder and

Andy Andrist 2:14:01
you’re like to kind of there I talked to Todd Snyder’s management about using the song too soon to tell for like, you know, just and then the band twiddle is agreed to let me use a song or whatever, I’d like to still this guy, the my molester. He would play ELO when, you know, he had a great stereo and crank up ELO and I kind of just was overwhelmed by the music and didn’t you know, I didn’t like it. But I would i There’s a song on it. Called caught in a trap. It’s a V side. Whatever. So it’s like an ELO song that nobody’s probably ever used. And I would love to have that just so I could have that in there to stick it to them to like, hey, you know, your favorite band back then. lent me a song. You dick. Well, I’m

matt nappo 2:14:50
gonna get I’m gonna get that for you as a Christmas present to be able to hear but I’m gonna reach out today, but um, what can we do to help prevent to get this done? cuz I have access to like video editors production tweets, what does he need?

Andy Andrist 2:15:04
I feel like Paul’s, you know, he’s got he’s got a lot of it done, he does all of it in himself. And it’s like his backroom is is, is, you know, full of stuff that I sent him. And I feel like he’s just kind of, I feel like the timing is perfect. You know, this thing happened 10 years ago or whatever, where I confronted the pedophile. That’s when I flipped the script on my whole, my whole brain at that point, because I eat that guy used to fucking live rent free in my brain. And then I felt like I even the odds,

matt nappo 2:15:41
even rent free in his brain thinking, when’s that shoe gonna drop?

Andy Andrist 2:15:45
Right? And yeah, and he used to have shoes with the brace built into them. So if his shoe drops, it’ll also have the thing of extra fucking here. But you know, and kind of like, right at the beginning, I did it for revenge, I stopped the camera on him because he stuck a camera on me. And I wanted to just straight up get revenge on him. And then Paul started talking more seriously about, you know, using it and making a film out of it. And then that kind of, you know, and then I’m involved with that. And, and that’s a weird way to get over, you know, did this fucking drastic therapy. And now I’m turning it into a project. And then now getting, you know, fucking cease and desist letters and the, you know, threat of lawsuit. And that could have ruined me, you know, I couldn’t lose to that guy a second time. And then I had to go sit in a courtroom with him on a like, it was like to I left home on Christmas, flew to there. And so like New Year’s Day, I’m sitting in a courtroom with my pedophile, and it’s like, five or six people in the courtroom. And it’s like that motherfucker. So I had to really get belly deep in the whole fucking thing. And years past, and I kind of forgot about the project. And then I didn’t want the project to happen. I begged Paul out, you know, it’s like, let’s fucking throat you know, and we got he called me. Fuck you. God dammit, you’re a fucking artist started acting like one. Oh, loosely reheated. You know, that was basically saying, you know, I know, You’ve spent about seven years on this, but let’s fucking throw it in the dumpster man.

matt nappo 2:17:27
No, I Well, I can appreciate your, your take on that. And I can also appreciate his take on that it’s a different Yeah.

Andy Andrist 2:17:35
And we become really good friends throughout all that. And, and I want to, I want it to happen for both of us, you know, because and I, you know, and I don’t even like a deed for like, oh, go, you know, maybe get more gigs or whatever. You know, I don’t give a shit about any of that. It’s like the news to me anymore. You know, but I want it to succeed. I want you know, I want to see what Paul did you know what? And I think Paul’s you know, he’s called it his opus. Right? So he’s putting his fucking heart into it. And I think what we need at this point is, you know, well, I said, I put him on a deadline. I called call up and I called him, you know, yeah, I got cancer and all this. And he’s like, God, damn, you know, what are we you know, and I go, I’m not calling to tell you this. As a friend, I’m calling to tell you this as a filmmaker, you’ve got your ending, man. Get a camera crew up here. We’ll be in and then when they don’t come out, and you know, that’s wrong. To Todd Snyder.

matt nappo 2:18:35
But I’m serious, though. I, you know, I know. You probably get people just and it’s a pain in the ass sometimes. But I would do anything if Bob needs me to fucking be a laborer to come out there. Well done.

Andy Andrist 2:18:49
And I think, you know, from a practical standpoint, I think we’re, he’s getting pretty close. And then it’ll be like, like, what I ran into with the comedy special, you need to have, you know, you need to have somebody do this, this, this and this. And I, like we’ve had people we’ve had a, well, we had one person come in as a producer, and he just ripped off. He just, he just, he got money, use my story got money, and then he used it as his own ATM. So then it was like, that was the guy who’s pushing, you know, let’s do this and this. And, you know, and then I think both Well, Paul’s a lot happier not having somebody fucking bother him. And when the time comes, I think we are going to hit we’re gonna do a fundraising effort to raise the cost of to finish it out. Perfect. You know, the way Paul wants to? I feel like it’s almost all there. So yeah, I think you know, when when we get clear of things or whatever, I think we’ll probably do a push to get either some producers or a pot of money to finish it and you know, not like 100,000 More like, you know, 30,000 or something like You know, I don’t know. But I feel like that, you know, Paul’s not far from it. And I feel like you know, the timing of everything is kind of, you know, it’s like he can’t change the timing sometimes. That sounds weird, but but, you know, it’s like, five years ago, I would have been eager for this thing to be done now. I don’t you know, I’m not motivated by any anything like, you know, want to tour bonds or, like, you know, I did tell Inman the other day that if I don’t die a cancer, me and him will will come out your way. I said, let’s get my dog on this. And we’ll we’ll go out to Long Island. And we’ll do a gig out there and he goes, alright, you promise?

matt nappo 2:20:44
I’m definitely on that. Man. I got a theater all set up for it. And I’m thinking of an actual, like, a three or four man show, but that was definitely in my mind for after your after. This is all in your rearview mirror. So

Andy Andrist 2:20:57
there you go. It’ll work out and then I can put that Falco’s show behind me, but

matt nappo 2:21:04
Falco’s because we had we had a titty bar. That was actually called Falco’s and you say, I remember you saying that. You wouldn’t call it Teddy by that, but we had one.

Andy Andrist 2:21:13
Yeah. felters maybe.

matt nappo 2:21:19
It was like an old man buy that they turned into a titty bars, and Falco was the original owner, and they never changed the name of it.

Andy Andrist 2:21:29
There’s a billion teams out there and shouldn’t be one of them. All right,

matt nappo 2:21:32
we’re coming up on 230 and 1030. Here, I’m gonna end it there. But I want to honor it. Everybody wants to help. And you know, this, and I know, you’re kind of feeling like an awkward place here. And I don’t want to I don’t want to make you feel awkward about this. But people do want to help because we know, as a comedian, you don’t have the best health care coverage. You don’t have Trump coverage. Nobody.

Andy Andrist 2:21:57
I mean, maybe Congress does, but you know, I pay five or 600 a month for health insurance. And I get in there and so I’m in a position now where you know, my wife’s on disability and I’m going to probably have about nine or 10 grand in bills on top of what insurance pays with if I didn’t pay for insurance, I’d have money to pay for the other so if you know if that’s if people wanted to help and donate or however that does I know Brett Brock’s doing something can Harris is doing something and I’m going to bank all that money and use it to cushion to cushion against this fucking you know, the $100 co charge here. You know, the surgery and all that shit. It’s it’s a fucking heartbreaking thing not just for me, but for people that you know fucking try to you know, I’ve got insurance but it doesn’t cover when you’re sick, you know, covers part of it. But why the fuck doesn’t cover everything. I wouldn’t need help and people could help other people. But yeah, it’s, I appreciate all of it. It’s kind of overwhelming. Because I’m, you know, I’m not somebody who’s like, Oh, I got this helped me out, man. But I feel like, my back is against the fucking wall on this.

matt nappo 2:23:08
No, I and I applaud everybody to kind of think about this health care. Insurance is something you pay for if you don’t need it, but once you need it, you’re fucked. Because, you know, no, insurance is going to cover all this stuff. And the last thing we should be thinking about right now, right now you’re gonna fucking pay for all this shit and be worried and have tension and anxiety about that.

Andy Andrist 2:23:29
You’re getting shoved into the MRI tube is like, how many fucking pictures are you taking a couple would be good. I don’t want to pay for it. I don’t want to get in a situation where I’m paying for 10 photos. And we’re only looking at two of them. But yeah, that’s the thing. And and, and I don’t feel like I have that stress. It’s weird because I you know, I, I don’t want to get emotional either. But people have stepped up and it’s like, okay, I don’t have that worry right now. Other worries,

matt nappo 2:23:57
I’m adding to it. And just to let people know, I’m working on a new five OC three real nonprofit so that we can donate 100% to you of the money that comes in, and people could still use it for a tax write off. So that should be in place by the second week of January that will be there’ll be a button for it on You want to give it to Andy directly for these medical costs stuff. And you’ll get 100% of it. No, nothing taken off the top no bullshit administrative costs. And you can use it as a tax write off so and I’ll help you to Kitty to get it’s tough.

