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G-Man – John Iannarelli – Former FBI Agent – Criminal, Cyber, and Counter Intel Investigations

John Iannarelli retired from the FBI after more than 20 years of service, during which time he was the FBI’s National Spokesperson, on the FBI Cyber Division executive staff, an FBI SWAT team member, and the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Phoenix Division, where he oversaw all Criminal, Cyber, and Counter-Intelligence Investigations throughout Arizona.

We talk about the dark web, terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime, cyber security, conspiracy theories, the mafia, antifa, domestic terror , protesters, police corruption and much more.


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George Floyd – The Last Straw

Are we tired of enough of seeing black men murdered by bad cops to do something about it yet? Is seeing the 4 cops responsible for his death held accountable enough? Are there actions we as a people need to take now to finally say enough is enough. Open call – in with your thoughts.

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