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Learning from The Best

Learning to tell a story with visuals sometimes is as easy as watching. It helps to have someone who knows things watch with you sometimes. Herte, we have that in a clip from the Youtube channel Every Frame a Painting.

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How do you film a conversation? Most likely, you’re going to block the actors, set up the camera, and do shot/reverse shot. But where do you put the camera? What lens do you use? And how do you cut back and forth? Today, I consider the Coen brothers — Joel & Ethan — and see how these choices lend a particular feel to their version of shot/reverse shot.

Your Favorite Classic Tv Shows

Some of us can remember that being youngsters i…Classic television will never be completely forgotten or out of style as it brought so much to television screens in living rooms across the country.

Watching reruns of classic TV shows will never fall out of fashion either. Not with those of us who grew up watching and learning from these classic TV shows. And not with the new generation of classic TV fans that the re-airing of these classics in television are creating now.

Some of us can remember that being youngsters in the 70s we rushed home from school to get started on finishing our homework right away so that we could watch such classic TV shows as Gilligans Island and I Love Lucy before suppertime. Some of our primetime classic TV selections included Bewitched, Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, Green Acres, and The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, and The Partridge family.

Some of these classic TV shows were still being filmed into the 80s and were joined by what are now also classic television shows we remember fondly and still enjoy watching today. Laverne & Shirley, One Day at a Time, Welcome Back Kotter, Barretta, Starsky & Hutch, Hillstreet Blues, and Mork & Mindy. When Cagney & Lacey hit the classic TV scene in the 80s, young women were empowered to dream of going into professions usually reserved for males as these two women fought crime on the mean streets of NYC and in the sometimes equally mean environment of the male dominated workplace.

Our Saturday mornings were reserved for Fat Albert and the Gang, Scooby Doo, and the Jetsons. Sunday evenings we watched classic television such as Hee Haw and Disney Family Showcase Theatre. The raunchy, pushed to the limits reality television programs that have replaced old TV shows on most networks today have nothing on those classic TV shows from the 70s and 80s. We learned true family values from the Bradys the Waltons, The Ingals Family, and the Partridges, not to mention the Cleavers in Leave it to Beaver, and Timmy, his Mom and super canine hero and friend, Lassie.

These classic TV shows from the 70s and 80s continue to teach the family values that would otherwise be lost to the generation of children now growing up in broken homes, in families headed by only one parent, or in families in which both parents are forced to work just to make ends meet.

Those old classic TV shows taught the importance of moral values and the strength and wisdom found with several generations of a family living together or close by to one another .

  • We learned how to share with one another and how to make friends.
  • We learned that it was important to never lie to our parents and that they would always love us no matter what mistakes we made.
  • We learned that there were solutions to every problem, no matter how big or small they might be.
  • We learned to believe in ourselves and to dream big. We learned about falling in love and how to mend a broken heart.
  • We learned all of this and so much more from these classic TV shows that will live on in those of us who have come to love them and through the television networks still brave enough to provide a platform for quality, family values shows like classic TV shows.

For many of us these shows are so ingrained in our memories it is as if Ritchie, Potsie and Mouth were our high school chums and we were right there with them throughout all of the teenage angst and mischief they got into. At the time many of us would sit and wonder what it would be like to be a Brady or Partridge.

Who among us didn’t wish we owned the General Lee and could do some off- roading that rivaled that of the Duke brothers? Mork made us hopeful that it there was life on other planets, that they would be as hilarious and ready to make friends as he was. Oh and how many of our big brothers shot BB guns into the ground when Mom wasn’t looking because they were intent on finding oil and becoming millionaires like good ol’ Jed Clampett did?

Okay so not everything we learned from these classic TV shows was something Mom was thrilled to find us reenacting. But is sure was a whole lot of fun. Classic TV encouraged you to use your imagination. Not at all like the mindless stuff that permeates television and our children our bombarded with today that spark little, if any imagination.

No, classic television will never be completely forgotten or go out of style. There are too many of us old and young who will keep the demand for these old TV shows alive.

~Ben Anton 2007

Why Reality Tv Has Become Such A Favorite Pass Time

Reality TV has become a popular form of entertainment. Now, people all over the world are turning on and tuning in to see the latest hype about their favorite “real” situation and those taking part in it. Whether their interests lie on a desert island or the big city and bright lights, it is easy to find something to satisfy your yearnings.

