Adam Nutter – Just For Laughs – Stand Up Comedy

Former NYPD Police Officer now Stand Up Comedian/Host Of Nerds w/ Words Podcast Adam Nutter talks with the Dog for a few laughs on a Monday night. We talk about him being a Police Officer, Stand up Comedy, and his podcast. You can find Adam on twitter @adamnutter @nerdswithwords1 and instagram @adam_nutter @nerdswithwords1

Living a “Big Life” – Derick Van Ness – Financial Lessons For Wealth Building

Derick Van Ness – Derick, founder of Big Life Financial, is looking to help business owners create financial certainty and confidence by teaching them about tax incentives and rebates people are missing to help get money back from the IRS, as well as how to become your own bank without a finance degree. Derick is focused on removing the mystery and misinformation surrounding money and financial strategy so people can live their BIGGEST LIFE!


Visiting Dooner's World – Anything Goes – Rock- Zappa -Comedy- Podcasting – Cameo – Life

Mike Muldoon, musician/podcast host joins me to talk about music and his eclectic show. We rap Rock- Zappa -Comedy- Podcasting – Cameo and life. He has had some cool guests and is quickly putting together a catalog of shows. He has great energy and brings fun conversation to the table.


Forward. Digital. Thinking- JONATHON HENSLEY

Jonathon Hensley is CEO of Emerge Interactive, a digital product agency, where he works with clients to transform business strategies, user needs and new technologies into valuable products and services.

An accomplished writer and speaker, Jonathon has lectured on topics such as the connected consumer’s impact on business, creating value through data-driven experiences, and user-centric approaches to innovation. In 2012 he was recognized in the Portland Business Journal’s “40 under 40” as one of Portland’s emerging professional and community leaders.

Under Jonathon’s stewardship Emerge Interactive has committed to a simple philosophy: The relationship between Emerge and its clients should exist to create real and lasting value. To change the conversation. To move people to action. To inspire and motivate a team to focus on what matters.


Ghostwriting – The World Needs Your Story – Laura Gale

Laura Gale is a ghostwriter, editor, publisher, podcast co-host, and the founder of Laura Is Writing. Laura puts in all the footwork for business owners/entrepreneurs to write their business books, memoirs, and how-to guides for a lasting legacy. She has also worked on the personal memoirs of Nelson Mandela, Tina Fey, and Michael Palin, as well as JK Rowling’s post- Harry Potter novels and the Twilight phenomenon!

Orest Komarnycky – The Old Guy

Orest is a 67 year old podcaster at , blogger at , internet marketer, standup comedian and former periodontal regenerative surgeon that lives, in his new found home, Las Vegas, NV with his wife. His podcast can be found at .They are empty nesters with two college age children.
When you meet Orest you will be surprised (the cover the not match the content) to find him funny, edgy and very casual most of the time. His wife and kids often have to tell him to “grow up”. If you piss him off you will find that he can turn into a DICK real fast.
He really enjoys spending time with his wife and kids!!!!! Drinkin fine liquor and smoking cigars while watching UFC, football and basketball are favorite pastimes. He falls asleep during baseball and soccer. Occasionally he will read a book if there are a lot of pictures in it.
For keeping fit Orest likes to lift heavy weights, hike and now training for a Spartan Race.
Orest is looking to live the next stages of his life full of kick ass shit. He wants to share those experiences with you and wants to hear about yours.
Orest spends a lot of time in the anti-aging space interviewing doctors and scientist on cutting edge medical therapies. He share that with his tribe “Helping Older Guys Create Kick Ass Lives for Themselves and Those They Love”. Orest is not just about health, he has his vices which he enjoys. He can be followed on his podcast at
His most recent venture into performance is deals with cutting edge medical therapies to treat Erectile Dysfunction/Dissatisfaction. To find out more go to

G-Man – John Iannarelli – Former FBI Agent – Criminal, Cyber, and Counter Intel Investigations

John Iannarelli retired from the FBI after more than 20 years of service, during which time he was the FBI’s National Spokesperson, on the FBI Cyber Division executive staff, an FBI SWAT team member, and the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Phoenix Division, where he oversaw all Criminal, Cyber, and Counter-Intelligence Investigations throughout Arizona.

We talk about the dark web, terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime, cyber security, conspiracy theories, the mafia, antifa, domestic terror , protesters, police corruption and much more.

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School Of Love – Monica Parikh – Turning Heartbreak Into Victory

School Of Love – Monica Parikh – Turning Heartbreak Into Victory
Monica Parikh found her calling after working through the personal trauma of the end of her marriage. After studying psychology, spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, ethics, quantum physics, and non-violent communication, she founded School of Love NYC, where she teaches a global audience about love, psychology and higher consciousness. Her unique and comprehensive curriculum gives clients practical skills in emotional intelligence to build healthy relationships.