Andy Andrist 2:24:34
Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know, I haven’t. Yeah, I know. It’s it’s been kind of a you know, like the thing my daughter’s car got ripped off and people you know, I wrote something people helped put that, you know, it’s like a real fucking bummer, you know? And then it’s like, you know, my daughter’s done so many cool things for people. It’s like, well, this is coming back, you know, so it’s like, yeah, so I’m

matt nappo 2:24:58
hope we don’t make a religious guy out of you. After all this stuff, you don’t you don’t end up being a believer because

Andy Andrist 2:25:05
hey, if I if I die and there’s some sort of god entity, I’ll be like, What the fuck are you? Oh, shit, man.

matt nappo 2:25:13
Yeah, no, I can imagine how that would be a shock. I had a guy on last week who was gonna prove the existence of God, but he left angry. He’s a little angry at me now talking about cease and desist letters.

Andy Andrist 2:25:32
So he did prove the existence of God tree lawyering.

matt nappo 2:25:36
Exactly. No, but the atheist stepped up to help a guy in need that day. So I thought that was a AHA justice on that kind of show. The the atheist sit stepping up to help a guy get his medicine and gas money and all that food.

Andy Andrist 2:25:51
Oh, man. Yeah, yeah. I’ve seen Doug Stanhope do more acts random acts of kindness than anybody from my church upbringing. And ever done, you know?

matt nappo 2:26:02
Yeah, absolutely. Well, I appreciate getting to talk to you today. You know, there’s an outpouring of love for you. But there was before you just didn’t notice it now that now people are being vocal. But

Andy Andrist 2:26:13
yeah. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than accepting that you’re loved by others. I know.

matt nappo 2:26:18
And especially so many people, I mean, seriously, I know that to blow smoke up your ass, you’re a gift to a lot of people big issues with Andy dropped about 40 minutes ago, and people say but breaking those. Yeah, issues with me that they look forward to Friday, like, and your show, like, it’s a life line to them. So

Andy Andrist 2:26:39
well. And that’s, that’s why I’m glad, you know, in the, in the short term or long term that we’re back on YouTube, because I you know, I mean, I know, I don’t like going behind paywalls. And, you know, and if, if, you know, the people who were with us before, you know, can enjoy that, I appreciate that. They’re, they’re able to do that. And hopefully we can come up with a way to keep Patreon. You know, interesting or, or whatever. But, uh, yeah, so I, you know, it’s like, I’m used to being a comic and going around, and having, you know, people like what I do, and also the complainer’s and all that shit, and through this, you know, doing the podcast that, you know, kind of grown a bit of a family and I may not No, a lot of them, but they know who I am. And I appreciate that, that what I blather out or say or do is entertaining to folks so

matt nappo 2:27:35
and everybody’s going through this with you so you have the support of anybody and again, not to end on a downer note here but if you need any support from anybody don’t feel embarrassed about asking for it man, you’re human. You I know you’re the strongest man on the planet for all you’ve been through and still continue to keep a sense of humor. I applaud you for that but I you know you don’t expect people to think that you your don’t have your tender moments man, we love you and yet you can you can get you can get as emotional as you want ever and nobody can hold it against you.

Andy Andrist 2:28:05
Yeah, now after I get done here and cry, I’ll blame you. Why am I crying? Because

matt nappo 2:28:11
I’m like the Barbara Walters of comedians I make every comedian cry.

Andy Andrist 2:28:15
Yeah, mine dog mind fuck maybe. Yeah. Well,

matt nappo 2:28:19
Chad has agreed to come on the show and I think he has been reluctant because he thinks I am the bad guy who can make him cry and and kind of expose his inner psyche Yeah, well, but I’m not

Andy Andrist 2:28:36
Yeah, I said Well, we did the our show and or Death Valley. We did a podcast there and I had I had Shaylee crying but it’s not one that we’re we decided not to air it. That would have been the best rated one now maybe maybe maybe with the proper I don’t know. I’m not sure what I know. There was a couple of stories I told you know, but Patreon we may put that up at some point it was a you know, but uh, I felt like I was a preacher like Shaylee was kind of on the edge she’d been on drugs for hours and I feel like cracking you know?

matt nappo 2:29:11
And he said

Andy Andrist 2:29:15
like Sam Kinison. You know, raising your boys lower in it. And then you know, so yeah, I got I know I can track my team if I need to. Oh, I

matt nappo 2:29:24
love that. I love you got you got to do some of that just for the ratings. Just just those numbers as well. You have a great day, man. Great. All right, sir. I appreciate it. And you’re celebrating have have have a joyous one. Well, I’m going to get pizza

Andy Andrist 2:29:39
to hobos. So that’s how I’m doing Christmas Eve and beer. Of course,

matt nappo 2:29:43
not gluten right now.

Andy Andrist 2:29:45
Now in fact, even I’ve even talked about a second class system where we get a better pizza for ourselves.

matt nappo 2:29:56
Be well, man and have a good one. Thanks. Love you Dog Have a good day Bobby to buy the fabulous Andy understand folks great to have him hear from him and know that his his sense of humor hasn’t been diminished in the least anyway. I got to get to work I got not work I don’t have a show today I have to actually get to work and go do some traveling to pick up some some stuff for the holiday celebration here. Hope you have a great holiday. Thank you for joining me thank you for sticking with me for on the overtime. And for all you do everybody have a great Christmas holiday or wherever you’re celebrating for people who celebrate Kwanzaa on Sunday, Canadian Boxing Day whatever the hell that means that the day after Christmas or day after Thanksgiving, I don’t know. But the kidneys have a special day on the 26th they do up there whatever the hell you do up there, do it well have fun, all that kind of stuff. And so until Monday I’ll be back with your hour everyday next week. So join me then Monday 9am for coffee with the dog till then I’m Matt nappo for coffee with dog bye for now man. I hit the wrong fucking button you see that? You see what he made me do? Round Round Listen to me, listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me.

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Are you curious about past lives? We’ll talk about that and a whole lot more on this episode of the Mind Dog TV podcast. My friends yet. Another episode of the Mind Dog TV podcast. I’m Matt. Napa thanks for coming. It’s great to have you here as always where in the middle of a heat wave here in the northeast, northeastern United States. And It’s. It’s kind of or weird weird time for me. We’re GONNA probably if all goes according to plan anyway, we’re probably going to speak about energy a bit tonight. My energies in a weird place cam nervous can anxious kind of burnt out and the heat wave by just kind of drains my energy a little bit as well. We the AC cranking in here. But not feeling not feeling that at all, and I’m very burned-out. yesterday did three podcasts three episodes of the PODCAST yesterday over thirteen hours, and then had a last minute acoustic. GIG. Locally at the junkyard, driving in Wading River I. I have some ice tea. Thank you, Matt. Cody says have some wine. No I. Wind would put me to sleep right now I’m I’m feeling very burnt out.

My guest can help me with that with some energetic. Clearing or something of that nature My guest tonight I. If I were to do a proper introduction, that’s all we would have a time for tonight. We’d have an hour of introduction. I’d say hello to. Goodbye thanks coming Just a little bit about her. She’s a psychic author, speaker, teacher, actress, model, Singer, and podcast host probably soon to be a television host so from what I gather Makes, you feel a little bit inadequate about your life, doesn’t it? I Know Jasmine me She’s actually comp- creating an entire library of literature on psychic related stuff She’s just released her seventh book and has two more in the oven. Current book is called. archangels ascended masters which I really need to find out about because archangels is is a word I’ve heard many times in my research with just kind of stopped and never really understood what it meant so I’m GonNa. Find out tonight. That’s one thing. I’M GONNA learn sure but she has A world of experiences, probably one of the most recognized names and one of the most recognized recognized faces in the world of second medium, is a world effective medium ship. Like Disney World except the rides a much cooler.