The vast range of topics that reality TV has come to encompass has made it near to impossible to ignore, and that is, perhaps what makes this newer form of entertainment interesting to those who watch.Over the past several years, it has become more important for those living in society to connect with those around them. Reality TV allows those who watch to do just that.

No matter how indirect the connection, it’s still present and very alive. Curiosity plays a big role in this, as often times, viewers will try to put themselves in a particular situation, and figure out how they might react. The difference is it’s actually happening to someone and not made up; part of the enchantment is, it isn’t happening to the viewers, which makes it more fun to watch from afar.

Reality TV has turned into somewhat of a real-life soap opera, complete with characters whose fates are often decided in different ways. In some cases, these fates are decided by viewers, which makes it that much more intriguing. The reason for this is that people tend to care about something more when they can take an active part in it.

Reality TV has also given regular viewers the opportunity to directly participate, while just being themselves in the process. There is, however, a certain amount of falseness that must be incorporated into acting out real situations, because of the nature of television itself, but, for the most part, it’s all about real people facing real challenges.

This type of television is very unique for a couple of reasons. The shows are often relatively short in duration, and are usually broadcasted annually, so as not to saturate the airwaves and overstay its welcome. This also helps boost the ratings for each particular show, as the viewing public isn’t getting too much at one time.

Reality TV has also presented a diverse side to the entertainment industry never seen before. It has become fun and interesting to follow each participant, because he or she is a person with a real conflict, and this really matters to viewers. Whether the show is based around legality issues as seen on court TV, a competition for the next best entertainer, or survival of the fittest, the steaks are always high. This is, perhaps, why reality TV has become so captivating, and why it is, undoubtedly, here to stay.

The. Key To Creative Imagination

Inventive creative mind is something beyond dynamic creative mind. To have the option to effectively envision things, to see and hear things in one’s psyche, is a significant capacity. It doesn’t need to include a lot of inventiveness, however, isn’t that right? Wandering off in fantasy land, for instance, is a procedure of creative mind. It can comprise of a detailed dreamland, yet one brimming with all the things that numerous individuals consider.

Innovative creative mind, at that point, needs to incorporate the capacity to envision things, however to envision unique things. It is seeing things that others don’t see, and concocting new thoughts. So how would you develop this?

Inventive Imagination 101

To start with, practice your fundamental creative mind. It very well may be as straightforward as suspecting in pictures more, or tuning in to music in your brain. Play little “motion pictures” in your brain, until you can watch them on order. This is a basic procedure, yet for those of us that can only with significant effort do it normally, it can take a great deal of training. Luckily, it’s anything but a disagreeable movement.

The second piece of building up your inventive creative mind is to get progressively innovative in your reasoning and envisioning. Start by focusing on your innovativeness. Our intuitive personalities give us a greater amount of what we focus on. Overlook innovative parts of your life, and you’re telling your intuitive they are irrelevant. Then again, on the off chance that you note when you’re innovative, your subliminal psyche will begin taking care of you progressively imaginative thoughts.

Distinctive environment can likewise energize your imagination. Need greater imagination in your affection life? Climb up a mountain with your accomplice. Do you compose? Give sitting a shot a rooftop to compose. Need new thoughts for your business? Take a journal to the recreation center and sit by the duck lake. A difference in condition can receive your deduction in return grooves.

You can mess around that activity your inventive creative mind. One such game uses a procedure called “idea mix.” Alone or with different players, you consolidate arbitrary ideas or things in new manners, to see who has the best thought. A thermometer and a bulletin, for instance, could produce a thought for a sign that checks the climate and modifies the message as needs be (“Come in out of the warmth for a chilly drink,” or “Escape the rain and warm up with our gourmet coffee.”).

Try not to Wait For Creative Imagination

Inventive motivation unquestionably can strike whenever, however it strikes all the more frequently when there is work as opposed to pausing. So on the off chance that you need to concoct imaginative innovations, start intellectually overhauling all that you see. Envision a superior bike, a quicker mail administration, or a superior seat. Proceed with this for three weeks, and it will end up being a propensity.

Obviously, innovative creative mind goes past taking care of explicit issues or designing things. Genuinely imaginative personalities are continually concocting the inquiries as well, not simply the arrangements. On the off chance that you need to be progressively inventive constantly, center around three things:

1. Changing your point of view. A youngster may feel that working just to not attempt (to resign) is senseless. Thinking from that viewpoint may give you thoughts for how to bring in cash doing things you appreciate. Considering the to be as a bear sees it may give a painter inventive new thoughts. Taking a gander at things from a client’s point of view is a certain method to discover imaginative enhancements for a business. See everything from a few points of view.

