Stop Drinking – No 12 Step Program – This Works!

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Subliminal programming trains your subconscious mind to reject alcohol. Watch this from start to finish 3 times and you will never drink again. This works.

Donnie Vapor Interview

Donnie is an independent singer/songwriter who is:
• Raising awareness for Pulmonary Fibrosis!
• Inspiring people to live their life to the fullest despite any and all curve balls that life may have thrown at them!
•Offering his original music to the world!

Cure Insomnia with Subliminal Suggestion- It WORKS!

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Cure your insomnia with powerful hypnotic suggestion that penetrates your subconscious mind. Get a better quality of life and a good night’s sleep.

Alex Decourville Interview

Alex is an actor/writer who has created his own Amazon Prime series, Pinheads, as well as his first feature film, Science Boy’s High School Reunion, a wacky comedy about a superhero who ends up having to go to his high school reunion.

Ronny Pascale Interview

Ronny is a freelance improv actor.He quit his day job to have a full time
job as an actor. Unfortunately, thanks to the coronavirus, many of
his gigs were cancelled so he had to go back to the job.We’ll talk about the impact on the arts.
His social media includes his Facebook Pages:

Russell Breiter Interview

Russell is a baby boomer who is and acoustic guitarist that is creating a second career in music.We’ll discuss the concept behind my film ‘Rockin’ The Dream’ and what living the dream means to him.