Jamie Dykes has been doing  stand up comedy since 2019 and continues to evolve his material. Not a family friendly comic which is evident within the first minute of his set.

He has a no compromise approach to his unique brand of dark comedy, delivering his jokes regardless of and without taking into consideration the audience in the room.

Jamie takes his anxiety and anger to the stage, using the mic like a soldier would use a gun in the depths of a psychotic episode in a war zone, taking no prisoners. Not only does he bring the laughter on stage he also delivers when on a podcast.

Podcasting was a simple pass time during the pandemic, but now it has evolved into his passion and is ambitious to push it to the next level.

Carl Mann was fascinated by comedy and comedians before he was in double figures. Loving classic specials way too young, Carl was hooked, although quoting Eddie Murphy to his parents wasn’t advised.

Carl is now a UK comedian and podcaster, often seen performing in Bristol, Birmingham & the Midlands, London, South Wales, and the south coast. Carl has also performed at Bushfest 2020 and 2021 and Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021. Carl has also MC’d and produced several shows. Carl’s comedy has been described as dark, thoughtful, weird, self deprecating and autobiographical.

In late 2019, Carl started The Last Rites podcast to talk to comedians and create an accessible platform. In 2022 Carl co-hosted a marathon charity podcast, hosting comedians and artists from the United States. In March 2022, Carl co-launched Of Dykes & Mann on the minddogtv platform, bringing his unique brand of humour, comedy characters, sketches and interviews to a new audience.

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