2. Testing your suppositions. Imagine a scenario where cafés didn’t have workers. Guests pay a machine as they enter, feed themselves at a smorgasbord, and everything is as computerized as could be allowed, so one proprietor administrator could run a huge eatery alone. Challenge every one of your suspicions for training. Do you truly need to pay lease? Do pools need water? Can practice be a terrible thing?

3. Let your thoughts go out of control. Does a flying bed appear to be senseless? It could prompt the idea of a helium sleeping cushion. At the point when you get off it toward the beginning of the day, it drifts off the beaten path, up to the roof. Ideal for little lofts. Try not to smother your innovativeness. Unwind, and let thoughts come. You can generally dispose of them later.

For these systems to be an ongoing piece of your reasoning, use them consistently. Since it takes half a month to build up a propensity, remind yourself to utilize them every day. Scribble a couple of your preferred procedures on a card and convey it with you. Look it over for the duration of the day and apply the systems to anything. Before long, you’ll have an increasingly inventive creative mind.

Joining the key methodology of narrating alongside the right attitude, you can accomplish your most out of this world fantasies!

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The Power Of Storytelling

Every single day as we are building our organizations, we as a whole realize the way in to a fruitful introduction is an item being offered to the end-line customer as well as supporting another individual. In an up and coming issue, I will expound on the contrast between making a deal and having client devotion in the business procedure. In the business procedure, you are battling various sorts of creatures. For the majority of us who are in direct deals, you have 45 minutes to introduce an item/business idea and cause an individual to put stock in you, your item, and all the more critically have them settle on a choice that they need what you are advertising.

At the point when you are introducing the business, it is extremely simple for you to get true and totally lose the enthusiasm of your possibility. At the point when you recount to an anecdote about the accomplishment of somebody who is utilizing the item or have an individual give a live tribute about the amount they love being a merchant, you will keep the enthusiasm of new individuals who are tuning in just because.

For the greater part of us, the first run through in our lives that we were ever given the idea of a live crowd was back in kindergarten when we played “sharing time”. Everybody was constantly keen on what you were stating in light of the fact that you were basically recounting to a story. We have all known about the popular K.I.S.S. rule: Keep It Simple Stupid. While introducing your business or item, the key play is to recount to a story and keep it straightforward. Everybody can identify with the grandma, who can discuss their grandkid as the most excellent, valuable kid on the planet. She will cause you to feel as though her grandkid would be such a blessing to possess as your own. You have to take that equivalent effortlessness and use it during your introduction and make a similar outcome – responsibility for item.

As you recount stories, individuals will recall those accounts versus the real factors on the planet. “Realities TELL, BUT STORIES SELL.” They should need to engage in your business or buy your item since the entirety of the examples of overcoming adversity that you told. Individuals love to be a piece of a triumphant group. Narrating keeps individuals integrated with you and your introduction. I generally state if all else fails during an introduction, recount to a story so as to take individuals’ consideration back to you. At the point when I present, I ALWAYS recount to numerous accounts since when I was first acquainted with direct deals, what livened my ears was an account of a youngster who had a way of life I needed. The individual story of her way of life is the thing that caused me to choose to engage in the business. In that business, I proceeded to fabricate a gigantic association and everything I did was recount to my story and recount to the organization’s story again and again!

Joining the key technique of narrating alongside the right mentality, you can accomplish your most out of this world fantasies!

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Create your own Streaming Audio studio for under $50.00

Creating your own Streaming Audio audio studio has never been easier. There are so many great products around today that will allow you to produce high quality streaming audio for a fraction of the price it used to cost.


The first thing you will need is a compatible computer. Today every new computer is already set up with everything you will need. A basic sound card with a mic and line in jack. If you do not have a sound card they are very cheap and you can get a good one from any standard computer shop.

Next you will need a good mic. These come in all sizes and shapes with different configurations however a general all round mic like the Logitech Noise-canceling microphone is fine for beginners. I suggest you get a desk top one to start with, as you may want to move into video later and so you wont want a headset in your videos.

Of course you could go up a stage and get a preamp with a professional mic but this will start running into dollars and the whole aim of this article is to help you get started.

