OFF THE CUFF - Healthy Cooking with Craig Mitchell

Actor, Comedian and now Amateur Chef Craig Mitchell brings you "OFF THE CUFF: HEALTHY COOKING WITH CRAIG MITCHELL."  On  September 8th 2016 Craig felt faint hours after dinner and at the weight of 385 lbs he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He then immediately embraced a healthier lifestyle with a concentration of lowering his daily intake of carbs. Since then, Craig has lost 100 lbs and since Feb 5th 2017 he successfully put his Diabetes into remission achieving all this through diet ONLY.  

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"Off The Cuff: Healthy Cooking w/ Craig Mitchell"  combines his love of Comedy and his methods of transforming loved comfort food into healthier and lower carb fare. Not a trained chef, Craig shares the methods, food and recipes that have changed his life FOREVER with delicious results that are easy and fun and that ANYONE can master.

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