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she’s one of the most famous or well known psychic mediums in the world. Please open your ears. Open your minds and help me welcome in these fabulous Laura powers well welcome to the my dog TV progress. Thanks for. What a lovely introduction! HAPPY TO BE HERE! Your bio reads like wow Back in the day when I used to interview people they they one thing they weren’t actor. They were director. They were psychic on very rarely with somebody so many things, and but now it seems like everybody is becoming more diversified so why what led you to become? Such a universal woman. Well I. think that’s part of this shift. That’s happening now is just that we’re opening up to all our diversity, and ourselves and diversity in the world is a whole that ever since I was little. I’ve always been into a lot of different things I started acting as a child modeling child always loved writing, and you know he would ask me about being a sake. I you know as a kid I wouldn’t have. I wouldn’t have thought of it as a profession, but even as a child, I did palm reading. Funny so I was featured in the newspaper when I was twelve or thirteen doing palm readings just funny to me now because I came across that article recently, but yeah I’ve always been interested in a lot of things and I think the truth is that most people are actually really creative. They’re a study that was done. That showed that people. Ijaz, around five about ninety eight percent were considered extremely creative, and then by the time you’re thirty, only two percents. Are considered, so it’s something that it’s taught out of us, and so I think we all have that capability, but our society really kind of priced at teach you to niche down, and just really focus on one thing, and some people do well that way when I operate that way I start to feel really limited, and I feel it actually like stifles everything that I do move mark that down. I WanNa talk about the link between creativity and what you do now, and because we have so many creators in our audience, I wanNA talk about that, but the thing that fascinated me most fascinated by made me curious the most. In, your bio was the. Advanced Degree in political science, which is to me. When you talk about psychics and politics it’s like bananas and pickles they. I like them both, but they just don’t go together so, what makes a little girl who talks to ghost grow up to be interested in politics. I think that’s a pretty complex I. mean there’s there’s a couple of things there is the family that you’re born into and the culture of that, so my family is very interested in politics and Heston. You’re engaged in that realm for many generations, and then you have to also look at it on a soul level so in past lives that was very involved in politics. Politics though they in leading on specifically in the United States. I have some past lives. Dot are early on in the United States in politics, so it’s a world that was very familiar to me. and I. When I told this. Restore it, ’cause it’ll give you a sense like this is not a normal reaction, so I was born in the united excuse me has. moved to the United States when I was a girl, and I remember being in get was. Neither kindergarten first grade and I learned that I couldn’t be president because I was born outside of the United States and I was so upset like that’s not a normal reaction you. was there ever since I was really little? Wow, I was very active in politics at a very young age, too, and my parents were not necessarily, but my next door neighbors were, and I was best friends with with with the kid next door, and so his father was involved in politics. I got I was a coffee boy for a for what was then the Republican Party. Not the same Republican Party now. Now, but I will at at five or six years old, so I can relate to that a little bit so You mentioned past lives and I don’t think I’m quite ready to go there, but I that’s something I’m very very interested in you, you do so many things in so I’d like to start with with the with the first book that you came out with which was really just about. Talking to spirits communicating with spirits. It was it was about yeah. Being medium was also about my journey was part memoir about me opening up to these abilities because again. How do you go from working in government and politics to? Thank you like when I went through that journey and I’ve run into people who I never I never talked about this before I was doing it for work so. They knew me from working at the President’s Office University of a State University. And then you know being a delegate and all these things, and so it’s about. How did I transition for? Why did I do that as well? So so the debt call because he came from a politically active family, did that cause some kind of when you started becoming more active in the psychic weather that caused some kind of reaction from from your family and friends.

00:10:14 – 00:15:01

Definitely. I think how could you not react in some way, right? Pro I think when I came out of the Second Claus at enough what I call it ’cause. It was basically like keeping everything. A secret always had these abilities and his experiences on that I suddenly Kinda came out with and just let me know what had been going on and I expected. I think a lot of. Criticism and you know being ostracized, and that sort of thing. I didn’t experience that I experienced more than anything that most people were quite curious. They just were wanting to know more and understand what it was like you know. My story I did have a little bit of tension with my mother in particular because I was on social media talking about the stuff and she was to. The family and some of the stuff I talk about is pretty out there. I think you would concerned about it, but we have had a discounted discussion. I said look you know I’m GonNa Post. About this you can, you can be basic friend or not. That’s totally up to you. But that’s what I. This is my living. This is important to me and you have to accept it or just not be there with me. So you say always had this ability. My wife talks about my step daughter when she was two or three years old, sitting in a high chair and talking to people that weren’t there and that kind of stuff, but she said by the time it will. She was ready for kindergarten that stuff stop. Is that stuff kind of stuff that you experienced because my wife swears that she was seeing spirits or or something of that nature. Is that what you experienced as Intel. I mean it’s very different for different people, but as a general rule, just like creativity talked about creative people are very open and creative and. Doing all these things when they’re young. When children are young, they tend to be more connected with the other side, and and the unseen realm, and that varies for different people. Some people see from people are impasse. They feel for me I’m very clairvoyant, which needs seeing so I saw a lot of stuff that other people didn’t see so I actually grew up. Thinking I must be crazy because other people aren’t seeing what and they’re not reacting to things that I’ve seen so I remember asking my mom when I think I was maybe seven years old if she thought things a new based on a response that she just didn’t know what I was. was talking about so from that point onwards. I just kept to myself and did the best I could to try to for the things that were going on, but in my case, this indicates we’re going to go to Mike. Case as I got into adolescence and early adulthood, it actually got stronger and stronger and I. Think part of that is because part of my life, path and purpose. This is not something that I never meant to ignore, and so I, really got to point where I had to face it, and had to figure out what to do with it, because it just kept amping up like I wasn’t able to just kind of quietly. Model along with my life without addressing, it somehow understood so flip for those of us who aren’t clairvoyant. Or Not tuned into our on Clinton clairvoyance. Some people have told me that everybody has the ability, but just don’t tune into it. and but for those of us who don’t see the I’ve heard the words, ghosts and spirits used, and for people, just a general lay person. We think about the idea of a ghost. We think about an apparition that has a physical human form. and. The idea of a spirit. We’re not sure about that. Sure. What the difference between spirit and ghost is, so can we start? Their spirit goes interchangeable I the same thing. They are not although they. They have a similarity I would say that. A ghost is a spirit that a ghost is a particular type of spirit. Ghost is a spirit who is still in the early Rome. Their body has died, but they have not transitioned onto where souls usually go with just to the other side. You Know Heaven whatever you WanNa call it, and so they’re rather limited in terms of their perception because they have they don’t. Dislike having only their knowledge from this lifetime, but not having their body here. So, do they? Do they keep the same physical appearance of their most previous life because I know you mentioned past life before so i WanNa WanNa. Go there, so if you saw a guess, the ghost is the one I’m talking about where it keeps physical appearance, right? Yeah in my experience, that is the case they’re gonNA stay in that form that was their most recent forum, and in some cases they may actually look as they did when they died. So I’ve had some pretty extreme. Experiences, that before I got training were a little frightening where you would see for example someone who had an intense, devin. They look how they when they died. You know it’s kind of gory intense, and that used to frighten me when I was young, but then as I got older and I got the training. I learned to understand that they’re.

