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Minddog examines the healing power of music with guest Bill Protzmann. Bill Protzmann’s mission is to raise awareness of the power of music as self-care. He is the world’s leading expert on the power of music for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, holds magna cum laude degrees in piano performance and creative writing, and has led a successful IT consulting practice for more than 30 years. In 2011, Bill launched Music Care Inc, a for-purpose corporation to teach and advocate for practical ways music can be used for your self-care. He was recognized by the National Council for Behavioral Health with an Award of Excellence in 2014 – the industry equivalent of winning an Oscar.



Minddog follows up on Flat Earth with David Weiss from Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole. Davis is recognized as an authority on Flat Earth and offer some surprising ideas and insights into why be went from hard core skeptic to a leader in the movement. Among the ideas stated: The South Pole is not real, Gravity doesn't exist, Einstein was a fraud, and the mysterious "they" keep the masses brainwashed about the "globe" to keep us controlled.



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Minddog interviews Lisa Polizzi, a working singer and entertainer who Minddog calls the hardest working woman in show business. The focus is on the day-to-day behind the scenes life of someone pursuing a passion or a dream. We talk a little about the new reality TV show Being Lisa Polizzi on MinddogTV on Roku and some of the challenges to keeping two bands and a solo career on track.


Mike Pachan CEO | Business Development | #golikehell Find Mountain Made Online! https://www.mountainmade.life/ Mike shares his vast knowledge of cannabis, CBD, Hemp, the business aspects, as well as the medicinal and recreation uses. We will learn about marijuana, edibles, oils, creams, from the cultivation and product testing perspective. This is a great CBD 101 starter course.


Minddog vents about the decline of literacy and the lack of interest in reading and the effect they have on society. Interview with Author Stephanie Grey about her new work The Immortal Prudence Blackwood. Link: https://www.bhcpress.com/Books_Grey_Immortal_Prudence_Blackwood.html

Books mentioned in this episode:

Brief Answers To Big Questions

The Ultimate Evil


Asking for listeners to suggest sounds for the F-Bomb meter and vote on whether to do another show on flat Earth.


Minddog looks for answers to the question about why everyday normal people gravitate towards ideas like believing the Earth is flat. Through an interview with a true-believer and interaction with social media groups dedicated to the theory we unlock some hidden in plain site reasons why people get started with different conspiracy theories. In the end, we find the truth is darker than it appears at first glance.


Chris Fisher from Brooklyn, NY is interviewed.
Minddog introduces the F Bomb Meter

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Episode Summary

We explore cancel culture and its effect on standup comedy. Featured guests Max Pollack, Victoria Arnstein, Sonny So Funny, Jason Hillman, and Leon the Jokester.

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  1. Interesting segment. Your guest reminds me of Col. Jack D Ripper in the movie Dr Strangelove who, when faced with erectile dysfunction, decided it must be a government conspiracy – it must be flouride in the water that leads to impotence!

    • I’ll have to look that up. Personally, I find all the erectile talk hard to swallow. It’s hard to get a good grasp of the subject and that rubs me the wrong way. I’d hate to bite off more than I can chew with a topic that is loaded with possible double meanings.

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