Next you will want to get some cables to connect up your tape recorder and other audio equipment. Again the computer stores now have packs that will connect up pretty well any device into your computer to digitize your sound. You want to record directly onto your computer however you can get those old tapes and Vinyl records into a digital format also.


Recording your audio is probably one of the most critical parts of this process and again you can get software that ranges from free to many thousands of dollars. For this exercise I suggest you download the free copy of Audacity. This is an excellent free software package that will allow you to record from your microphone or any equipment you have.

It provides excellent editing capabilities and also will allow you to edit multiple tracks and then combine them into one single track. For a quick overview of how to do this you can watch this video and also download the software


The next piece of software you will need for your studio is a converting program that will allow you to convert different formats. For example you may have a real audio file and you want to convert it to mp3. dBpoweramp is like the Swiss army knife for the audio industry and will convert just about any file to any other file format.

Convert from one format to another, just about every audio type is supported: mp3, mp4, Windows Media Audio (wma), Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Monkeys Audio, FLAC and many others whilst preserving ID Tags. It will also rip CDs for you.


If you are going to stream an mp3 direct then you may want to recompile the file to a smaller format. RazorLame is a so-called “front-end” for use with LAME. LAME is a great MP3-Encoder, it’s very fast, it produces high-quality files, has many advanced features (like Variable Bitrates and Joint-Stereo), and it’s open source. Unfortunately, it is a command line utility, and that is where RazorLame comes in: It provides an easy-to-use graphical user-interface which makes MP3-encoding even easier!

The best way to use this software is to get one file and compile in a number of different formats to test the size against quality.


There are a few different ways of streaming your new audio files. If you have Macromedia products you can simple organize this your self however there are some great third party programs around that will do it all for you at a fraction of the cost.


This is a simple piece of software that takes any mp3 or wav audio and converts the whole file into a swf file and then attaches a button so that viewers can listen on a web page without needing to download any extra software. This is because the flash plugin is on 98% of computes and if not it will automatically detect and load the small plugin. This is great for anyone not wanting to get into all the technical aspects of streaming audio.

You will not need to reduce your files at all with this program as it does it all for you. This is perfect for anyone wanting to stream one file at a time and wants to do it quickly and efficiently. It will stream even over most modem connections.



For people wanting to stream a number of files then MSIJukebox is a great alternative. This software lets you choose any number of mp3 files and then organises them using an XML file. By using the above free programs you can significantly reduce the size of these files to save on bandwidth.

Because MSIJukebox streams the actual mp3 you can also have a lot higher quality playback including stereo files. This is much better for those wanting to stream a number of very high quality mp3 files.


So there you have it. A complete studio set up for under $100. Just download all the free software and purchase any of the streaming audio products that you want. You can then create, edit and manipulate any audio files you like. You will also be able to add these audios to your website.

With the web surfer becoming much more “web savvy” than they were a year ago, they are expecting not only information but also an entertaining web experience.

A Brief History of Podcasting

Ever wonder about the evolution of the podcast? While podcasting is a comparatively young technology it still has a rather fascinating albeit brief history. The background of the word, “podcast” is quite fascinating and is reflective of the dynamic nature of the Internet community.

Podcasting is a term that was only coined in 2004, combining two words: iPod and broadcasting. Ironically, this definition is somewhat of a misnomer since neither component is completely accurate. Neither podcasting nor listening to podcasts requires an iPod or other portable player. In fact, podcasts can be listened to on any mp3 enabled device including a desktop computer. The name association came about simply because Apple Computer’s iPod was the best-selling portable digital audio player when podcasting began. What’s more, no over-the-air broadcasting is required either.

Even the editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary jumped on the podcasting bandwagon by declaring “podcasting” word of the year for 2005. The term was defined as “a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player.” The word will be added to the online version of the dictionary during their next update.

The term, podcasting was coined by journalist, Ben Hammersley, and then popularized by former MTV VJ and media entrepreneur, Adam Curry. Mr. Curry created an Applescript application that automated the process of downloading and syncing audio files to iPods.

Other names or alternative interpretations of the letters, “P-O-D” were proposed, the most popular of which was “Personal On Demand”. Technology writer, Doc Searls came up with this phrase back in September, 2004. Terms such as “audio-blogging”, audio magazines” and “web-casting” have also been offered to describe this unique form of media distribution.