00:15:01 – 00:20:03

They’re not trying to harm you there just in a bad spot. You know like someone who’s literally have an accident. You know. Yeah, it’s kind of scary to look at. It’s intense, but it’s more that they’re you know someone being bad is in a tough spot and could use some help, so yeah, I think when you don’t have training a lot of these things can feel very intense and scary, and the more training I guess I get I, don’t I don’t feel fear anymore. From these things interesting, so, but when you as a as a visual person clairvoyant when you see a spirit is what is there a difference between? That’s where I’m going. You know a ghost. We’ll take human form seeing spirits. Is that a different experience you? Ashore a spirit that’s in the light that can. A lot of different ways I see them most commonly clervoy, because with with ghosts that are not in the light. I sometimes would see them in the physical realm. They look very solid to me whereas spirit in a light that’s very different. They have a completely different energy, and the other differences that they are not necessarily trapped in that same forum for when they died from their last lifetime, so I’ve been communicating with you know someone’s. Someone’s grandmother and they look like they’re twenty. Because you once you’re on the other side, you can choose however you WANNA look and they may choose to look how they did. When they passed so that they can be familiar to their loved ones and they’d be like. Hey, I want to look like I’m twenty, or maybe they’re an animal in you know. They were a dog in this life, but now they look like a lion. Because they like to do so in terms of you know, it’s very different with their spirit in the light versus an earthbound spirit or ghost, as we tend to call them. Do some of this stuff. Make my mind spin so. Can you turn the stuff off, or is it always on? I would say that I turn it up and down I would never choose to turn it off because I want to know what’s going on I mean just because something is intense. I would never want to just put blinders on, or you know line myself and I did do that for a period of time by the way I can I know this. Process Pretty deeply trying to block it out, and then just ignoring everything, but we do best when we know what’s happening, but I still have to live my life. I’m not get bogged down by some of this stuff, so I’m not working I. would say turn it down, but I said that intentional angels and spirit guide that if there’s something really important for me to see or know. Know that they make sure that I i. see that and then when I do my work on basically really tuning out physical realm, and just focusing on that I basically turn, turn the dial up really really high that I’m getting all the impressions from this spiritual realm. It would seem to me that it could. It could be a burden. It’s a some points in your life you. Just want to be left alone. You know I just need some peace. Because I’m as I mentioned. In the opening I’m feeling burnt out I, know I know out, happens and so I would think having because it’s hard enough just dealing with people in the physical realm sometimes when they can burn out so this kind of I don’t know if you call it a gift, but I I get could sometimes feel like a burden no. Oh absolutely I think with psychics. You have to learn how to have very strong boundaries, and by that I mean also with the energetic Rome, as well as with live people. Because if you don’t, you will absolutely get burned out, and there’s you many many stories in history of different psychics who did that? WHO JUST GOT BURNT OUT? And then you get sick and you die or you? Just you know struggle so. So for me, I make really clear delineations like this is my work. I don’t do free readings, and even with ghosts or spirits like no, it’s not the time when I go to sleep. I need to be able to sleep and again I set the intention with my Angel Spirit Guide. You know that they’re only bother me if it’s something really important if it’s time for me to go to bed for example. Yeah you have to have the boundaries because you know we all were still here physical, so we’ll have the people in our lives that are still maybe wanting to conduct to get something, and then we have this whole other dimension and realm that we have to deal with as well right so. The idea of psychic healing and and I’m I’m only going here because of the political science. connection here a little bit. With with everything that’s going on in the world. Is it possible to take the kind of work? You do in in individual healing and apply that to society because I think society is very sick right now. Get your take on that. Oh absolutely I mean I think it’s the micro and the macro. They’re completely connected, and yes, our society is very sick, and we all individually as they could mean. One of the reasons that I think Kobe. Nineteen is so serious is. That we have. We’re very sick. Society like the Bar of health that we have as being quote. Unquote healthy is really poor. So there’s that and there’s also some deeper societal elements in terms of you know the societal issues that are allowing this to come to the surface, and how we treat and handle the world’s.

00:20:03 – 00:25:14

There’s a lot of patterns that were in terms of disregard for the environments for each other. That are really coming up for reassessment in clearing right now. So. I think there’s a a large degree of. Mental, I, WANNA call mental health issues because I don’t believe in mental health I believe in mental illness. I don’t believe anybody’s really totally mentally healthy so I i. always say that I believe in mental illness. I think we all have it to some degree, and if you have if you only have forty nine percent of it, you’re the person who looks like a perfect mental health. Health, but a data side I think we’re all suffering from some degree, and I think part of the anxiety. I was talking about in in the beginning of the show. is part of that. We’re all feeling kind of anxious wanting this distinct. Go Away looking for some but is that an energetic thing or mental thing or are they linked? Are they boat one in the same? Guys. I think it’s complex and I think there’s many aspects to this. Oh I. started my podcast. Healing Powers Podcast, and it’s a mind body sphere podcast, and I started to focus on all these things and how they’re connected, because there’s whatever’s going on with US spiritually you know the issues that we have with ourselves with others. The lessons that we’re learning. There’s our mental processes. There’s our physical health, but they’re incredibly interconnected so for example. If you’re experiencing a lot of stress, depression anxiety right now, then I would encourage you to ask your angels for help. Work on it from his. His spirit level I would also encourage you to look out every physical level. Like what are you doing that might be contributing to anxiety. There’s a huge dietary component to anxiety and depression with most people don’t understand at all. Are you drinking alcohol? Are you eating sugar? I mean there are certain foods and substances that if you consume them, you will experience what most people would consider the symptoms of anxiety, depression and then there’s a biological physiological components. Some illnesses, a lot of mental illness is actually due to microbes into brain in different parts of the body, so it’s incredibly complex. Isolate all these things into just one thing, but when you’re suffering from one of these things I feel like it’s great to approach the from all angles, always definitely calling your angels and spirit guides, effort, healing, help, and then yeah, start to explore you know. What is it that I’ve being? Do on a deeper level. And then. What is it in my life? That might be. Either contributed to things I. Don’t want or blocking. What it is that I want I know that. You know it is a very complex issue. It’s sight. Of Mental Health comes up on just about every podcast, especially with comedian for some reason I up, comedian seemed to be obsessed with this idea of mental health and and I don’t know why that is, but I you know I think it has something to do with with the with the lifestyle, because the lifestyle absolutely is it’s not conducive to being healthy and a lot of ways you. You don’t sleep like normal people sleep normal hours you. Your Diet is definitely a usually on the Ron and things like that when you’re living in an entertainer. In particular so this idea of healing. is that the same secure? Wait, this is complex, and before I get into that I just to say yeah, it’s so interesting with comedians always connecting with Comedians by meet them. You know I don’t know if you saw. But I was GonNa Welfare broadcast like I’m always just things that coming out. They have to do with comedy and I think a lot of people that are comedians on a deeper level. They’re trying to be healers. They’re trying to help people with laughter and anytime you’re a healer than you end up, not only dealing with your own stuff, but everyone else’s stuff at your circle, and if you don’t have strong boundaries, it’s going to be really intense for you without Rodman you want to. Say. You want to know about healing at a cure. Well because. I know a lot of people think when they hear healing. They think it’s going to cure whatever they have and I am and having worked in a what was a four year. Healing hands on Healing University. Having done having had that experience in my and my background, I know that a lot of people came to so called healers. Looking for a cure and expecting cure, and that wasn’t necessarily. What are what happened in many cases so I? Just that confusion between the idea of a healer and I’m going to get cured I. Think is a is, it’s a common thing the. I agree and I think as a whole we do need to be careful with the idea of a core period, because the truth is, there’s at least a part of us that has to be involved in that quote, Unquote Cure, and if that’s not alive with us, then that won’t happen, and you’ll see this with if someone, for example spiritually their time to go no matter what cure they’re given, they will go.

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It’s time so I think healing as a whole, the word is a more encompassing word and it helps with. More from the holistic perspective of the different areas that are important, and it is a journey and a process like I. Feel like I’ve been on a healing journey for twelve years. You know I was started out where I was physically sick. You know depressed on sleep medication I would fifty pounds heavier than I am now you know just. I was just a mess. You know and it’s not like. I got from there to here. Instantly it’s been a twelve year journey and I’m still healing elements so I think we need to change our approach in the idea that it’s like. Oh, you just take this pill and then Bam you’re you’re? Cured It’s a journey and I also feel like we were see whichever level of healing that we’re ready for, and if we’re not ready for it than we won’t receive a yet, and it’s usually because there’s some kind of lesson or something associated with that. Lesson. The Universe is in with intent giving lessons to individuals providing Roy yeah. I do I mean it. Just everything is so perfect bowl. Now sometimes. We may be ready per shift and we have a hard time. Connecting with the resources to make it happen on a physical level, and sometimes that can be frustrating where it feels like things are going more slowly than we want to. But even then we just have to be patient and keep listening to our guidance and being open to different places like a lot of times. People like I wanna fix this or WanNa bring the in, and the Universe is sending them all these messages and they’re like. No, no, no, no! And then they get frustrated. ’cause they’re like. I’m stocker. Can’t you know moving forward? And that’s just one example You know it’s a complex situation, but we are a part of the journey, and and we need to be open to different things that are coming to was like for me. I, got you know unemployed and my whole profession? Just kind of went away for while during the recession and I was frustrated and guided to start working as a psychic, and basically for year was like no. And at the same time I was already working with angels spirits. Please send me money pleased new job you know and. They’re like yes, here it is for you. You’ll be a psychic and I. For, a year, and the whole time I was frustrated and struggling, and then, as soon as I was finally like gave in, and said okay, everything opened up for me. Abundance things happen fast like the first time supposed to do readings at a local copy shop in the managing editor of the local. Local newspaper reached out and ask if you write a story about me. And then two days later, I was in the regional newspaper with a color photo and fan. My phone started. Like making money quickly. These kinds of winning, but a lot of times we are stubborn and I. Get it like I said I’ve done it before or not. Listening to how it is at that, we are being guided to make those changes. While you gave me a lot to respond to their. I I I would say because you kind of touched on it about things happening fast for you when I I was very involved in in interviewing a lot of psychics thirty five years ago and then probably around. Twenty eight years ago I stopped and I. Really didn’t have much. Much interest in the field until I started this podcast again but what strikes me is is that you mentioned twelve years and I think that’s A. Form from what I know from years ago. That’s that’s a big change in the way things used to be and when I was more active in thirty five years ago, people would spend forty years in the career to to accomplish what you have in twelve years or get to the place where you have and so I think that’s part of one one way. The whole field of psychic medium ship has changed I mean I see it now in a lot of people, not just you where things happen really fast and escalate beyond control is there is that you think that’s universe, the universe at work, or or is there some other catalysts and reason for that? No. It’s, it’s complex that I think it’s the world opening up to these things I think also. Like changes happening at an ever-increasing pace, I mean literally from a quantum physics perspective, the universe is expanding at a faster and faster rate than ever before, and that includes the second realm and part of that change. I think is to open up to this realm and energy in these things that we have been closer. We’re going on this very structured kind of mail system structure to very much more open, more feminine, more, intuitive, more, creative, less, structured system, and so people that are in those fields.

