Jill Smoller – Compassion and Corruption: A candid look behind nursing home doors

Compassion and Corruption: A Candid Look Behind Nursing Home Doors is a colorful and unsparing exposé of the nursing home industry, revealing the truths about inept government oversight, greedy and corrupt owners, and the vulnerable residents they are tasked to serve. This book offers an authentic and transparent look at nursing home life through poignant, humorous and sometimes shocking anecdotes, framed by research-based commentary on the most pressing issues facing today’s nursing homes. From her first assignment as the night shift nurse in a New York State nursing home, to her latter days as the administrator at Robinwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, author Jill Smoller brings the reader inside the day-to-day decisions and dramas that unfold in these misunderstood facilities. Her dramatic, first-person account is a reminder that no amount of training can properly prepare a patient, caregiver, or family member for what actually takes place inside nursing homes.This is a “must read” for anyone who has a loved one in a nursing home or anyone who is considering nursing home placement. From professional guidance on selecting a nursing home to understanding how the industry operates, the book provides a wealth of insightful and honest perspectives on life behind nursing home doors. For healthcare workers in the industry, the book is a refreshing voice, and a confirmation of truths that are generally left unsaid.

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