Other “pod”-derived phrases include “podcasters” (those who create podcasts) and “podcatchers” the special RSS aggregators which periodically check for and download new content automatically. Podcatching software enables the user to copy podcasts to portable music & video players.

The popularity of podcasting is spreading like wildfire because of the rapid adoption of MP3 players and the desire of consumers to have fresh content. Podcasting has flourished because it gives people more control over what they listen to, and the freedom to take their programs with them with them.

Not since blogging has a technology seemed so unexpected and been so quickly and widely adopted as podcasting. Growth in this nascent industry is expected to accelerate quickly due to the rapid acceptance of the technology by the radio broadcast industry in 2005 and Apple’s iTunes distribution. The rising popularity of podcasts is challenging conventional radio’s broadcasting model.

While iTunes is less than two years old, roughly 4.8 million people downloaded a podcast in 2005, as compared with just over 800,000 in 2004. And 11.4 million listeners are expected this year, according to research from The Diffusion Group. Already the Apple iTunes service offers 15,000 podcasts and listeners have signed up for more than 7 million subscriptions.

A study by Bridge Ratings in November 2005 with radio listeners in ten national markets showed that approximately 20% of users who have ever downloaded and listened to a podcast do soon a weekly basis. This group downloads an average of six podcasts per week and spends approximately four hours a month listening to the podcasts they download.

This study projected even more dramatic growth in the industry in the future. According to Bridge Ratings, by 2010, podcast audience growth is expected to reach a conservative 45 million users who will have ever listened to a podcast. Aggressive estimates place this number closer to 75 million by this date.

How does this affect you?

With podcast listening rising exponentially, podcasts offer you a very powerful tool for promoting your products or services. The great thing about podcasts is that they are relatively easy and inexpensive to create. Podcasting can help ensure a closer relationship with your target audiences by providing them with engaging, informative and frequent updates about the goings on in your industry. If you have a website then there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a podcast available as it’s not difficult to set up and can bring a significant increase in traffic to your site. So in short podcasting should be a vital component of any online marketing campaign.

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Funny bones: Comedy podcasts on the net

Podcasts are enjoying a growing popularity all over the world. Its unique delivery system (podcast files in MP3 format being downloaded into computers automatically upon subscription) and the fact that you can bring it and listen to it anywhere through portable music players is contributing to its continually increasing subscriber base. Of course, the fact that it is all free is a big attraction for anyone, and add to that the relatively easy way of availing this great new application. All one needs is an internet connection and a computer the portable player itself is an optional accessory and not needed to really enjoy listening podcasts.

There are so many available podcasts on the internet catering to so many genres. In fact, the available genres offered by podcasts are so much diverse than what is offered in regular radio programming. One of the most popular podcast genres though are so-called comedy podcasts. These types of podcasts consistently rate at the very top of any podcast countdown on the internet. This attests to its massive popularity.

There could be many reasons why comedy podcasts seem to have captured the attention and following of so many computer users and podcast fans all over the world. The light hearted nature of the podcasts as well as the silly subjects that are discussed are just perfect for the medium. There are also comedy podcasts that take the usual interview format with celebrities and gives its a hilarious spin. Imagine having a very stressful day at work, or you are stuck in rush hour traffic and the wait is driving you crazy. Nothing could alleviate those negative feelings more than hearing hilarious banter or commentaries on your portable music player. The comedy could distract you from the stress or from the boredom. Comedy podcasts are also a good genre to mix with the music in your portable player. After listening to your favorite albums you can kick back and just let your hair down with those zany comedy podcasts.

There are so many different comedy podcasts to choose from that one would be hard pressed to just pick one. Below are some of the most popular comedy podcasts available on the internet:

The Ricky Gervais podcast The funny star of the British sitcom The Office has began making podcasts. Gervais is as funny as ever. This is British comedy at its best.

The Presidents Weekly Radio Address This is the official parody of the US presidents weekly radio address. Pres. Bushs weekly address is lampooned every week by these witty writers

Gay Fun Show called the Love Boat of podcasts, hear political comedy given an unmistakable gay twist by its two hosts. These guys also interview different celebrities with their gay aplomb.

Comedy 365 another outstanding British-based comedy podcast. This is one of the most popular Brit-comedy podcasts on the net and is worth checking out.

Infected by Martin Sargent TechTV host Martin Sargent brings his zany and hilarious wit in his tour of the most cutting edge, most humourous, and weirdest content on the internet.

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