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If they’re paying their guidance there, this is this new way is supported in the world versus your in the old system. You might be struggling right now. I was GONNA save went back in the thirty five years ago. When I was more active in this, it was a very male, dominated field, and now it’s completely female-dominated, I don I don’t know any male psychics but I know a hundred females aches. Is there. Is there a correlation but I? mean the guys just stopped being interested in it why? I don’t understand why why? Why that is I, just think that we’ve just were in a more male oriented society, and were more accustomed to looking at men in leadership, positions or guidance positions whether that’s. A Pope or president or a king, or whatever it was just. That was kind of more comfortable, more normal, oppressing our shifting to. More for women to be and some of those same types of physicians or role so I think it’s really just about that overall shift I. Do know many Psychic Man I know more psychic women are people that take on that Monica for themselves, and I think a lot of it is now It’s more comfortable and accepted for women to kind of honor that and I think it’s becoming more comfortable for men, but it’s still a little bit hard for unless you have like really abilities, and you just can’t ignore it. It’s a little bit harder to step in like I have some clients that are pretty high up and business like their CEO’s and executives vary some very wealthy, very successful individuals, but they’re not necessarily talking about this publicly. We’re together, but it’s more like okay I got. I want. Wanted to follow I I had a question. I wanted to ask you, but then when you said that do they make you sign a NDA like don’t talk. Don’t tell people I’m seeing a psychic. It mostly, not that level of the celebrities that been me signed A. It’s more just like. How are they? GonNa be forward with this. Other. They’re going to talk about it. Women are more likely to be comfortable, but not all. They’re still someone that our way is there still a stigma attached to somebody in the chat room? Sandy says she seen the psychic several times and have not told family friend because she doesn’t want to be judged or criticized. Is there still a stigma attached with seeing a psyche. I think there can be, but it’s getting less and less overall, and you know as a psychic I. It’s funny I hear people say things to me all the time like I’ve never told anyone, but and then they tell me this like crazy experience, and so most people have that idea that they’re going to be afraid of the judgment, but it’s often case just the opposite like people are curious. They want to talk about it like there was a poll and. Eighty percent of people believe in angels, but if you ask people, they’re not gonNA talk about it. They just kind are like yeah, but if someone personally privately, they’ll acknowledge it. I find that a shocking number. Eighty percent of people believe in angels. ’cause I know a lot of religious people who’ve pink. The idea of angel else’s is. Not, not a healthy. You know there’s a whole lot of debate about then when you get into religion, people get come up with some plenty ideas about what’s evil, and what’s not evil and what’s bad. And it’s it. It can be so much that makes your head spin. You talked about clairvoyance. You also Claire. Claire Audience and and the other senses. So yes, my strongest abilities are clairvoyance, and then I’m an path and very very intense path times so these these. kind of up out there. Pretty Tests I am a clear audience. It’s definitely not as strong for me as those other two abilities, I’m fairly telepathic as well so sometimes i. just get like the thoughts. Information comes to my mind, but I would definitely say that the. And the audience actively on the empathy are the strongest why I think. Telepathy is one that. Most, people would want you talk today, average person or they’re there a two things and going back going back again thirty five years ago, wet will really popular during that period. When had the mind? All radio show back in the old days is that telepathy was a big thing that fat people were fascinated with an a gift that most people would want to have and the other one is pre cognition. Do you ever have free cognition because that seems to be lost? Always psychics I talking now. A bet rarely comes up the idea of pre cognition. Does that ever happen to you? And does and I regularly use the ability sense things in the future for my clients, but. I don’t always know the whole picture, so don’t share with me what they’ll share with me saw give an example.

00:35:06 – 00:40:01

And this is a client who has shared this story so I can share. It’s a but the client and. She was they were moving to Hawaii in They were currently based in Los Angeles, but they had cleaned the bought. Your Bank went to buy this property, but they’re going to wait for a while to go out there. And her husband worked in the entertainment industry for one of the major studios, so this was last year. It was like. Whatever that was. November October November and I said what looks like your, you know your husband’s going to be able to work from home starting around for March and she told her husband he’s like that’s crazy. There’s no way I could work from home I work for like the studio. And he worked on the show like you know in the studio. And then and then they were contemplate like maybe in two years moved to why and I said what feels like next summer this again last fall you’ll be. You’ll be moving, or you can move if you want to. And she’s again. It’s like how there’s no way that we would be able to do that. Will Long Story Short Kobe happen? He like working from home, and they decided to expedite their timeline moved to Hawaii right away. Over the summer like basically right after they were able to, so I didn’t. They didn’t tell me like Oh. There’s GonNa. Be a pandemic, and they just tell me like the details that are related to whatever it is that I’m looking at right I think that was common when I when I had a lot because. A lot of the guys who used to be on the radio show. We’re big on this idea of pre cognition and making. Predictions about the future for not for individuals, but not necessarily, but for the bigger picture for the world for the country in that kind of stuff, and they often were pretty pretty good and Iowa accurate I mean when I say pretty good as a testable in in reverse. So when something happens, you can say oh yeah, that’s right. You made this prediction. Six months ago. We wrote it down. We had it recorded, and then we had a large amount of success with that somebody in in the chat room. Just said Telekinesis is where it’s at the US you’ll have that gift. You know I’ve never been able to relate consciously. Tap into that I. Do have some pretty intense things that happened with electricity where. You know pick things up I. would light bulbs. With my hands. You know some pretty wild affair, but telekinesis and something that I have not mastered yet. I have had an experience with talked about this on on the program before and I don’t know what. The connection was my when my aunt, I had an aunt, who was a part of he was, she was the last one killed in a string of serial murders in Los Angeles that was freeway. Murders back in I. Think it was eighty nine ninety something like that and I don’t know what the connection was, but it was the weekend I had found out that she had She had been murdered and that night I was sitting home. Home with a book on Telekinesis and and reading about it and I was fascinated with the idea of it when into my kitchen, and there was a glass on the counter, and all the windows are closed. All the doors closed and I stood for forty five minutes, practicing with this book told me about how to move that glass with my mind. And I was intent, and I got myself into an Alpha state and I was really expecting things to happen, and finally after forty five minutes I gave up a close book I went in. I sat down on the couch. Like make a big jerk, emotion or anything. Nothing rattled in the house, but as I sat down, I heard the glass crash on the floor, and I went into the kitchen, and there was no windows open, no win no reason for that thing to pop off the shelf and onto the floor and break, and it just blew my mind and I stood there shaking for and I don’t I. Don’t know how it connected to the story with my, but I felt like. I think it was your aunt. That did it well. That’s that’s been kind of in my back back of my mind. That was at least some hope that while Mrs are trying to kind of let me know that you know she still around somewhere, but it was just a you know. It’s still the hair on the back of my neck. Kinda stands up when I tell the story because I was. I was something I was doubtful. Kind of hopefully trying to do something. And then the the result after I stopped trying I just sat down, and took a deep breath and boom in and it happened, and it was like Oh very freaky and scary. I I will say that I think with psychic abilities. That often is that way that if we try too hard, it doesn’t work and like with clairvoyance. Did you ever see those? Three, d. kind of pictures. They were really popular like when I was in high school. Where if you? Do you image pop out, and if you focus really hard, you couldn’t see you had to kind of Blur. Your eyes out and just kind of let it pop out and I feel like a lot of times.

