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Phil Strangolagalli – Jesus Loves Movies

Drama. Comedy. Thriller. Action. Jesus loves them all. And yes, even horror movies. Why? Because movies mean a lot to us. We quote them on the daily and they influence our lives. So, if Jesus loves us, don’t you think that movies would also mean a lot to Him? Isn’t He supposed to be personal? Cinema is a spiritual sanctuary. It can be a place of healing, a place where you can hear the validating voice of a personal and very present God.


Film Making Basics: Everything you need to know in 8 minutes!

Following the success of my last video on this, I’ve done a re-vamped tutorial on what I think is the most important base knowledge for making films. I hope this is useful!

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My Filmmaking Journey – No Budget Films, Auditorium 6, Notes from Melanie & More!

Welcome to the first episode of a new segment dedicated to my filmmaking journey. This segment will track my progress as I work toward directing films full time. I’d like to be more open, and share with you my goals, ideas, behind the scenes footage and info about our films. My hope is that this segment can inspire you as much as you all have me.

Please visit http://aaronjmorton.com to learn more about my friend and composer Aaron J. Morton. This is NOT sponsored by him. Nothing in this video is sponsored.