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Why ProActive – What Is The Need?

Every product or service is designed and created to fill a need. Tom Maggio explains to Matt the need ProActive-CCTV Data Storage & Monitoring fills and why it’s in high demand.

Who Is ProActive-CCTV For?

Tom responds to a question from a linkedin audience member about what types of businesses need ProActive-CCTV data storage & monitoring

The Search For The Magic Codec – What Makes ProActive-CCTV Different?

Tom Maggio explains tom Matt how ProActive is able to storage massive amounts of data more efficiently than any codec could..

Making It Affordable

Tom Explains to Matt how huge the savings are with ProActive ove traditional storage and backup systems.

How Long Do You Backup Your Video Surveillance Footage?

Tom explains how business determine how long to back up their video.

My Filmmaking Journey – No Budget Films, Auditorium 6, Notes from Melanie & More!

Welcome to the first episode of a new segment dedicated to my filmmaking journey. This segment will track my progress as I work toward directing films full time. I’d like to be more open, and share with you my goals, ideas, behind the scenes footage and info about our films. My hope is that this segment can inspire you as much as you all have me.

Please visit http://aaronjmorton.com to learn more about my friend and composer Aaron J. Morton. This is NOT sponsored by him. Nothing in this video is sponsored.