00:40:01 – 00:45:01

That’s what clairvoyance when you’re when you’re doing it. What limousine just see things if they’re very clever, way opposite, but when I was learning the training for that’s what I had to do I if I try to focus, couldn’t see it. I had to just kind of let it. Go Bella and come in. I remember those very well and that that was definitely the experience you had to really almost get yourself into an Alpha state to actually allow you to kind of focus, and then it would just pop out, and then you couldn’t unsee it once. But. Have you ever? Ever really been frightened by by your experiences like. Because at experience kind of frightened me in a way. That’s why I’m bringing that up. That’d be ever been like spooked and to the point where while maybe a maybe I shouldn’t be going down this road. I should say when I was a child and adolescent and young adult. I was frightened all time. So, yeah, it was. This was not something I thought of as a gift at that time I would like get this Outta me like this is horrible. Because most of what I experienced was dark, and they now jake. If people is our minds, a wires. And enter a garden if you don’t plant flowers, which shows up, are the weeds, and so just basically had a lot of weeds. Energetically, speaking speaking in my life, and I didn’t know to to change it or how to change it, and then as I got older and embrace my abilities. Taking classes learn about angels. I learned like Oh. I can set the parameters for what I want in my field, and that was a game changer because I didn’t know how to have boundaries when I was young I could be what’s called a trance medium, allowing spirits to come in and communicate through my body. I WANNA do that. I choose not to do that right now. A but because I didn’t know how to set that boundary or have that intention spirits would try. Try so growing up. You know adolescence and onwards I. Literally had goes in spirits, trying to take over my body to use my body for whatever, and not for like positive helpful purposes, but I’d like this one goes to was an alcoholic when he was alive, and he wanted to drink, and he wanted a body to do it, and he was gonNA give a lot of efforts to try to do it through me, and it was always a battle. You know so yeah, it was. It was definitely intense, but now that I have my training now that I know how to how these boundaries I. Don’t have anything like that ever. Everything, you know much easier. I still have to work to clear my energy fields I. Don’t get bogged down with especially love and ten energy that for now, but nothing. That is frightening. Have you ever been asked to. Help police within investigation or anything like that. You know it’s so interesting. I was just talking with another friend. Incline about that I have not worked with law enforcement. I haven’t hired by families in criminal cases. It’s the opportunity presented itself. I’m open to that I frequently with from watching the news or something. We’ll get information about a case. It just haven’t had as sort of avenue to use that information. I have a case that I am I. Don’t WanNa say obsessed with I’m angry about that hasn’t been solved, and it should be solved and the serial murder case here on long. Island took very feminine of Gilgo Squad. Gilgal murder. ten girls were murdered at least ten girl, too, and that we know about were murdered and dumped along. Parkway here on Long Island New York and One of the suspects, was the chief of police for the for the county I live in, but yeah he went to jail for beating up a guy who found all a a bunch of pornography and sex toys and stuff in in chunk of his car, he beat him up and also in his little black book, he the names and numbers of a lot of victims, and then the police department covered it up, so it’s been an open investigation for ten years. No progress has been made the police. Department obstructed the FBI investigation and I feel like. I! Don’t know why I’m just so adamant about that. The family needs to know who really did this and because is that there’s this element of corruption. I’m always fascinated to try you know and. Get to the bottom of it and it seemed like it. It’s never going to happen. Nobody talk to me about it. Who’s WHO’s GonNa? Law Enforcement or DA’s office will talk to me about it. The new author soup written books about it will talk to me about so very frustrating so i. that’s the reason I asked. Because I know there are other cases like that out there that could use some help. And that kind of stuff and I just wondered if anybody ever reach out to you about that kind of stuff. Like I said I’m open to it, I just I’ve never been approached I. I am seeing a picture of who I think the. Who committed these crimes is. That what I’LL SEE PICTURE SO I! Don’t know if you heard Jessica Ridgeway case this was. With no maybe seven years ago and watching the news when she. Went Missing and just speaking I. Even if I don’t get other permission, I will almost always be able to tell if they’re alive or not.

00:45:01 – 00:50:00

The right away they were, she was missing and I was like she’s dead I just I just knew she was dead and I saw image of A. A young man and psychically I saw this image and then, but he looked so young I just. Didn’t didn’t seem like a fit like what they thought, but sure enough when the guy came forward, and they arrested, and he was seventeen years old, and I had seen that picture of him psychically before you know before he was discovered so i. do get information like that, but like I said you know if I were to call and be like Hey, I’m thinking you not all law. Into that and you know I’m not going to spend a lot of time and energy. Doing I’m sure they are inundated with calls like that. We can move on I just. I as I mentioned almost I almost want to call myself obsessed with that case just because I feel like I feel like. Because the police gotten involved in obstructing the case it Kinda makes me angry about it, and I wanna see it saw just for that reason, and as I mentioned, the chief of police was a major suspect in it, and I’m not saying I’m not saying he did it, but a lot of people think he did it, and he went to jail for beating a guy who found evidence that suggested. Suggested, he might have done it so it. That just makes me angry and frustrated, and just wanting to see how well I I don’t. WanNa, do this on the show or anything, but like yes, picture fan because I’ll tell you if it matches. What can definitely I will? Definitely I will email you a picture after after the show, and you can let me know what your thoughts are on it. You taught. We talked about past lives in kind of running out of time so I want to get their Your idea on past lives Is the same as the Indian Hindu kind of. A version of of reincarnation, or does it different in some ways? That’s complex, but I would similar idea. Certainly I think we are incarnating learning different lessons experiencing things from different perspectives so that we can have better understanding of the picture as a whole I. Do believe that we incarnated certainly as other humans, also beings from different planets and dimensions, and also as animals or insects I’ve had some crazy experiences. Like cockroaches where I had Karma with the Cockroach, ’cause like sometimes I’d be like. You know. There’d be somewhere. Ark, Roach like I say. And, then I I already had my training, and I started to look at the Karma with that particular. You know being and I realized that, so it’s it’s a wild thing and I feel like it’s very informative if you can find someone or if you want to connect with me, that’s one of these they help you with understanding some pass patterns in Karma you can have different lessons with patterns and Karma or Or you know Karma history with a particular soul. They were kind of going around over and over again, and you know similar iterations, but yeah I. Think this type of work is very interesting. Phobias often have a past life route anything that we’re afraid of or have resistance to very insightful, so, but here’s where I get confused. Are there is? has everybody lived before, or they’re to such things as new souls. There are I would say yeah, younger souls, newer souls and. I would say it’s unlikely that you’re going to cross someone that hasn’t had. Any lives, and by the way I want to clarify that I believe that you come in. You experience different levels of life before you. You don’t just incarnate right away into like a complex a human you probably come, and maybe you’re an Amoeba and then you’re just literally like trying to learn how to be here in different forums, and and then yeah, even as a human on which is one of the more complex worms you would probably come here. Many many different lifetimes as a human, so a lot of the young souls that are. Humans that are here now. There’s a lot of young souls here right now by the way and they’re. They’re doing you know. Some intense things have a lot of young soldiers. We have a lot of young so lessons, murderer, and like taking and. Haven’t yet learned how to be nice. It’s kind of like with children you know. Children Aren’t evil, but they’ll bite people at head, and they’ll steal whatever they want like. That’s what happened with young souls. To. Give me two months to kind of think about time it’s I can’t really stay focused on what I really want to ask you about so I’m going to try to stay on this past like for just a moment, this idea of The p people discover their past lives in in you working with them right, and so do they ever get mad at you because I’m not who I wanted to be. I’ve had I’ve got a one client where it was like so funny i. I said to her like I. Hope I don’t offend you, but you were madam in a past life.

