The Longest Podcast In History

MinddogTV Podathon
MinddogTV Podathon
The Longest Podcast In History

From 9:00am EST on 1/20/22 – 1:00am EST on 1/22/22 Matt Nappo, AKA minddog, Carl Mann, and Jamie Dykes hosted the Podathon to benefit The Andy Andrist Cancer Fund. Over 40 hours of continuous podcasting, live-streamed with video.

Guests included:
James Inman
Kristen Becker
Chris Monte
Glenn Wool
Brett Erickson
Scott Curtis
Andy Baker
Jeremy Norrie
Kermit Apio
Sam Tallent
Rich Walker
Billy Wayne Davis
Craig Mitchell
Stu Pankin
Jackey Neyman
Brett Brock
LiveStream Consc – Mike Z
Henry Phillips
Augie Smith
Dr Brendon Walsh esq Bee Man. – WRP
Paul Provenzo
John Poveromo
Logan Fry
Hank Porter
Christine Ladevig
Jeff Dwoskin
Sondro Iocolano
John Ferrentino
Jeff Altman
Mike Grief
Dominick Morra
George Willoughby
Sug Wallace
Derek Sheen
Carlos Valencia
Jake Danger Jolley
Tim Easy – Suck It Ukely
Drew Smith
Karen Bella
Brother Dave

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  1. KingArthur says:

    The Guinness Book requires $20,000 to recognize this so we’re starting our own book.

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