Month: June 2022

Something To Say – Original music by Matt Nappo

This song was written and recorded in a 30 minute setting after my morning show, Coffee with the Dog, I was discussing poetry, my guest on the podcast the night before, the differences between lyrics and poetry and my young friend Davey, who write a lot of poetry. There is some undeniable influence of Bob Dylan at play here, but also some nods to Miska Shubaly, and a bit of Tom Waitts.

Something to Say

I’ve got something to say to no one
Or anyone who might care
Like a song that’s never been written
But I know it exists somewhere

I’ve been dusting off my old memories
And wrestling’ with my denial
Lost in the doubts of creation
Reluctantly forcing a smile

I’m waking up from a slumber
Wondering why I’m still here
When all of my friends have departed
For a destination I fear

So I’m putting my faith in you
And I’m putting my faith in us

I have something to say to my brother
And the sister I never knew
All the questions remain for my mother
Doubting I heard what was true

I’ve been writing unanswered letters
To someone I can’t bear to recall
Cowardly clinging to courage
As if that makes sense at all

Is each day a curse or a blessing
Or a chance for redemption and peace
A hostage who built his own prison
Impatiently waits for release

So I’m putting my faith in you
And I’m putting my faith in us

Why am I telling you this
What am I hoping to gain
Maybe I’m hoping that you
Might be willing to share in my pain

I’ve got something to say to clergy
And their God or whatever that is
That allows for such uncertain illusion
That compels me to  act like this

Desperately searching for meaning
Where’s there’s no meaning at all
Knowing it doesn’t matter
If I should jump or I fall 

And if I’m still here tomorrow
Maybe let’s do this again
I really just want to say thank you
Cause everyone needs a friend

So I’m putting my faith in you
And I’m putting my faith in us