00:50:00 – 00:55:08

She was like I knew. She was certain that she had been forced. She had told me. That I, think people tend to get confirmation of something where they just have this feeling about it. Something resonates for them or another client where you know. She ended up becoming a psychic herself a professional psychic. And I was telling her. This is your path, but you have a lot of fear because you were burnt as a witch past life, and she immediately just like burst into tears and it was like. I think her soul kind of acknowledging that unconscious fear that she’d been holding onto ever since that lifetime. I think you know that you talk about to tears and stuff that overwhelming moment of emotion when dealing with all this kind of stuff can really that that can tell you for a little, but the reason I brought up. That people maybe get mad at that that the I think a lot of people want to find out that my past life. I was King my past life I was Elvis, whatever but people want built that illusion of and I know I had that for myself when I was young and basically because of the way I learned about reincarnation. I read books about the the new. Ideas about that assault tick a complete a eight months of station, so a a fetus was born, and then while month into just station. I guess that’s when the soul reentered a new life, and that’s when it came out, so I had a celebrity who I thought I might have been in my past just because there were so many connections to it, and where I wasn’t in time and people who knew him. And I met very young, actually called me by his name a few times in the, and so I got this I in my head that I was reincarnated of the celebrity I think a lot of people have that or want that and to do you have that experience when when they come to you with preconceived notions of who I might have been. I. I’ve not really had that particular scenario. Play out principle. I’d also say that just because someone tells you know doesn’t mean they’re right or wrong and it doesn’t need. You’re right or wrong. Because I had some past life stuff where I remember thinking I feel like I was. This was this and and then at the time the information that I’d read was that you only have like. Like one concurrent life at a time and now based on my training, what I’ve learned I believe that we can have multiple incarnations that a time if you’re an older soul kind of like when you’re young, you study one thing and you go to preschool, but then when you’re in college, you might have courses and what happens when you get older, you can actually handle and juggle. Carnations line so yeah. I would say you know. I wouldn’t say that it was necessarily true or not true what she said, but just something to keep in mind I’ve had the opposite where I told them when they were someone and they it resonated, but it was kind of a shock because I think we tend to think that we are kind of small and maybe less influential than we probably are or have been So do we know? Am I gonNA phase. Do we all automatically always progress, can we? Can we digress in our next life, or in other words were instead of becoming a better person, more spiritually enlightened, more spiritually a pure Orion. That’s the word you WANNA use. Do we necessarily become that or can we go backwards and regressing become? Less than we were in all aspects. I guess I. Don’t know that I would say at as the regression, but if you know, something isn’t fully processed or healed or understood that we still have to deal with it, I think one of the things that can happen which I think is confusing to people sometimes misunderstand it as that. When you elevate the to a new level, it magnifies everything so there’s certain things that act as magnify. You, know visibility fame power money the UD, even all intelligence all of these things can magnify whatever pattern is there, so let’s say someone you know has maybe had a successful life, but kinda like on a smaller stage on a smaller scale, and then the kind of level up, and then it kind of May seem like they’re. Like you said going backwards or Reporting or whatever, but but really what’s happening. Is that that? kind of lesson was still needing to be learned on the level, but it just is showing up really hard at that new level of energy in life. Yet, does But I’m always going to be confused about this, and this is why I tell people I’ll in the closing. I’m going to remind you that. You got to download this stuff and play it several times. Because and I knew our was not going to be announced. Tonight I. Another one if you want. I. Definitely would because we’re not even touching the scratching the surface of where all of the things I’m curious about you, mention you know a baby in evil and all that kind of stuff, and I’ve said several times I I don’t think there’s such thing is a baby being born evil, but I am sure that people.

00:55:09 – 01:00:02

have acted on evily in the world, so I just want I know. This is a very high level kind of. But your. Your. thoughts on good and evil, or are they, are they an entity are the energy what are they? Yeah I don’t usually use. The terms got a needle. I I tend to think of it as kind of light, light and dark energy or light dark forces, and at the end of the day. You know I think they’re old there and I don’t think we actually get through the incarnation process without experiencing some of those darker elements, but at the same time being fully in the dark as a you know very hopeful, either, so I think. Think in terms of like an evil baby I don’t believe in that per se, but I do believe that there are entities and things that some people have labeled Dima beings that are very dark, and they can come have a heyday and have that experience then those of us who are very much working in the light hard to say for some people. They don’t necessarily here, but you’ve probably been just as dark and now you’re trying to. Balance that out and do the opposite so I think that. It gets often misunderstood. I don’t. Recommend for people to purposely work with our energies, but at the same time it is a part of what’s here, and it’s only sometimes through the experience of that that we learn why it’s not a good idea. Right I get that, but I combat to the example of Hitler. I don’t believe. Hitler was born unable baby right so at some point he did he obviously through his actions and or the life. You would lead. became an evil person, or just doing evil deeds entire life Do you have any insight on how bad baby that was born I? Non Evil entity grew into becoming an evil man. I believe that he was a young soul I. believe that he also. A lot of trauma and darkness I’m this is something I had not gotten before, but by the way I’m getting it now that he actually had sexual trauma as a child, and by the way this is a huge. Source an opening for the darkness, the huge problem that has been hidden that is now starting to come to light of like when children experience especially sexual trauma. When they’re still a child, it fractures the person and they are. Very difficult for them, it takes a very advanced sold to be able to process through that without turning dark themselves so that psychically what I just thought I hadn’t gotten up before, but it kind of makes sense to me now. I think he just had you know. He had experienced darkness, and he’s just passing on that darkness, and that’s something at the very. Very. Young soul thing to do like an eye for an eye kind of thing, instead of like wait, this continues on as sort of abuse cycle. You know the older souls more mature people can be like. Oh I! Know you hit me, but I don’t have to hit you back. Young souls are just like nope. You Stab me I’m GonNa stab you probably. Definitely makes sense, but it just kind of a boggles. My mind is something I think about, and I’m probably a Weirdo. For for having that kind of a lot in my life is how some somebody who was not. Not, born, evil can become that evil because it almost and I don’t even I. Probably don’t even go here within with the name, but to me it’s almost panic. I WanNa read that the website off because we’re. We’re coming up on the hour here and talk. I’ll just very quickly about your book and I want to understand the difference between Archangel Angel, but so the the website is healing, powers dot net, and he for some reason to the about pages slash Laura powers instead of about but. But so far to just healing powers that, of course the link will be in description. Nice and Click Ball, so you don’t have to, but for the I know most of the people want are in cars or taking the podcast with them, as they do the choice, and here it, and did not necessarily a visual thing so I just wanted to know healing powers. All all them were dot net. and so and we’ll link to all the books as well. They are seven books out now and you working on two more credible but so the latest book is called archangels in associate ascended masters Can you help me out with this idea of archangels? What’s the difference between an Archangel and an angel? An Angel is a broad term just like an animal. It’s a very broad term. Right like includes. Cows and chickens and you know. Dogs or whatever elephants bed, angels abroad term, and then an archangels, Larry, specific type of angel that still works of humanity there angels that don’t work with humans at all, and there are a high level angel that still does work with you so when you work with an Archangel, you work with that angel as well as all the other angels that are kind of like underneath them or Or, supporting them, so it’s a very powerful type of angel that you can call him. That still works in human affairs, and what does the ended masters mean, and Masters is a being? That was human or another former than Carney.

01:00:02 – 01:05:01

Being that doesn’t need to necessarily in Kearney, but they are still choosing to help humans and others that are in car needed on their lessons and their path. I appreciate the people in the Tattenham wanting this program that go along I want to be respectful of time of very in demand, person and very busy person so I don’t to ask her that, but thank you for for asking We will try our best to get it back as soon as possible I really appreciate your time here and again I I feel like I I’m just scratching the surface here so much that I i WanNa talk to you about total seven books out now you have two more coming out and I believe I read somewhere about a television series. You get Mike be or now. I feel like it’s just a matter of time I’ve worked on various shows I’ve been Her correspondent television before and been working with a bunch of different preserve one way or the other, even if I produce it, which I may end up doing myself, because then I can just have it however I want. But yeah. It’s it’ll happen. Hosted podcasts is well like she doesn’t do enough. Host a podcast as well called healing powers. How that come out! Yeah. The weekly show and I also have a premium one. That’s a subscription. Only that’s twice a month and not to out onto what you’re. What actually host six podcasts? Because I love podcasting so much, so yeah I’m a kind of a podcast. And I love to write I do a lot because I channel a lot, so it’s like that’s for me. Now we’re GONNA have to talk about that when you come back Do you find any time just for? An kind of like our and our for yourself. It’s like. How could you wiping seven bucks and and working on two more and then do everything else you do and always appearances on network, TV and wherever you show up. How do you find time for yourself? Well? I think it’s really important to get support, so I have support of a huge amount of support in the spiritual realm ray, with all my angels and spirit guides that are constantly helping me with things, and then I have a team that helped me on the human level of eight people on my team, so that’s how I do it and. Thanks John Fan for helped me get hooked up with thank you so much for tonight again. I want to be respectful of your time and and let you go for now, but please come back a soon. Would love to I’m happy to dig into topic, but we have more to share about Hitler. If you ever want to go there. Yes, definitely. So yeah I would. I’ll talk to John Tomorrow. I’ll send them stuff, but I’m going to send you that picture of the suspect I tonight. So. Thank you for coming in and you have a great night in an really. Appreciate. This episode is brought to you by. Put me in the story. Put me in the story creates personalized books for kids by taking bestselling children’s picture books, and well up characters, and allowing you to create personalized books that make your child the star of the story alongside their favorite characters. Save twenty five percent storewide. When you click the link on mine, Dog, TV DOT COM and use the code save twenty five. We’re also sponsored by the lovely lovely Asia online stop for modern, irresistible and affordable women’s clothing. Never before has dressing yourself been so easy. Lovely carefully curated selection of apparel accessories an adult, where are always on chanted always available at the web best prices. Lovely is dedicated to bring high quality clothing to women that will make them look and feel their best may believe. Every woman has the right to dress well and shouldn’t have to spend a lot to love how she looks. They, make it easy to wear outfits. You love every day giving you the confidence to take on the world. LOVELY DOT COM summer fashion trends are now forty percent off dotting at just five ninety nine. Get an extra eighteen percent off. When you click the link on mine, dog TV DOT COM and use the code JFK eighteen. We’re also sponsored by Vapor DNA founded in twenty thirteen vapor DNA is the premier online store offering an industry leading selection of electronic cigarettes, liquids and accessory. They’re friendly and knowledgeable. Customer Service team is always ready to provide the best customer service experience to ensure you find what you’re looking for. They guarantee their products to be one hundred percent genuine, and at the lowest possible price. They’re so confident in their selection and customer service. They offer their customers eight forty five day refund houses. Save twenty percent when you click the link on mine dog PVA.

