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Dr. Janet Presser Interview

Dr. Janet has studied team interaction in academic, clinical, and business settings for well over 25 years, and has shared her expertise in the areas of human metrics and measurements, workforce planning, and human capital assessment with professional organizations as well as clients from start-ups to multinationals.

Bradley Hopp Interview

Co-founder of Teshuah Tea Company as a way to help others especially those who
have been abused and forgotten by the rest of society. His business partner
Andrew is a missionary to Asia. Not only does he work with leper villages and the
underground church in communist countries, he and his team also rescue girls
trapped in sex slavery.

Stop Drinking – No 12 Step Program – This Works!

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Subliminal programming trains your subconscious mind to reject alcohol. Watch this from start to finish 3 times and you will never drink again. This works.

Donnie Vapor Interview

Donnie is an independent singer/songwriter who is:
• Raising awareness for Pulmonary Fibrosis!
• Inspiring people to live their life to the fullest despite any and all curve balls that life may have thrown at them!
•Offering his original music to the world!

Cure Insomnia with Subliminal Suggestion- It WORKS!

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Cure your insomnia with powerful hypnotic suggestion that penetrates your subconscious mind. Get a better quality of life and a good night’s sleep.

Go Beyond Digital Marketing

Social Media and web site marketing are not enough. We can get your business featured by local news , on TV, print and on the web. Make an impact your target audience will respond to and take action on. Call (631) 496 6464

Alex Decourville Interview

Alex is an actor/writer who has created his own Amazon Prime series, Pinheads, as well as his first feature film, Science Boy’s High School Reunion, a wacky comedy about a superhero who ends up having to go to his high school reunion.