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Dot Com and use the Code Orion Q. Wild folks lower power. That was a really interesting program for me. I think Always mentioned got a download. It listen to it several times because. In a casual conversation like that, and she gave me so much to respond to that. It’s hard to keep a train of thought with questions that okay. She said the first sentence and I think wow I want to ask her about this. And by the time she’s two sentences later I. Want ask her about this. I want to ask about this lot of information to get in an hour so I’m sure you got a lot out of that and really really too to absorb so I would suggest you do what I’m GonNa do which was download it. Listen to it several times take notes. If you have to. I’ll graduate game tonight a hope. Happy with the program I know you are and I hope you tell your friends about it. You come back again. visit my youtube channel subscribe their go to mind or TV DOT COM and get on my mailing list, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at Info at my dog TV tomorrow I do not have a one o’clock in the afternoon show because I have two shows tomorrow night at eight PM. Nine PM kind of plan. Free, and loose with the with the schedule around here lately, but so I have two shows tomorrow night at eight PM, Scott Curtis and then at nine pm I have ended up Bryant Angie briers. Who is the wash whisper from Australia? Still still an or always Australians Abbott on the program and and that this technology actually worked so join me then tomorrow night at Apmt Matt for the mind. TV podcast thanks for coming good night bye. Free that the. The full. Show! Ben You. Seem, so? Change See got. Communications. allows. ME. A. Shot thanking. Dan. Thumb across the room. And said. Even! You. So. We go find A. Does. John saw. Can’t feel that the. Can’t. Stop thinking can. Can’t go. That soon. com, You Will Be. Oh. Judy. Shelf. Across the road. That’s. Even. Clearer.

Why Reality Tv Has Become Such A Favorite Pass Time

Reality TV has become a popular form of entertainment. Now, people all over the world are turning on and tuning in to see the latest hype about their favorite “real” situation and those taking part in it. Whether their interests lie on a desert island or the big city and bright lights, it is easy to find something to satisfy your yearnings.

The vast range of topics that reality TV has come to encompass has made it near to impossible to ignore, and that is, perhaps what makes this newer form of entertainment interesting to those who watch.Over the past several years, it has become more important for those living in society to connect with those around them. Reality TV allows those who watch to do just that.

No matter how indirect the connection, it’s still present and very alive. Curiosity plays a big role in this, as often times, viewers will try to put themselves in a particular situation, and figure out how they might react. The difference is it’s actually happening to someone and not made up; part of the enchantment is, it isn’t happening to the viewers, which makes it more fun to watch from afar.

Reality TV has turned into somewhat of a real-life soap opera, complete with characters whose fates are often decided in different ways. In some cases, these fates are decided by viewers, which makes it that much more intriguing. The reason for this is that people tend to care about something more when they can take an active part in it.

Reality TV has also given regular viewers the opportunity to directly participate, while just being themselves in the process. There is, however, a certain amount of falseness that must be incorporated into acting out real situations, because of the nature of television itself, but, for the most part, it’s all about real people facing real challenges.

This type of television is very unique for a couple of reasons. The shows are often relatively short in duration, and are usually broadcasted annually, so as not to saturate the airwaves and overstay its welcome. This also helps boost the ratings for each particular show, as the viewing public isn’t getting too much at one time.

Reality TV has also presented a diverse side to the entertainment industry never seen before. It has become fun and interesting to follow each participant, because he or she is a person with a real conflict, and this really matters to viewers. Whether the show is based around legality issues as seen on court TV, a competition for the next best entertainer, or survival of the fittest, the steaks are always high. This is, perhaps, why reality TV has become so captivating, and why it is, undoubtedly, here to stay.

Create your own Streaming Audio studio for under $50.00

Creating your own Streaming Audio audio studio has never been easier. There are so many great products around today that will allow you to produce high quality streaming audio for a fraction of the price it used to cost.


The first thing you will need is a compatible computer. Today every new computer is already set up with everything you will need. A basic sound card with a mic and line in jack. If you do not have a sound card they are very cheap and you can get a good one from any standard computer shop.

Next you will need a good mic. These come in all sizes and shapes with different configurations however a general all round mic like the Logitech Noise-canceling microphone is fine for beginners. I suggest you get a desk top one to start with, as you may want to move into video later and so you wont want a headset in your videos.

Of course you could go up a stage and get a preamp with a professional mic but this will start running into dollars and the whole aim of this article is to help you get started.

Next you will want to get some cables to connect up your tape recorder and other audio equipment. Again the computer stores now have packs that will connect up pretty well any device into your computer to digitize your sound. You want to record directly onto your computer however you can get those old tapes and Vinyl records into a digital format also.


Recording your audio is probably one of the most critical parts of this process and again you can get software that ranges from free to many thousands of dollars. For this exercise I suggest you download the free copy of Audacity. This is an excellent free software package that will allow you to record from your microphone or any equipment you have.

It provides excellent editing capabilities and also will allow you to edit multiple tracks and then combine them into one single track. For a quick overview of how to do this you can watch this video and also download the software


The next piece of software you will need for your studio is a converting program that will allow you to convert different formats. For example you may have a real audio file and you want to convert it to mp3. dBpoweramp is like the Swiss army knife for the audio industry and will convert just about any file to any other file format.

Convert from one format to another, just about every audio type is supported: mp3, mp4, Windows Media Audio (wma), Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Monkeys Audio, FLAC and many others whilst preserving ID Tags. It will also rip CDs for you.


If you are going to stream an mp3 direct then you may want to recompile the file to a smaller format. RazorLame is a so-called “front-end” for use with LAME. LAME is a great MP3-Encoder, it’s very fast, it produces high-quality files, has many advanced features (like Variable Bitrates and Joint-Stereo), and it’s open source. Unfortunately, it is a command line utility, and that is where RazorLame comes in: It provides an easy-to-use graphical user-interface which makes MP3-encoding even easier!

The best way to use this software is to get one file and compile in a number of different formats to test the size against quality.


There are a few different ways of streaming your new audio files. If you have Macromedia products you can simple organize this your self however there are some great third party programs around that will do it all for you at a fraction of the cost.


This is a simple piece of software that takes any mp3 or wav audio and converts the whole file into a swf file and then attaches a button so that viewers can listen on a web page without needing to download any extra software. This is because the flash plugin is on 98% of computes and if not it will automatically detect and load the small plugin. This is great for anyone not wanting to get into all the technical aspects of streaming audio.

You will not need to reduce your files at all with this program as it does it all for you. This is perfect for anyone wanting to stream one file at a time and wants to do it quickly and efficiently. It will stream even over most modem connections.



For people wanting to stream a number of files then MSIJukebox is a great alternative. This software lets you choose any number of mp3 files and then organises them using an XML file. By using the above free programs you can significantly reduce the size of these files to save on bandwidth.

Because MSIJukebox streams the actual mp3 you can also have a lot higher quality playback including stereo files. This is much better for those wanting to stream a number of very high quality mp3 files.


So there you have it. A complete studio set up for under $100. Just download all the free software and purchase any of the streaming audio products that you want. You can then create, edit and manipulate any audio files you like. You will also be able to add these audios to your website.

With the web surfer becoming much more “web savvy” than they were a year ago, they are expecting not only information but also an entertaining web experience.